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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sunsales, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Would you say that the same mastering philosophy has been used on Tumbleweed? Or is it closer to the UK DJM than Captain Fantastic?

    Not to you..but a general thought...

    I dont deny anyone liking the Captain Fantastic reissue. But I cannot believe that anyone would truely think it is anything like the DJM. MP3 sample comparisons or flac or side by side the differences are quite plain and those characteristics arent going to change. Having a super duper system isnt going to make the reissues shortcomings all the suddenly improve.

    Now if one likes the sound of the reissue, fine and dandy. But please dont tell me its almost exactly like the original. It isnt. At all. My thinking the DJM is much better has nothing to do with a fetish for the original. It has to do with recognizing that the original DJM of Captain Fantastic sonic characteristics are miles above the reissue.

    Id love to have reissues come out that equal or even better the originals. Some of mine have crackles here and there that I wish werent there. And to have Elton John reissues that equal or better the DJMs? That would be great! Sadly, I certainly dont hear that in CF and wonder if the same mastering philosophy will apply to the other albums.
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  2. JP Christian

    JP Christian Forum Resident

    Let's just say when I listened to Honky C, I did do a comparison as I instantly noticed the re-issue wasn't as dynamic, but it's not excessive compression by any means and although the original wins, the re-issue is not close behind in terms of overall sound quality.

    With Tumbleweed, I had no compulsion at all to even dig one of my originals out to compare, as I was enjoying the re-issue so much - I didn't fee the need to make a comparison, but I can imagine there will be a difference.
  3. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    Then it's a great thing that you get to save your money.
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  4. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Well, its always nice to save money. But it would also have been nice to have the best sounding clean lp versions of Elton John's classic albums. Maybe one day they will redo these again and get it right. Im not counting on it though.
  5. richbdd01

    richbdd01 Forum Resident

    Those that are complaining about these reissues....why?

    Ive had the first UK's of Tumbleweed and Honky...i got rid of those and bought the new ones. They are much quieter generally and I think they are close enough to not worry too much about the sound differences.
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  6. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    They already did and are readily available at your local shops. If you're looking for some night and day comparisons you're going to be waiting an awful long time.
    Use your now saved money and buy yourself some sandwiches. Sounds like you'll probably get much more enjoyment out of them.
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  7. JamesRR

    JamesRR Trashcan Dream

    Everything from 69-76, sans Here and There is out or coming out soon. They'll never sound better than this. Or be in more accurately detailed packaging than these.
  8. They got these new ones perfectly right. At least For people who use their ears to listen to them. :tiphat:
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  9. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    Well, I did notice Captain Fantastic sounded tinny then I adjusted my hearing aid. Still sounds like crap.:hide::biglaugh:
  10. Sounds like you need a new hearing aid or cart.
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  11. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    No way. I spent good money on my hearing aid. Top of the line. It's a grado with gold plating and it even tells me when it's time to go #2
    It's the reissue, I know for sue it's the reissue.
  12. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Not imo they didnt. Nor in others that have posted on the thread. Maybe those that seem to think they got them correct need to learn how to use the ears they have. :righton:
  13. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Like I said, I dont think they did. And plus I prefer curly fries :)

    Why is it a big deal that I and others think they got these wrong?
  14. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    Actually the majority here feel they are up to par with UK originals if not a few think they are even better.
    Just curious as to why God gave you these superior ears and not the rest of us??
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  15. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    Well, let me ask how many have you actually bought and A/B tested??
  16. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I dont go with the majority. I go by what I hear. And what I heard wasnt better or even close to the UK DJMs.

    Why do you think that your ears are superior that you can somehow hear that these are better than I hear them?

    People disagree and that somehow is interpreted as the other person sticking their nose up in the air.

    Ive stated as to why I think they are inferior. As have others. Has nothing to do with feeling superior.
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  17. Of course you and everyone have legitimate takes on these. My specific point is about Cowboy which is not overly bright or tinny. At least on my system. Not in the slightest

    So we have different ears too s and rigs and the playback difference between us has something to do with one more more of those things.
  18. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    That's a very beautiful speech but my question still holds. How many and which reissues have you bought and compared with the originals??
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  19. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Why would I? The sample that Nobby put up spoke pretty well to me.

    I *might* buy Tumbleweed. To see if what the other fella who has the same opinion on the sq as I is correct about the sound quality of that reissue. Id be happy if it is! Probably my favorite Elton John album :)
  20. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Why dont you give me a second to type something? Read what I typed.
  21. I only AB'd with the US versions and they exceed those.

    The S/T comes extremely close to my U.K. But ends up slightly better due to its quietness
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  22. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Bright and tinny? Not sure that was what I concluded. I wrote that the detail was much less on the reissue and that CF sounded murky, smeared and bloated.

    Id like to hear samples of the others compared to the UKs, but since those that concluded the others are pretty much the same type mastering Im hedging my bet that they pretty much are mastered with the same philosophy as CF.

    But really why is my opinion important to you since you like the reissues?
  23. Darrin Crawford

    Darrin Crawford Forum Resident

    OK so you heard one soundbite (which is only a difference in volume by the way...(all the dynamics are still present). Now you "plan" on buying Tumbleweed.
    Yes, I truly am going to take your serious bold statement to heart when you haven't even listened to the 9 reissues that are out.
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  24. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    I dont think it really comes down to rigs. It comes down to mastering as far as what I am hearing. A more expensive rig would most likely emphasize what I am hearing even more.
  25. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Honestly you havent really read what I wrote a few pages back.

    Why would I take a chance on buying something that is most likely the same type mastering that I dont like? Thats one of the reason this forum is here. To save people from buying new masterings that really arent an improvement. One of the ways its done is by samples and then finding the likeminded that also hear what it is that one doesnt agree with. Then conversing about it. Then making a determination on whether to purchase or not.

    Not sure what is difficult to comprehend concerning this.

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