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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by ROFLnaked, Oct 17, 2015.

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    That doesn't sound any easier to me.
    I'm going to stick with the site. I use the desktop version from my Android.
  2. Graham

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    It's much quicker.
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    If a price on Discogs seems too good to be true, then there probably is a catch. I've purchased several items on there for very low prices, only to discover they were in poor condition. Some of these sellers assume that if they price items low enough and list them as Very Good or Near Mint, a buyer won't complain. In each of these cases, I didn't complain and decided it was better to simply take a loss.

    Either some of these sellers are shipping in such large volumes where they can't monitor quality, or they're knowingly using dishonest practices. It's not worth your time or energy to repackage and ship something back to the seller who intentionally made a "mistake" in the first place.
  4. Vinyl Addict

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    It's sooooo worth my time. :winkgrin:
    Even if for no reason other than spite. That's BS when sellers try to pull that ****. I most certainly send it back when something like this occurs.
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  5. Dave

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    That's a pretty broad paint brush you're using. The third option is that they are new to the trade.
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    I have good luck on there, bought hundreds of things, nothing over 15 dollars.

    if you got the wrong record, file a paypal claim, you get the same protection as an ebay purchase.

    Also many ebay sellers are also discogs sellers, so if there is a major difference in your experience, id say something smells funny
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    Discogs is fine - IMHO you feel like you are getting less ripped off in seller fees than ebay.

    Discogs has less exposure but questions prior to sale to confirm usually help making a decision as to whether the seller has listed it correctly.
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    I'm a sometimes poster here who joined discogs as a seller in March '17, and have sold about 450 LP's in about 170 transactions, and I've got 124 all positive feedbacks. Discogs is a lot cheaper than ebay. Sellers like me are massively interested in keeping our feedback high. Any questions, I take the return or if cheap enough just let them keep it and refund 100%. The folks that run this discogs are very careful and strict. They've been hunting down bootlegs recently and 3 of my items can't be listed anymore. It is THE site on the web for release details of almost every piece of vinyl.

    My only issue that there is not much interest in classical or jazz. A rock/pop, rock/alt heavy site. I'm migrating over to ebay to finish off my collection in '18.

    I find about 1 in 15 buyers is a tool. Ridiculous expectations or nervous nellies that chafe and worry about every step in the process.
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