Does Chuck Berry's "Great 28" Cover ALL The Greats?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mike Bass, Jun 7, 2016.

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    No "Promised Land" and no "It Wasn't Me" - despite how Chuck always "sold it" as the set to buy - no, I never thought it was complete and I've never used it as my "Chuck" fix.

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    Here is a list of the most covered Chuck Berry tracks in order according to Fred Rothwell's - Long Distance Information: Chuck Berry's Recorded Legacy.

    The highlighted tracks from this list are not included on the Great Twenty-Eight.

    1. Johnny B. Goode
    2. Memphis Tennessee
    3. Roll Over Beethoven
    4. Sweet Little Sixteen
    5. Maybelline
    6. Rock And Roll Music
    7. Promised Land
    8. Little Queenie
    9. Around And Around
    10. You Never Can Tell
    11. Too Much Monkey Business
    12. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
    13. School Day
    14. Let It Rock
    15. No Particular Place To Go
    16. Bye Bye Johnny
    17. Carol
    18. Thirty Days
    19. Nadine
    20. Reelin' And Rockin'
    21. I'm Talking About You
    22. Back In The U.S.A.
    23. Sweet Little Rock And Roller
    24. Run Rudolph Run
    25. No Money Down

    26. Almost Grown
    27. You Can't Catch Me
    28. Beautiful Delilah
    29. Wee Wee Hours
    30. My Ding-A-Ling

    The Great Twenty-Eight included the following tracks that are not on the list of the top 30 most covered Chuck Berry tracks.

    Havana Moon
    Oh Baby Doll
    Come On
    I Want To Be Your Driver

    FYI: Come On was number 31 on the list of most covered Chuck Berry tracks but I stopped at 30.
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    This is my idea of a great Chuck Berry album

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    "Run Rudolph Run" is a fun, but I'd rather hear it on a Christmas compilation. "Wee Wee Hours" is pretty nice, but it's not one of the core achievements of Berry's legend. And "My Ding-a-Ling" is just crap. If I had to program a 30-track CD, I'd swap those three out for "Havana Moon," "Oh Baby Doll" and "Come On."
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    I consider Run Rudolph Run and Promised Land essential. I also miss Little Marie which charted and I like No Money Down as well.

    You Never Can Tell is also missing but I don't like it as much as the 4 tracks I mentioned above.
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    I thought it was going to be a 3CD comp, but I decided on 4CDs. Only problem is trimming off a few songs to squeeze it onto 4 CDs. Here is What I have at the moment...

    Chuck Berry Berry Be Goode update 4CD??

    Disc 1

    Maybellene (2:22)
    Wee Wee Hours (3:05)
    Thirty Days (2:25)
    No Money Down (2:58)
    Downbound Train (2:51)
    Roll Over Beethoven (2:25)
    Drifting Heart (2:49)
    Berry Pickin' (2:33)
    Together (We Will Always Be) (2:39)
    I've Changed (3:01)
    You Can't Catch Me (2:44)
    Havana Moon (3:08)
    Too Much Monkey Business (2:56)
    Brown Eyed Handsome Man (2:18)
    School Day (2:42)
    Deep Feeling (2:19)
    Oh! Baby Doll (2:39)
    Rock And Roll Music (2:34)
    Sweet Little Sixteen (3:02)

    Disc 2

    Reelin' And Rocking (3:18)
    Guitar Boogie (2:22)
    Rockin' at the Philharmonic (3:23)
    Johnny Be Goode (2:40)
    Around And Around (2:40)
    Beautiful Delilah (2:10)
    Carol (2:49)
    Sweet Little Rock And Roller (2:24)
    Jo Jo Gunne (2:46)
    Merry Christmas Baby (3:14)
    Run Rudolph Run (2:44)
    Anthony Boy (1:53)
    That's My Desire (2:13)
    Almost Grown (2:21)
    Little Queenie (2:42)
    Hey Pedro (1:57)
    Blues For Hawaiians (3:23)
    Back In The USA (2:28)
    Betty Jean (2:31)
    Memphis, Tennessee (2:14)

    Disc 3

    Let It Rock (1:45)
    Too Poopped To Pop (2:37)
    Bye Bye Johnny (2:06)
    Worried Life Blues (2:07)
    I Got To Find My Baby (2:12)
    Down The Road A Piece (2:17)
    Confessin' The Blues (2:11)
    Childhood Sweetheart (2:40)
    Broken Arrow (2:19)
    Mad Lad (2:06)
    Driftin' Blues (2:16)
    Jaguar And Thunderbird (1:52)
    I'm Talking About You (1:51)
    Little Star (2:45)
    Come On (1:51)
    Don't You Lie To Me (2:02)
    Route 66 (2:45)
    Rip It Up (1:57)
    Go Go Go (2:33)
    Nadine (2:36)
    No Particular Place To Go (2:44)
    You Two (2:11)
    You Never Can Tell (2:44)
    Promised Land (2:25)
    The Things I Used To Do (2:42)

    Disc 4

    Little Marie (2:36)
    Our Little Rendezvous (2:03)
    Liverpool Drive (2:56)
    I Wanna Be Your Driver (2:17)
    Dear Dad (1:50)
    Why Should We End This Way (2:53)
    It Wasn't Me (2:32)
    My Mustang Ford (2:17)
    Ain't That Just Like A Woman (2:13)
    Back To Memphis (2:40)
    Check Me Out (2:32)
    Tulane (2:39)
    Have Mercy Judge (2:40)
    My Ding-A-Ling (4:18)
    I'm A Rocker (4:34)
    Flying Home (4:17)
    Viva Rock And Roll (2:02)
    Let's Do Our Thing Together (2:20)
    Bio (4:25)
    Do You Love Me (2:30)
    House Of Blue Lights (2:29)
    Crying Steel (2:33)

    I estimate I need to loose about 20-25 min. Any tracks not really necessary?


  8. John Fell

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    Just for fun, here are the next ten most covered Chuck Berry songs from the book.

    31. Come On
    32. Tulane
    33. Downbound Train
    34. Guitar Boogie
    35. Havana Moon
    36. Dear Dad
    37. Jaguar And Thunderbird
    38. Back To Memphis (Mercury)
    39. Oh Baby Doll
    40 tie All Aboard, Go Go Go, It Don't Take But A Few Minutes, It's My Own Business, I Want To Be Your Driver & Oh What A Thrill (Atlantic)
  9. greelywinger

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    Dayton, Ohio USA
    I've decided to leave it at 4 CDs, but need to cut a couple songs to fit.
    The first 3 CDs are OK, but the 4th runs a bit long.

  10. Scope J

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    I traded my Great 28 in for The Anthology!
  11. John Fell

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    I just found out they are going to reissue Chuck's Chess and Mercury albums on SHM-CD in Japan this June. Most of the albums will contain bonus tracks.
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    It's missing 'Jo Jo Gunne'
  13. quicksrt

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    Hope the Chess master tapes still exist.
  14. No Bull

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    Havana Moon is a keeper
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    You need "Rock 'n Roll Rarities" also.
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