Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Musical Perspective Is Not Representative On This Forum?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fenderesq, Oct 9, 2018.

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    - Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Musical Perspective Is Not Representative On This Forum?
    - Every minute.
  2. ronm

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    southern colo.
    I love "Fire" along with the Brothers Johnson,Isley Bros.Spinners,Harold Melvin,Four Tops etc...etc...etc...and a lot of one hit wonder type R&B,soul music.I learned that from my older brother.He wasn't into the rock scene in the 70s.I was just seeing what I see.Most of the discussions are classic rock related.
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  3. 131east23

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    By hanging out here and on Audiokarma I've been able to piece together a nice stereo system on a budget and learn how to spot the records and cd's I want to buy to beef up my collection. I still have my sentimental go-to groups and songs that anybody who was a teen in the 70's would want to revisit. But through these forums I have found artists that I never would have known about, got involved in jazz which might be the music that really soothes my soul after all of these years. These threads sometimes tend to beat the dead horse which is The Beatles and The Stones... but there is lots to beat. I still seek out new music and push it when I think it's great, but rarely do I ever get any feedback on if anyone took my cue and bought it/listened to it. I like rock, funk, jazz, soul, chamber music, bluegrass, bollywood and early country. I get it that this is a mostly classic rock kind of place, but really I have always been here for the information (deadwax/mastering) that allows me to go into the used record store and make enlightened purchases.

    My fave new group, posted before but I'll do it again:
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    NYC Man
    Same here, but only because I have an amp that goes to 13 now.
  5. fenderesq

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    I enjoy and am at least minimally versed in many genres, some of which I would never expect to be widely addressed or deeply discussed here. Some of those would include: Fado, Flamenco, African "roots" music, particularly although not exclusively African music that informs early American Blues and to a much lesser extent of discussion: Brazilian, Jazz both instrumental and vocal, Classical and even Blues; which I do understand there are other forums specifically dedicated to these genres. But I am speaking to this Forum as it is; and I'd like to mention at this point, that it, the Steve Hoffman Forum is far and away my primary source generally and regularly for discussions of this type. And I am endlessly appreciative of it. In addition I know and value the views, the valuable information, comments, commentary and dialogue of members who share specific interests with me as well as of those who are versed in genres not of my primary focus or my particular biases.

    Now and here I would in conclusion like to say the reason for my initial posting which I don't believe I have clearly stated before anywhere in the thread. My premise and question was for the most part, there were other unrelated reasons for my questioning, my mindset, was that for a few days in a row (4), which felt at the moment like it was a few weeks or months as I scrolled down the posted threads, page after page after page without finding anything of interest to me. It was a momentary spontaneous built up frustration. Computer / internet communication / conversation unfortunately lends itself to spontaneously spit out reactions to things. We've all seen this in many different ways.

    And truly a final observation that I haven't mentioned in any follow up responses in this thread with I find interesting... Although it's rare that I will initiate a thread on the Forum I have from time to time, in addition to what I consider many replies to threads others have authored; never, have I have as many replies or comments to this thread as when I thought my posts have been infinitely more interesting. This means, well I'm not sure what it means and I'm not saying it maters in the least, just that I found it interesting.

    I hope I've addressed your reply and appreciate your time and effort as well as your positive suggestion as to how I might continue to enjoy and utilize the Forum. Which I do and intend to for some time. Thanks.
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  6. texron

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    Texas USA
    This ^^^^^

    I ignore the threads that do not appeal to me. However since I have been here there does seem to be an increase in the amount of aggressiveness to contrary opinions or when someone mis-types they tend to get raked over the coals instead of just pointing out the mistake. I've thought about ignoring the forum, but like stated above, I learn so much, I can't stay away.( Hi my name is Ron and I'm a Hoffman forum addict) I just wish I did not have to wade through the chest thumping.
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  7. Sear

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    Tarragona (Spain)
    I've never read anything like that in this forum
  8. fenderesq

