eBay Beatles sale...200+ albums

Discussion in 'Third Party Sales & Auctions' started by buzzzx, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. buzzzx

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  2. TommyTunes

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    Very unimpressive.
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  3. culabula

    culabula Forum Resident

    Belfast, Ireland
    Couldn't agree more.
  4. Yeah. Only a few gems here and there, depending on condition. Nothing very rare.
  5. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    Have to agree, nothing rare here...
    not one promo, test pressing, acetate... PASS.
  6. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    $6500 US for a collection where not one LP is rated at over good for its condition?

    Phhhht. Yeah right.
  7. forthlin

    forthlin Forum Resident

    But he has John Lennon's Mother album with a child Yoko pic on the back!;)
  8. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    It looks like very little in this collection is from the sixties. No original UK Parlophone albums.
  9. Pastle

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    Yeah I didn't see anything here all that great. This might be good for somebody with some money who has nothing Beatles related and wants to start collecting.

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