EVERY Billboard #1 hit discussion thread 1958-Present

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by alphanguy, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Wait until we get to the Gibbs Bros., who kept many good songs from No. 1. One of those was Baker Street, by Gerry Rafferty.
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    Indeed. I don't think Fonzmania broke out until '75 or '76. That first season he was very much a bit player, and wasn't even allowed to wear his leather jacket unless he was on his motorcycle.
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    The TV show "Happy Days" premiered mid-season in January of 1974. Immediately, Fonzimania broke out. I'll never forget the morning after the first proper broadcast. We were in sixth-grade class and that's all my classmates could talk about. Fonzi this, Fonzi that! "Aaaaayyyyyyyy!". I did not find the show the least bit interesting.
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    True. Also, Dusty Springfield had sung background on "Ballad Of A Well Known Gun" from Tumbleweed Connection four years earlier.
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    Teen magazines age in dog years lmao, the careers of the subjects often last for like 3 years tops. The only 'teen idol' at this time who was able to branch successfully into a full fledged adult career was Michael Jackson and he got little coverage on these mags.

    In the biography I read of MJ, Joe Joseph always hated that despite their fame Michael Jackson was never a teen sensation like Donny Osmond who was his age mate. The were both 16 in '74.
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    I was in my local store yesterday and it’s amazing how little TK stuff I have. I impulsively bought Foxy Hot Number on vinyl thinking it had Get Off on it, but it doesn’t...but I sitll want to collect some stuff he was involved in. Of course I have all the KC stuff, and a Jimmy Bo Horne that I liked when it was new...it’s really just a KC album with his vocals. History would have been far different for TK in the 70’s had he not seen the talent in KC and Finch. They wroto so many of the hits they got. There is a great web site (henrystone.com)....I might be wrong as there may be one more word, but that will get you close...it’s really interesting but note the top is white and the links are also in white...I almost left it thinking all there was was the photo on the front. Anyway, there is a link with all their gold records and nearly every one was either KC or they wrote the song. I just finished his short book and it was a fun, fast read. And that brought me to another one he wrote, which is more about the industry itself and not just on payola. I will let you guys know how it is. He writes rough and in some slang, and repeats himself a lot, so it can be hard to get through but it shows you the person. I think he probably dictated it, as he rambles a bit (but it’s all good) and I think someone typed it out for him.

    He sold off his rights to most of the TK stuff for $250K...man that sucks! On that web site, there is a list of stuff you can license and his son seems to make a living doing that. What’s interesting is all the odd ball stuff that is available, and sad that so many obvious material isn’t. And then, bang, a big hit pops up. So, I think Rhino got almost all the good stuff as would be expected. One of the big KC songs is on there though, which is odd in that Rhino would have wanted that too, and it’s on the Rhino comp. Point being, putting out a box set (which I would quite agree would be awesome) would probably be very complicated with all those labels, plus some is over at Rhino. But you would think Rhino has enough that they could put out a pretty good collection on their own. Also, you will probably find at least one label that you’ll recognize but didn’t know it was a TK affiliate. Interesting story: I believe it is a common belief that he was really stiffing his artists and that was the reason why he kept opining new labels and then he could let lawsuits go. That isn’t what he said at all, and his reason makes incredible sense. We are all talking about the charts, and that’s why he did it. He had people in his back pocket so in those days, you would see maybe 15 TK records on the Billboard chart at a time (I think he’s exagerrating, but that’s what he said). So, had he wanted ten more hits on the chart it would have been too obvious so he would come up with different labels and spread it around. That part makes sense, but I’m not believing he had that many TK Records hits at a time, plus others too. The majors could hardly pull that off! And, he repeatedly said he always paid his artist’s royalties first, and with the other half (that right there doesn’t make sense...half?) he would have to pay all the expenses. So, he ended up with little in the end so he says. Believe everything or not, and the truth is likely in the middle, it’s a fun read if you loved music during that era. Sorry for the ramble.....I hope some of your found it interesting.
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    I actually like the song, and the vibe. I wasn’t very old yet, or not into the Eagles too much at the time, so I probably didn’t have the appreciation most did. I would bet most did “get it”. There are far, far worse songs we an talk about, that’s for sure! I sure enjoyed hearing him in the Eagles documentary.
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    Well, good to know we in the US weren’t the only one’s with nothing better to do!
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    To date, Rhino seems to have come up with just this...erm...label retrospective. Though it's lightly peppered with mainstream Top 40 hits, the other "deep" cuts were my first introduction to what naysayers hated so much about disco...and I generally LIKE the genre.

    I, too, would like to see a compilation of the TK family of labels' bona fide hits...especially the Facts of Life's "Sometimes," a cover of Bill Anderson's country hit that translates perfectly into r&b. Despite Rhino owning most of the TK catalog, it's never appeared on CD.
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    COOL! Thank you for posting. I’m going to laugh if I have that already....if I had seen it in the 90’s I bet I have it...going to go check....
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    “Dancing Queen” sounds like disco to me, though. Not that this one song makes them a “disco act.”
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    It’s second only to “Some Days Are Diamonds” for me.
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    It started in the school holidays here. Everyone at the bus stop was talking about it on the first day back.
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    David Cassidy was leaving The Partridge Family but it was up against Emergency and one of them was going to get axed. So Tiger Beat said fans should watch David's last season but fill in the ratings survey that they watched Emergency so Randy wouldn't lose his job. At least that's how I remember it.
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    Vince Van Patten has done commentary (along with Mike Sexton) on the World Poker Tour broadcasts since the beginning, in 2002 as I recall.

    He also was a professional tennis player for a few years, and once beat John McEnroe on the way to winning a tournament.
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    Very true, a 1974 episode of Mary Tyler Moore features Murray's 15 year old daughter going on a date with 19 year old Bruce Boxlietner.
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    Next is "Feel Like Makin Love" by Roberta Flack, #1 from August 4 - August 10, 1974.

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    Now that’s a surprise. A nice song, but I don’t hear a number one in that. Little I really like by her, but Killing Me Softly is an all time great imo, and she did a great album with Arif Mardin, I believe late 80’s-early 90’s called Set The Night To Music. I know she was well liked, just not really my kind of music I guess.
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    Adored Roberta Flack, and this is yet another gorgeous song. A little lighter than her prior #1's, but sophisticated, too. I wonder if the success of this cut paved the way for the "Quiet Storm" radio format, named after Smokey's '75 single.

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    This rocketed to #34 in the UK. A beautiful song with Roberta Flack's perfect vocal. Mind you, she could sing Agadoo and make it a thing of beauty.:D

    All these number ones is exhausting.. What on earth was happening in the States in 1974?:D
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    Would have never known that this song was a #1.
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    Her last #1 although she still managed some Top 10 hits for the next decade or two. I found the song kind of on the dull side. It certainly brought her Pop singles career to a slow trickle for nearly 4 years before hitting #2 in '78 with another Donny Hathaway duet - The Closer I Get To You. She ended up producing the album this came from but under the alias Rubina Flake.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Brian DePalma based some of the style Phantom of the Paradise (which came out in 1974) on videos like this. These guys could be the Juicy Fruits (his faux fifties style band) in another life.

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