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    I agree with all you've said, your perspective, and I do indeed use the Forum in the way, for the reasons you've suggested. And understand it to be what it is as well as what it is not. It's without question my favored on-line place for musical information and discussion. Although this form of discussion is far from my favored method. I greatly prefer eyeball to eyeball, but I admit to being of a different time. You as a matter of fact are 1 of only 3 people that I've chosen to 'Follow' on the Forum, although I've never really been able to figure out how to use / take advantage of it, and as that's the case and I more, much more then not respect and appreciate your opinions and comments and you among others are indeed one of the reasons I think as highly as I do of the Forum and dedicate more time to it then I'd like, I will mention the reason I'd initially posted the thread. After I believe a 4 day period of viewing the Forum, on each of those 4 days I scrolled page after page after page after page only to find nothing of even the most remote interest to me. The final day of fruitless searching in combination with a number of unrelated circumstances I spontaneously spit out my frustration and my question if others felt to same. In retrospect, I should probably have thought through my feeling at the time, although it was genuine, before posting and at the very least, detailed where I was at, the impetance for my posting the thread.
  9. NettleBed

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    new york city
    Not sure if you've ever checked it out, but the Rate Your Music forum is a pretty good place to read/talk about new music. Obviously, it's a younger (and more sensitive) crowd, but the discussion is there, if that's what you're seeking.

    Much of what is discussed in here gets slagged off in most threads as "dad rock," which is a refreshing perspective.
  10. chervokas

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    I don't know if it's statistically the case, but my impression is that the diversity of the topics in the threads in the Music Forum has narrowed. So I understand how you feel. I don't know if there are just more posters and more of them are posting about Rush or asking for top ten Queen songs or something, or if maybe my impression is incorrect, but you know, I look at is as a good opportunity to walk away from the computer and have some valuable non-screen time.
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  11. classicrocker

    classicrocker Life is good!

    Worcester, MA, USA
    I am in my early 60's and am an avid fan of the 60's/ 70's classic rock bands so this forum caters to my interests. Strangely I have never "outgrown", whatever that means, my love for bands like The Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, The Doors, etc., as to me good music is good music no matter what era it was created. And to be honest music today just does not move me, not because I think it is bad, but just not my taste I guess.

    As someone else mentioned anyone is free to start a thread about their favorite band but since this forum seems to have a "classic rock" leaning you might not get long thread responses.

    I do find it curious people seem alienated because others don't share their taste in music. If the forum does not engage in discussions about your favorite band or genre of music it is not because anyone is purposely leaving you out but maybe you are just on the wrong forum?

    Not trying to say you shouldn't participate here but maybe find a forum of like minded music lovers to discuss your mutual interests?
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  12. Ginger Ale

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    New York
    Group hug!

    Now...will each of you distinguised ladies and gentlemen most kindly git offa my lawn? :p
  13. HoratioH

    HoratioH Talk Sparks to me

    Yes, particularly as my current tastes revolve mostly around one act who don't fit the "classic rock" mould except for a period in the 70s.

    I don't think there's any deliberate bias against certain types of music- it's just the tastes of SH gravitate towards rock, especially pre-1985 or so rock. Still, most of us are openminded- I can't stand Kanye West but if someone wants to make a thread on him, I'd be fine with that. It'd look a bit out of place though.
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  14. fenderesq

    fenderesq Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Agreed; with thanks.
  15. Grant

    Grant A 60s, 70s & 90s Lovin' Musical Free-Spirit

    Yes, but that doesn't make this a classic rock forum.

    It started out as the DCC forum. When that ended, this place was created in its place. Steve Hoffman wasn't even sure it was a good idea, but, here we are almost 17 years later. DCC didn't only do rock music from the 60s and 70s, they did jazz and the pops, too. They even did an Al Green title. But, the fact that the majority of people who flocked to this forum from the old DCC forum happen to be rock fans does not make this a rock forum. It never was.
  16. Grant

    Grant A 60s, 70s & 90s Lovin' Musical Free-Spirit

    No, i'm on the right forum because this place is/was a vehicle to promote the services of Mr. Hoffman and his audiophile approach and philosophy to mastering music. As an audiophile, i'm right at home.

