Do people seriously care about the condition of regular cd Jewel cases?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Mbd77, Mar 25, 2017.

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  1. GruveRecords

    GruveRecords New Member

    Tulsa, OK
    Had a buyer throw a fit over a jewel case recently..

    CD wasn't worth much in the first place, maybe 10. Had it priced low, and he sent me a low ball offer. Decided I didn't care much, so he got the thing for $3.

    Anyways, I get a message from him a week later. Sounded like he was yelling through his keyboard he seemed so pissed. Claimed that the CD wasn't NM because the Jewel Case had some scuffs and the CD had fingerprints on it.

    Fingerprints? Really? Guess I didn't pull the blacklight out before shipping it. The thing was actually in shrink in a discount bin when I found it. I listened to it one time before sending it.

    Noticed afterwards that the guy was clearly just a re-seller, which I usually assume when I get low balled anyways. But, if he's a seller and doesn't have 100s of Jewel cases lying around, then he must be a ****ty seller himself. And, FWIW, it was a completely generic jewel case.

    I don't get it one bit. Can tell people like that are usually just douchey enough to try and scam sellers out of their merchandise. Because once it's in their hands, isn't much you can do.
  2. Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent Forum Resident

    Mt. Kisco, NY
    Don't care.
  3. GruveRecords

    GruveRecords New Member

    Tulsa, OK
    Exactly. $3 is about the max you can charge for CD shipping. Even though it's $2.77 1st class (rounded) + cost of bubble mailers, tape, labels, and bubble wrap. You're already losing around $1 between supplies & fees. Considering a lot of CDs are in the $3-5 price, it seems quite frivolous to worry about wrapping it like an LP.
  4. nlgbbbblth

    nlgbbbblth Forum Resident

    I buy a lot of items online so I recycle all mailers, padded envelopes and bubble wrap when selling a CD.

    There's no additional cost aside from tape. And time - it's worth spending an extra few minutes ensuring that the the CD is properly and fully protected before I post it.
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  5. Southofi-10

    Southofi-10 New Member

    I buy cds from folks like deep discount and import cds that ship the cds in a card board container that has a sticky substance inside .It doesn't stick to the cd case,but you cannot open these without literally ripping it appart.I don't complain about the way they are shipped because this is how companies operate.
    I'm sure this is very cost effective for them,and I don't usually get a damaged cd.So..recycling is out on these,but reusing a bubble envelope is a good way to save a little $$
  6. gedsmit

    gedsmit Forum Resident

    For the collector, only for the aesthetic pleasure of having the complete, original package; just a couple of bits of card on either side of the CD in a bubble mailer does the trick.
  7. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    OK, I think everyone has had their chance to weigh in.

    As we feel that bad seller threads aren't a good idea for a number of reasons, bad buyer threads follow suit. If people have a gripe about buyers or sellers, feel free to contact a moderator, especially if you feel that rules are being broken or flouted.

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