Disney buys some assets of 21st Century Fox?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Nov 6, 2017.

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    No, but Disney will be leasing portions of the lot for 7 years. I've worked on this lot for the last 20yrs. The "New FOX" as it's being called will conduct business as usual, and 20th Century FOX will be under Disney control producing content. That is the new buzz word/phrase - "content." The New FOX will be in the live broadcast entertainment business, while the Disney side will be producing content to stream - ala NETFLIX.
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    I want an Idiocracy 2 - though we are sort of living in it...
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    I think Marvel would have to start X-Men over again if they want to integrate it into the MCU. Not that the series has been especially (or at all) concerned with continuity, but in the X-Men movies it has seemed pretty clear that the only super-powered people around are the mutants.... as far as I remember there aren't any references to other costumed superheroes flying around doing extraordinary things. They had to reboot Spider-Man again (in part) for the same reason. And they need a new Wolverine anyway.

    I'm not sure how the comic books resolve the contradiction of the world fearing superpowered people in one series and admiring them in all the others, but I think the movies would require some reconciliation on that point.
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    The same way they resolved the contradiction of Prof X's death in X3 with his appearance in Days of Future's Past...by not mentioning it all and assuming audiences would just shrug the inconsistencies off.
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    It will be interesting to see if Disney can be self-depracating and allow the Simpsons to make fun of their new Disney Overlords while they are still on the air. They have poked fun at Disney over the years, as well as the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch.
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    I don't think they care as long as they're making a huge amount of money.
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    It's a business after all, political leanings or tendencies be damned, if a right leaning organization can make billions with movies that are core opposite to their "beliefs" they will do it every time.
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    Absolutely. That’s one thing I can actually give praise to the studios for. Studios don’t usually let their own political leanings get in the way of a film that could be successful.
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    Really? Check them Sony leaks...
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    I know, right.

    People are coming up with all these ideas how it will work but just have them appear. I don't think its a big issue.
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    This transaction will make life even more difficult for small independent movie theatres operating in low population areas....

    Someone asked about the new Star Wars movie and this was the reply from one owner in rural Canada, sometimes the industry shoots itself and others with their inane policies.

    Hi there,

    I plan to get it but Star Wars is Disney and they are the only film company that it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks from release date before they will allow a small theatre to play their films for only one week. There are many many things about booking films that the public does not know. I can not just show any film I want whenever I want to. it does not work that way. And Disney is the biggest problem for small theatres.

    If I wanted to play any Disney film when it first came out I would have to agree to play it for 4 weeks and after the fist 4 weeks are up they will usually allow theatres to play their films for a minimum of two weeks and 2 to 3 weeks after that they start to consider 1-week runs.

    So the absolute earliest they MIGHT let me play Star Wars is Jan 26, BUT it also might not be until early February. Disney is the only Distributor that I cant get most films within 3 weeks of release. So I am sorry but I will not be getting it before then.

    so I can't tell you when I will get it but I do plan to get it whenever Disney finally says I can have it, [​IMG]
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    I think it's a pretty safe bet that the Fantastic Four will be in the Avengers movie after Infinity War (which allegedly might be a 2 part series - Thanos beats the crap out of everyone in Infinity War and the good guys prevail in the sequel). If this is the case, I would like some character to ask where the heck were they the last few times NYC (their home base) was under attack. Perhaps they'll explain that it's hard to wake then during nap time?
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    Here is one I came across:

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