Disney kicking the tires of 21st Century Fox?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Nov 6, 2017.

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    At this point, I’ll take either, 4K HDR or 4K DolbyVision.

    What I don’t want is another format war. I’ve had enough of Beta vs. VHS and Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, etc. to last a lifetime. I don’t have any skin in the game right now, just standardize something so I can buy a TV/monitor and move forward.

    @Vidiot I’ll take from your title that you are pro HDR. What do you see as the main advantages of HDR vs DolbyVision? I have been on the sidelines and have not done any homework. I just don’t want to be in the wrong “camp” when I buy my next TV and computer monitor. Thanks.
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  2. Just a quick sarcastic quip, the main difference is anything can have a High Dynamic Range but it takes a license to have DolbyVision.
  3. Deesky

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    Not sure what you mean - DolbyVision is HDR (ie, a proprietary implementation that renders HDR content). Perhaps you mean HDR-10, which is an open implementation for rendering HDR content. HDR-10 isn't as good as DV as it can only apply HDR processing at a global (whole movie) level, rather than per scene or frame, like DV can. This finer HDR control makes DV superior.

    However, we now also have HDR-10+ which matches DVs scene/frame level capability such that there isn't much, if any, difference between them. Also HDR-10+ is an open standard, which makes it cheaper to implement (no royalties) and easier to improve.

    You'll find that many manufacturers are supporting ALL the HDR variants (including HLG), so it's not as bad as Beta vs VHS of old. However, Samsung does not and probably will never support DV (but does support all the other variants), so there's that. LG covers all the bases, I think.
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  4. Vidiot

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    I think there was a difference a year ago, but the manufacturers and studios kind of huddled and did an end run around Dolby in order to create HDR10+. This can actually handle dynamic frame (and scene) changes, which was one of the benefits of Dolby Vision. Real HDR is fine, especially when it's 10- or 12-bit video. [And I see Deesky beat me to it -- I concur with everything he says here.]

    BTW, note that Dolby was trying to get about $3.00 per set as a royalty fee for the official "Dolby Vision" logo. Even for premium-priced sets, it's hard to find sets or 4K Blu-ray players that have this feature... but I do own LG gear that has it.
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  5. Vidiot

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    I would bet there will be studios and networks who will make available non-exclusive content to Disney Streaming (which needs a catchy name, like "Mickey Mouse Movies") that will make it feel like it's a lot more than just Fox & Disney. And there are rumors that over the next year, Disney may make some more deal to get more content faster, maybe giving them limited run exclusivity over Netflix and other services. For example, the movie first pops up on the Mouse, then 60 days later, you can see it for less money on Netflix -- that kind of thing.
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    Yes, I did mean HDR-10.

    And I was not even aware of HDR-10+. Have been out of the loop for a while researching video.

    @Deesky and @Vidiot thanks for your responses. Very helpful.
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    And if I'm not mistaken, a movie with Dolby Vision also has to have HDR-10, because that's the standard. So you don't need to have DV to enjoy HDR.
  8. Deesky

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    No worries.
    Yes and no. Yes, HDR-10 is the UHD standard, but as mentioned before, HDR-10 isn't as good as DV. HDR-10+ (or dynamic HDR-10) however is as good as DV, but it isn't specified in the UHD spec, as far as I'm aware. That's because HDR-10+ is a relatively recent enhancement. If not already, I think it would just be a matter of time before HDR-10+ is folded into the official UHD spec.
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  9. Vidiot

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    Samsung press release on HDR10+...
    HDR10+ Sets a New Standard for Picture Quality at IFA 2017

    CNET explains HDR10+...
    What is HDR10+?

    They're basically saying "it's Dolby Vision, only without the royalty payments." I think there's a lot of ways to get the same effect done, but I do kind of wince whenever companies do technical stuff to try to work around paying royalties. People with long memories will remember "UltraStereo" from the 1980s, which was pretty much the exact same thing as Dolby Stereo... only without the royalty payments. So there's a long history for this kind of thing.

    Just stock generic HDR actually looks pretty damned good, if you ask me. I've been very happy with the Netflix shows and most of the 4K HDR Blu-rays I've seen (with the exception of the grainier-than-hell Close Encounters).

    TV shows should start rolling out a new logo at the bottom of the frame that says, "In HDR -- Where Available!" :cool:
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  10. It's rumored this is a done deal. Disney has bought most of Fox. It will likely be announced on Monday.
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  11. Vidiot

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    The lawyers and money people are working out the details, and I would bet the Justice Department will still have to approve it, because it has the potential to cross some monopoly rules.

    Disney, Fox Huddle With Bankers as Deal Talks Progress

    On the plus side, it would be nice to see the 20th Century-Fox logo restored to all the Star Wars movies. And now Disney would have zero excuses for not reissuing the theatrical versions (finally).
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    Murdoch vs. Iger: How Much Power Could Rupert and Sons Wield at Disney?
    “Insiders say that the Murdochs are jockeying behind the scenes for as much power as they possibly can extract from Disney(...) Several outlets are reporting that James Murdoch, who at 44 is 22 years younger than Iger, might want the [CEO] position [when Iger exits in 2019].”

  13. Vidiot

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    Who knew that The Simpsons predicted this?

  14. Quadboy

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    Well impressed by my LG TV bought a couple of years ago.........it plays just about everything thrown at it via USB/Hard Drive.
    Are these modern TV's built in media players being updated regularly through their internet connection to keep up with video improvements ?
  15. Sgt Pepper

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    Yes, usually.
  16. vince

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    About a half-hour into this, Kevin and Mark talk about this:
  17. I hope this doesn't affect "The Simpsons" episode where the school fair is "The Happiest Place On Earth" and the Disney lawyers show up and subsequently get their asses kicked by Skinner. :laugh:
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  18. PaulKTF

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    The deal is expected to be announced on Thursday.

    Meanwhile, the future of the Fox Broadcasting Network looks pretty bleak following the merger:

    Can Fox Broadcast Network Survive If Disney Buys TV Studio?

    i wouldn't be surprised if they rebrand the Fox Network, FS1, and Fox News to something else.
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    Hopefully, Rupert Murdoch realizes what a ***** he is, and buys everything back.
  20. PaulKTF

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    Uh, not likely...
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    I'm done with sub-par consumer formats. Having seen many hours of 4K UHD|HDR on my RS600, well, there's no turning back. I only buy standard blu in very select circumstances at this point. I rent blu from Netflix, of course. Hoping for a flood of 4K catalog titles in 2018! Disney will release The Prestige next week, from what I gather. And the new Star Wars will get a 4K, of course.

    Anyhow, I'm happy to host Pittsburgh area members for a demo. There's no substitute for reference 4K on a big screen!

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    I wonder:
    1-Will Disney have "Song Of The South" as a Disney streaming exclusive as a way to bring viewers over?
    2-What are all the studios does Disney already owns & what Fox owned studios will they acquire?
  23. PaulKTF

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    1. I highly doubt it, both because of the racial sensitivity issues, and because the movie frankly isn't very good and most modern audiences would be bored by it.

    2. See here:

    List of assets owned by Disney - Wikipedia


    List of assets owned by 21st Century Fox - Wikipedia

    Disney is getting everything except for Fox News, Fox Broadcasting Network, and The FS1 sports channel.

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