Elvis Presley 24 karat DCC VS SACD other classic rock

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sa5150, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Hi , I 'm new here . I want to buy one of these but since the dcc is very expensive I want to make the right choice . I was able to download a few songs to try out and to me i'm getting night and day results the DCC is much much better . is this possible or am I getting the wrong downloads for the SACD . Obviously it is the cd layer and not the sacd but can it sound that bad ? I have much older recordings that sound much better then the cd layer of the sacd , what gives ? I though this would be easy other then heartbreak hotel and a sure winner for $30 But the dcc is priceless if that's really what it sounds like . I never heard a Elvis cd that good . I'm looking to start a SACD collection and need help picking out which are good and which are not worth it . I hope no one finds me annoying on this sight but I need help :) . And if anyone is wondering I do download songs to test the quality before I buy the physical media . This stuff is expensive and I have been burned one too many times buying the same cd over and over always thinking I got the best and ending up selling off my originals only to find out I may have to buy them back again (ugh!!!) . Some older gold cds that were suppose to be great I spent my hard earned money on in my late teens only to find out they were still compressed like the (Boston) Sony gold cds . I want to get it right this time... :). I'm into rock,pop rock,hard rock mostly .
    Some i'm eyeing are , Asia,Foreigner,Scorpions,Cars,Queen,Styx etc... . I'm very surprised there are no good quality Journey cds out there . They must be a band I may have to track down Vinyl of which I don't have a record player and a good system would start at a 2k for starters ... Unless there are some decent cds out there of them . The 06 remasters are horrid . Queen is a tuffy , I bought there stuff over an over , Makes my head spin . sorry for the long post and typos . Hope someone actually can make it through this whole post with some friendly advice .
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    I feel your pain.

    Testing them out before buying sounds a great idea but beware that despite the claims exact audio copy is not necessarily that and there can always be subtle and less subtle differences between a clone and an original. On here you will find disputes about whether mobile fidelity ultradiscs made in Japan and the USA sound exactly the same.

    Decide on a few albums you want to go for. Do your homework searching here on individual titles to get a feel for what people are saying about comparisons of different editions and of course set a budget.

    I have bought a few super audio cds. Some sound better to my ears. Some less so. There is no absolute rule that a disc mastered by x engineer is the best any more than a disc manufactured by company y is the best. I actually generally like the Queen Japan made sacds that I have even though the dynamic range figures come out no higher than the 2011 remaster cds.

    I have bought a few mobile fidelity gold cds on the used market. Some have been a marked improvement others less so. The handful of DCC cds I have bought have all sounded superb. And that includes the Elvis 24 karat one ( never had the sacd to compare).

    Good luck!
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    The DCC is great, but it wouldn't be hard to beat the SACD because it's a huge piece of crap.
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    I can only hear the cd layer on the sacd and it's pure junk . Astonishing as some are saying it's the best ever . I do like him counting down the numbers on all shook up though , Were did they get that from ?
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    I'm going to just research Elvis for starters which may take a very long time ... lol .

    I have owned many of his box sets and hits collections , I sold off my boxes when I hear some loud cds (I know better now) . So where to start with getting a lot of Songs like from a box , Maybe the Elvis 75 ?
    Then from there are there any single cd collection to seek out , Do I try and find The BMG-DSD cds or any of the Japan cds . I don't need to have every song ever . Like the 60 cd box I would not listen to every song they made him do for his movies . But some are cool . Is there a thread somewhere on here that all ready has these recommendations updated for 2017 . I have seen some lists but there not updated and lot has come out since .
    I all ready know that the DCC is a must but wow a new one is $100 ++ . How do the BMG DSD compare the 2 DCC . S.H really nailed it on those but now are some updated version I think that were found like for heartbreak hotel ?
  6. The Hud

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    I really like the 2-disc Deluxe Editions mastered by Vic Anesini. Great sound, lots of bonus tracks and fair price!
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    So far I'm thinking that Elvis 75 3 disc is one heck of a collection .
    It's only $15 from Germany Amazon , Sound seems very good .

    The 24 karat DCC is a must (second hand) .

    What do you guys think of Hd tracks ? It looks as if the essential Elvis Hd tracks is lower in volume and maybe not brick-walled compared to the CD counterpart ?

    Is that a good starting place ? Or do I need to seek out individual cds ? The FTD and DSD BMG , The Timelife stuff seems to be pretty well too (usually there just budget junk from) .
    The Japan stuff is hit and miss .

    I have a interesting question , Why does suspicious minds sound so different on the number one hits cd from the late 80's with the awesome cover , It was one of my first cds ever but it's never been induced on anything after that .

    What I love about it is the kick bass drum hits you ... It just jams !!! But the rest is muffled compared to what we know of today . I was always hoping that could take the new remasters and add that bass drum as a bonus track but it's been 30 years now and it's never been done . I have my own custom version that I made but you just don't get the whole giant range of one of the best songs ever made .

    There so many Elvis cds it's mind boggling trying to keep track , and so many out of print .
    I think the only other singer another RCA artist Rick Springfield has more greatest hits from around the world that I can think of , Rca/bmg/sony has milked that one dry .

    I wish loudness war database would have more stuff there missing 1000's of cds , I really hate when they list something and do not even know the source of where it came from . I use it as one source , Not that all high DR means the cd is great . I don't buy that , But it still nice to have as a reference guide . :) adobe audition is another nice tool to show you the spectrums and see how bad some some is clipped .
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    If you like that version of Suspicious Minds, then get The Memphis Record. Also Heartbreak Hotel sounds MUCH better on Elvis 75 than on 24 Karat Hits.
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    This is true. I actually have a list somewhere of the best places to find all of Elvis's hits. It would sure come in handy right about now...
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    oldies.com has a huge cd sale . just wondering if any of the elvis are the ones people are talking about that are must haves , a lot are just $5 each . Search Results "elvis cd" | OLDIES.com
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    True for this particular song because a much better source was used on the latter. For all other songs, the DCC 24 Karat Hits is still the preferred choice.
  14. CowboyBill

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    The Elvis 24 karat LP (45 rpm) is the best I have ever heard him sound. Other than that. I go with the FTD releases. Best sound hands down for Elvis on CD.

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