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    My biggest gripe, with ebay/Paypal, is when a scammer has their account suspended and the sellers who were affected aren't compensated.

    This happened to me with a US buyer, several years ago, who claimed they didn't receive the item. Up until this point, I never had a problem with any of my scores of US transactions, so sent it without tracking.

    After scanning through their feedback, I discovered that the buyer had scammed other sellers (they were leaving positive feedback but with scathing comments). However, ebay/Paypal still refunded the buyer, even after bringing the feedback history to their attention.

    Several months later, when the buyer's account was finally suspended, I got in contact with ebay and queried about being compensated. I never got a reply.

    My selling days, on ebay, are nearly over but, these days, I check the buyer's feedback history before posting the item.
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    :realmad:Here`s a good one.I sell a spare sealed record on ebay.The guy wants to drive four hours to my home to pick up the record and pay me cash.I politely tell him I don`t want to do that.So after two weeks he pays me paypal after I opened an unpaid item case to get my ebay fees back.He leaves me this long snotty paragraph about packaging.I packed it right anyway.A week later he sends an even longer message saying there is a two inch split in the shrink wich I didn`t disclose to him.I was positive there was no rip I even double boxed the darn thing,but I still refunded him and then he tries getting more money from me.I blocked him from my other auctions after he at last sends my record back a week after that.
    Then he sends me a message he`s insulted that I blocked him and of course he gives me my first negative feedback out of two thousand.I could (and probably should have) screwed him right back by misusing eBay's system,I just wanted my record back and move on from this vindictive clown because I`m certain he`s just a scam artist.:disgust:
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    Ebay, pffft...I've got one for ya. So I buy this record on eBay and want to drive four hours to pick it up with cash payment, and the seller is like "no way man, I'm not going to...."

    Sorry, still new here and that was purely in jest.

    I've had good experiences on eBay since 2004, mostly as a buyer, but I'm in my first negative transaction now. Not the end of the world, but it was bound to happen at some point. Actually, this is my second. The first was a buyer who tried to get me to end early with a final selling price for a lego set, I didn't want to, she was the high bidder. But then, when she received it, complained it was full of toxic mold from the newspaper packing I used on a notfullydry lego assembled piece. Summer, so maybe there was a little must that happened, but she was crying up a storm, demanding 50% refund, then more arm flailing and a demand for 25% discount. She opened a case and I ended up refunding maybe $10 or so of the $120 paid because I should have dried the plastic before packing, but the aggressive swindling and deceipt kind of turned me off of eBay for awhile.
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    where on EARTH do people find the TIME to go through all this crap?? Do they have jobs? I haven't sold anything on eBay (and reading through the comments here, i'm don't think i ever want to!), just made purchases. I've had mostly positive transactions, but then again, i pay promptly, give good feedback as long as it's warranted and if it's not i just don't give feedback, since trying to give negative feedback is just more effort than it's worth.
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    Funny thing is really I`ve mostly had great experiences on ebay,Discogs & Musicstack,even when buying overseas.Most people are very honest and helpful.When asked and within reason I`ve done the same too.Many people are not in business and most certainly are not thieves.It`s usually just one collector to another.But as said,you`re eventually going to run into a nut that turns you off to the whole thing.
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