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    It's hard to tell reliable sellers on Discogs, especially if you're looking for specific titles. Unfortunately, buying records through Discogs appears to be a gamble, as this thread demonstrates. I got lucky when I ordered my first (and so far only) LP through a Discogs seller; he offered me a discount, having accidentally over-graded it. This is not the case with all sellers. I would say that if you're looking for an album that is readily available, check seller feedback and choose the seller with the most positive feedback. I always check their negative feedback to see if any complaints are valid; very frequently, the seller will receive negative feedback based on something unreasonable (like the item not arriving within three days of shipment). If you think that the negative feedback is unwarranted and undeserved, check the positive feedback, and if you like what you see, place the order. Given the number of people who have trouble buying records through Discogs, I would say don't feel bad about paying a little bit more to guarantee you're getting what you want.

    It also never hurts to send the seller a message asking for details about the item, shipping, or anything else. I find that sellers are almost always friendly about this, it never hurts to talk to them.
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    What's the point of the app though?
    I use Discogs on my Android daily. I use the normal site, and scroll to the bottom and click "Desktop Site". Everything is at my finger tips. What's the benefit of the app?
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    If I am looking for a specific version I always send the seller a message beforehand asking him to confirm / double check. That's the best way to avoid disappointment.
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    I have placed over 160 orders through Discogs in the last two years and several of those orders contained two or three albums.
    I've been very lucky since I've only had a few problems and those were with the shipping carriers and not the seller.
    I check a seller's feedback rating but I also check the number of transactions they have.

    What I really like about Discogs is that you have several sellers to choose from when you're considering an album.
    You can easily compare prices, ratings and locations (the location will determine the shipping costs).

    Discogs is always the first place I go to when I want to place an order.
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    That's surely good advice, and what I did before purchasing.
    As stated, those sellers had (actually have) many completed transactions and respectable reputation. Can't remember right now but surely above 99%, which is my threshold.
    I looked at comments and did not spot anything significantly worrying.

    Which poses another problem, at least with regards to the record that was sold under a different catalog version.
    Should I leave negative feedback?
    People would expect that I asked to double check (fair enough). I would expect somebody to know what they are selling (as much fair ).
    I was granted a refund (fair enough again). But I did not want that item in the first place , that's why i was looking for other versions! (as much fair).

    So why did I accept a refund? Just to avoid the hassle to return the item, go to postal office and bla bla bla.
    Which is probably the reason why some (many ?) sellers still think they have a good chance to unload some of their stock to somebody that will get content and not even get bad feedback.

    Totally agree with this.
    However, I am not happy to receive something over graded or a wrong version to start with, let alone saying if it cost even more than average...
    Problem is, would a higher price be a guarantee to receive what you paid for?
    If so, I am in...
    But, though I do not have much experience with these regards, I am frankly skeptical.

    Thanks to both of you for advice, I will certainly do so and ask for pictures. If nothing else, at least to understand how they react.
    Silly me to take things for granted.
    Lesson 1 learned.
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    With Discogs, I think it's the seller's responsibility to check that it's the right version of what they're selling. Discogs is a database for doing just that. However, the variations between pressings can be so minute and difficult to determine that I would generally allow some leeway, as long as it's not something obvious like an '80s repressing of a '60s record. In regards to feedback, base it on how the seller handled the situation. I would honestly say that if they were helpful, apologetic, and refunded your payment without demanding a return, I would give them positive feedback and say that the seller shipped the wrong item, but was very helpful afterwards. Advise potential buyers to check first before buying, because the seller will help them ensure it's the product that they want. If they aren't helpful, don't refund your money, don't apologize, or any combination of those, leave neutral or negative feedback and explain that you received the wrong item and the seller did little or nothing to help. Unfortunately, not everyone uses it for these reasons, but the feedback system isn't there for revenge, it's there to alert potential buyers to good and bad sellers.
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    If I am selling an item with a number of differing pressings, I will try and mention it in the item description i.e. "Original US pressing. No barcode" - you might find that some other sellers will do that too.
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    Here's the conclusion I've come to recently.

    I would leave Neutral feedback. Why? Well, I pay most attention to Negative and Neutral feedback when deciding who I will purchase from. I don't read the 2,000 positives - I read the 10 negatives, and the 5 neutrals - those help me decide if this is the seller for me.

    So - in the Neutral - you could put all the details - good and bad - and I believe that will help future buyers much more than just 'another' positive feedback which will get buried soon and never actually read...
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    For me the app is more optimized for a more limited screen size. I'm now on a Note 5 which has a pretty big screen and prefer the app since I'd be constantly pinch zooming in and out on Firefox. Though I have the screen locked to portrait for everything except Youtube, so YMMV.

    I had an iPhone before this and the Discogs app is much better on Android.

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