Exactly 51 years ago, us kids started watching the Monkees on NBC. I feel old.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Steve Hoffman

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    First came on the air this week a long time ago! monkees on NBC.jpg
  2. elaterium

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    I wish it was 1966 again.
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  3. gonz

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    Phoenix, AZ
    Terrific show.
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  4. colgems1966

    colgems1966 Garage/Psych

    Put the Monkees in the HOF.
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  5. Kevin55

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    Hey, hey!
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  6. I remember that show from the 80s. :D:angel:
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  7. Kevin55

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  8. strummer101

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    Lakewood OH
    I certainly didn't get all the jokes at age 6, but reruns throughout the years allowed me to understand that there's nothing much to understand. Groovy.

    The Monkees first episode:
  9. Bill Mac

    Bill Mac Forum Resident

    So. ME USA
    The Monkees were my favorite show back in the day. I was into model cars so of course I had the Monkeemobile model :).
    The first concert I ever went to was the Monkees at the Boston Garden on July 22nd, 1967. My older sisters took me and we were even on the local news. My oldest sister hid behind a column as she was so embarrassed that someone would know she was there :D.

    The Monkees Setlist at Boston Garden, Boston
  10. If I Can Dream_23

    If I Can Dream_23 Forum Resident

    United States
    Great stuff! I own the Rhino DVD sets. A lot was happening in that 1966 through 1967 window!
  11. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    Central PA
    I always wanted one of those red shirts. Hey,hey they're so funky!
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  12. I333I

    I333I Forum Resident

    Seriously, who would've thought that more than 50 years later these guys would be putting out new (very, very good) music and still touring? Amazing stuff.
  13. t-man 54

    t-man 54 Forum Resident

    I remember my mom calling me from my backyard sandbox on Monday nights " The Monkees are on" and i would start running to the house. Fond memories.
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  14. jamesmaya

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    Mudwest, CA
    "Wool Hat: Mike Nesmith". :D
  15. Dhreview16

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    London UK
    As a soul music fan, we across the Pond may have done a bit better that week. On 16 September 1966 Ready, Steady Go (our weekly trendy pop digest) had an Otis Redding TV special, with the man himself doing cuts like his cover of the Stones' Satisfaction, along with Eric Burdon (of the Animals and War fame), and Chris Farlow both doing r and b/soul cuts, including a James Brown cover. Stax artists were incredibly popular over here and in Europe and were pleasantly bewildered by our lack of segregation.
  16. O Don Piano

    O Don Piano Forum Resident

    In 1977, The Monkees to me were a distant memory. I was 13. The local station KTTV started showing the TV show- in it's 1967 mid-summer rerun editions (I didn't know that then!). I remember I had the "Listen To The Band" 45 when it was a hit here in L.A., and I know somewhere along the line my sister had PAC&J LP, because I distinctly remembered the cover! But the LPs were long out of print, and you hardly even heard "I'm A Believer" or "Clarksville" on 'oldies' radio! So I watched every episode and recorded the songs onto my tape recorder- I'd even discovered how to do "direct" recording from my TV! I loved that music!!!
    I did find an Arista "Greatest Hits" album that year.
    The next year, I met a friend a couple of years older who collected records and had Monkees albums up to "Instant Replay".
    And that started my fandom! In 1979, I bought the "Monkeemania!" comp.

    It was all new and exciting to me then, like I'd discovered buried treasure!
    Still love the music, and enjoy the show.
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  17. zebop

    zebop Well Known Stranger

    1977 is the year I discovered them too. I didn't try out for Little League that year because I didn't want to miss the show in reruns.
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  18. crustycurmudgeon

    crustycurmudgeon Forum Resident

    Hollister, CA
    I was too young to remember much about the first run of the show, just bits and pieces. One of my early memories is listening to my sister's Headquarters album while decorating the Christmas tree, must have been '67. Later in the 70's I got to watch the show. We had a small assortment of 8-track tapes to listen to in the car and Headquarters was one of them. We wore it out. Then in the 80's I discovered used record stores and bought all the early Colgems albums.
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  19. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    you guys are so Old!!
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  20. B. Bu Po

    B. Bu Po Forum Resident

    I was 10 and a half. I was in from the git-go. Loved the show and bought the singles. And bought the first two albums. Loved Batman, too! And Laugh-In! What a nutty era!
  21. npgchris

    npgchris Forum Resident

    The show may seem quaint today, but in its day it was quite ground-breaking. An unusual mixture of anarchic spirit, slapstick comedy, great music, revolutionary editing, and amazing chemistry between 4 very talented and charismatic young men. I still love watching the show today, and my two young sons (ages 3 and 6) love The Monkees, too! :righton:
  22. PCM7027

    PCM7027 Forum Resident

    My favourite episode is probably Dance, Monkee, Dance. Peter wins a supposed free dancing lesson from Renaldo's Dance Au Go Go and is then tricked into signing a lifetime contract. When Micky and Mike try to get him out of it, they end up with similar contracts, so Davy gets a job as a dance instructor at Renaldo's to cause havoc. It features a great montage sequence for I'll Be Back Upon My Feet. It also includes a great scene where Micky - in search of a brilliant idea - walks off set to talk to the writers. Very postmodern.
  23. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident

    mill valley CA USA
    My first rock concert. I was 11.
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  24. gkella

    gkella Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    I immediately got my Grandmother to knit me a touque, just like Mike wore.
    Couldn't find the double button shirts though.
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  25. Fender Relic

    Fender Relic Forum Resident

    Central PA
    :laughup: Now there's a young lad who had his priorities straight! I excelled at baseball from a very young age and wish now that I'd have been introduced to a guitar at 6 instead of a bat, ball,and glove. But, I guess it all worked out. Little League baseball is great for some but the parents and certain coaches....:crazy: I met a guy at the flea on Sun. and he told me a story about his 7 year old grandson at tee-ball. He had bought him a new glove one of those mesh material ones and a cheap bat just to see if the kid was interested in the whole LL experience. The coach yells out....who does this kid belong to? So gramps goes over to him and coach, one of the other kids dad, gets in his face....do you want your kid to succeed in baseball? He needs a real leather glove! Gramps wondered if the guy was gonna order him to drop and give him 20.
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