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    Anyone have a "Mr T's" Books in their area ? Found this one late last week:

    Ike Quebec Soul Samba Blue Note 4114 NY Ear NM for about 20% of FMV

    I have posted WTB adds in my local craigs list. Someone contact me regarding about 80 records they wanted to get rid of. I agreed to meet in a public place (no problem), where I was shown 2 boxes of records. Beatles, Doors, Lovin Spoonful, Creedence etc. LPs are mostly EX to NM ! Covers are Vg to VG+. I ask for a price. Reply "You can HAVE them. They have been on my shelves for 4yrs and I need the space" "TAKE THEM PLEASE". I agree, and give the person $20 as a thank you. I think I did OK....

    Here are the highlights:

    Beatles Meet The Beatles Capital ST 2047 EX 1st Cap Pressing
    Sgt Pepper Capital SMAS 2653 VG+ 2nd Cap
    Revolver Apple ST 2576 EX Apple Pressing

    Doors Strange Days Electra EKS74014 EX 1st Pressing Tan Label
    Blood Sweet Tears 2nd album Columbia CS 9720 EX 2eye 1H
    CSNY Déjà vu Atlantic SD7200 EX 1st Pressing Rec club
    Hendrix Bank of Gypsies Capital SN16319 EX 80s Bar Code
    Bloomfield Stills Super Session Columbia CS 9701 EX 2 eye 1A

    Josh White John Henry Elektra EKL 123 EX 1st gold label
    At Midnight Elektra EKL 102 EX 1st white label
    Ballads Elektra EKL 114 EX 1st white label
    Program London LL 1341 EX UK London

    Lovin Spooful Do You Believe Kama Sutra KLPS8050 EX 1st pressing
    You’re a Big Boy Kama Sutra KLPS8058 EX 1st pressing
    Hums of the LS Kama Sutra KLPS8054 EX 1st with sticker

    The Band The Band Capital STO 132 EX 1st robt Ludwig
    Simon Garfunkle Bridge over Water Columbia CS 9914 EX 2 eye 2AB

    Cream Goodbye gatefold Atco SD 7001 EX 1st pressing
    Disraeli Gears Atco SD 33 232 EX 67 2nd press 1A

    CCR Cosmo’s Factory Fantasy 8402 EX Blue 1st press
    CCR Fantasy 8382 EX Blue 1st press
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    Are you possibly be referring to Mr. K's Used Books,Music & More? If so,there are only four of them and one is in your state.

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