    Since this is a musically open forum, you do not tell people that they might be happier somewhere else. What you do is encourage people with your taste in music to come over here. The more the merrier. You cannot learn from others if everyone is of the exact same mindset.

    I have a pretty good theory of why musical tastes, at least in this country, have been homogenized down to two or three types of music. Some may call what I think a conspiracy theory. Nope. I'm not posting it.:)
  17. Grant

    Grant A 60s, 70s & 90s Lovin' Musical Free-Spirit

    You apparently don't read R&B, rap or disco threads. And I know how you feel about rap, so...and you haven't been here as long as I have to see it.
  18. fenderesq

    fenderesq Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I wouldn't argue or even disagree; but still... ouch.
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  19. Kristofa

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    Eugene, Oregon
    I got into the Music Corner for learning about mastering differences. Most of those threads seem to be closed now, and it is more appreciation threads, weakest link, or such precise subjects that don’t interest me, so I don’t participate or read them. I still use the mastering archives threads all the time when out and about buying music, although I don’t agree with some of the remastered aversion and will still bite the bullet on some remasters when I find them for cheap to judge for myself.

    I spend far more time reading threads in the Audio Hardware section because I find it all so fascinating, although it can get really testy, nasty, and/or condescending with some topics and posters. Yet the high level of knowledge often astounds me, so I keep reading, liking, and occasionally participating.

    The SHF is still my favorite virtual community and will likely be so for quite some time.
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  20. classicrocker

    classicrocker Life is good!

    Worcester, MA, USA
    And on the other side of the coin you don't tell people they can't post their opinion.

    Go back and read my post mate I never said they could not post here and in fact stated the opposite. Some posters here are expressing frustration with the music forum not having threads that cater to their musical tastes. Call me crazy but to me it makes sense to seek a forum of like minded music fans if you are not getting the conversation you desire on this forum.

    There is still the audio forum here to visit if they are into the audio side of things.
  21. Grant

    Grant A 60s, 70s & 90s Lovin' Musical Free-Spirit

    And, I never do. I would say that it is you who feels threatened by strong opinions.

    What are you going on about? Are you trying to create a strawman argument?

    As I am.o_O

    That is clearly not what this forum is about, nor is it conducive to an exchange of ideas, or getting people interested in music they may be unfamiliar with. But, if you would prefer a forum full of people who all like the exact same thing, there are zillions of them on the internet just waiting for you. i can guarantee it will be a boring experience having no diversity.

    In Steve's introduction to this forum, he says that discussion of audio will [paraphrase] inevitably be part of any music discussion because of what this forum is based on.

    This is not a Beatles forum, nor is it a classic rock forum, however much some of you would like it to be exclusively for rock music.
  22. JumpinJimF

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    E.Midlands UK
    I'm a newcomer. Just looked at the first page of 25 threads as a random sample. Two or three threads on artists/music that I might want to read or join. Two or three more on trivia/casual topics where I might be tempted. The rest I am completely indifferent to - topics or artists I have no interest in.

    But I think that's fine, via the 10%-15% of interesting threads I learn a lot and get pointed towards good music that's new to me. Which is the point of it all.

    And I'm not an audiophile. Well not by the standards of this forum. I don't listen on cheap earbuds and tinny speakers so 95% of the general population would say that I am an audiophile, but around 1% of the people on here would say I was. I have virtually no knowledge of the intricacies of mastering, different pressings etc. But it's a good place to learn.

    Mind you, the Audio Hardware section, that's a scary place...
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  23. Grant

    Grant A 60s, 70s & 90s Lovin' Musical Free-Spirit

    It doesn't have to be.
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  24. JumpinJimF

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    E.Midlands UK
    There be dragons!
  25. melstapler

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    True, that creepy box always asking people to do the unthinkable. Glad I eat plenty of kale and don't need it.

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