Doctor Who - Series Ten (10)

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  1. Ken_McAlinden

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    That's just the bemused/conflicted expression of someone hoping they are a ginger and discovering that they are a brunette with mini pompadour (Tennant) or a bottle blonde (Whittaker). ;)
  2. KAJ1971

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    Watched it last night after work. I know Xmas specials are supposed to be a bit of fluff, but that was utter tripe. I've been watching since '77 blah blah blah. So the First Doc is now painted as a misogynist. That'll sort out that Hartnell fella for his racist attitude back in the 70's. The ersatz 1st Doc was awful. Hartnell was one of the few with a distinguished acting career who didn't just play himself.

    There was no plot. I don't think anything happened that wasn't some kind of 'homage' to the past. Why is Ben now taller than Polly? If that's the best they can come up with then I think it's time I stopped watching this fan fiction. Again. Hello 1987! I survived that.

    Now we have a femal Doctor so we seem to be pandering to the current vogue of switching character's gender, with astonishing success it seems. Well, Reboot #2 is over, Reboot #3 starts next year. I'll wait and see what happen for Reboot #4. Perhaps it'll be a talking cabbage.

    Right. Time to watch some better DW than that. 'Time & The Rani' I think.
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    Well they saved the very worst till last! I expected far better for a "final" episode but then again Capaldi has been the worst doctor by far and the scripts have also been the worst of the reboot series and this Xmas episode was horrendous. All the acting seemed to be phoned in with no life left in any of the actors. Overall it was pretty pathetic actually. God help the next series.. I have a feeling it could get even worse. I firmly believe they should have ended the series for good as it seems there's nothing new and exciting left in the Who universe. The writers have sadly found the bottom of the barrel. Adieu Adieu.
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    I thought the DW Xmas Special was pretty solid. Nice mix of comedy and sentiment, and Capaldi was wonderful. Bill was a terrific Companion, and I shall be sorry to see her go.
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    I don't know... it's been pretty bad in the past. Fan fiction is the perfect term for some of the modern ones though! As I may've said somewhere, only the Christopher Eccleston season is on my DVD shelf (next to Century Falls). I'll give the newly feminized Doctor a try, though I still think Peter Dinklage would've been a more ideal new Doctor.
  6. eddiel

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    I enjoyed it. Not a spectacular episode and I was expecting something bigger. I'm hoping the changes going into the new season will give it the spark it needed. I was hoping Capaldi would do that as well, which he did in a way as I think he was a great doctor, but the scripts weren't there for him IMO.
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    Finished S10, watching
    the extras, ordered Twice
    Upon a Time from the library.

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