Electric Light Orchestra - Secret Messages as originally intended

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by peterpyser, Feb 24, 2015.

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    Probably the most disappointing thing I've read today:
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    I hope he is referring to the original Secret Messages album, plus maybe a Time Tour recording if it exists. Or the Garden Rehearsals. Anything but another greatest hits package.
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  4. Rob Caiger's earlier description of his proposed Secret Messages set leaves room for Jeff to veto several elements and still leave a desirable archival package, providing the original 18-track double album remains along with at least some interesting alternate mixes or outtakes (such as even a selection from The Garden Rehearsals). As for the Time Tour, we can't yet be sure anything remains from this period beyond several audience recordings and a short news report featuring some of the band members during a practice session, though at least we know where the powers that be should look for any surviving professionally captured live material. I'm genuinely more interested to see if anything comes of the rumoured fan efforts to acquire the 2LP acetates for Time and Secret Messages ahead of these being digitally preserved then made available in the absence of anything official...
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    Absolutely, ShardEnder. I'll repeat myself here: I WANT SOME NEW ELO MATERIAL! There. I feel better. :) If the fans have to do it, so be it.
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    Interesting info about Kelly’s hair, which leads me to ask about Jeff’s hair these days. Looks far better than any 69-year-old I’ve seen... EVER!

    Anybody in the know?


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    I don't know about the hair, but if I grew a beard and looked as cool as Jeff I'd do it.
    Or Steve here.
    Unpretentious. The definition of cool.
    My uncle looks like him. Except for the haircut. Even the glasses are similar.
    Which makes sense. It was my uncle that had a huge 7" collection in the 70's, when I was restricted from good music.
    But while staying with him on a vacation made my parents more normal, of course, and I was allowed to play every one of those 7" singles again and again.
    He allowed me to take as many home as I liked.
    I had this big stack of records going into the car as we left.
    But no. Parents wouldn't allow it.
    It was back to the salt mines. :crazy:
    Heart didn't sink. It imploded.
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