Expanded Procol Harum reissues (2015)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sharedon, Apr 20, 2015.

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    I just want somebody to promise me that the speeds of these releases will be matched to the versions we know and love. The Salvo releases were also supposedly from the original master tapes but nobody noticed that the speeds were about 2% different than the versions we know and love. It may well be that the original recording equipment was actually set up properly and the versions we know and love have been doctored, but I suspect that in fact the equipment was fault and the speeds were corrected for the final releases. The originals sound to my ears much better than the sped up sounding Salvo releases.

    The bonus tracks look very much like a superset of the Salvo bonus tracks and the Westside bonus tracks, combined with the Pandoras Box release on Westside. The only thing really new here is the mono mix of Shine on Brightly and the official release of the various BBC tracks. The BBC tracks have been circulating for quite a while. But then again I have a somewhat obsessive Procol collection.

    I do wonder if Morning Dew is from the broadcast version or a previously unheard (at least to me) studio version. I would bet it is the widely circulated broadcast version.

    You can probably tell that I was profoundly disappointed by the two Salvo releases of these two albums, not to mention the lackluster Salvo Boxed set. The Salvo releases that were good started with Salty Dog, and the two disc greatest hits set was well done.

    I am not quite sure who was behind Salvo. The operators of the Procol fan site operate an online store, which is where I purchased the set. Anyway, they really discouraged me with a heavy guilt trip when I asked to return the Boxed set, which had somewhat useless PAL DVD (well not helpful in the US) and almost no rare cuts. At least the speeds were correct on that boxed set. As you can guess, I kept the boxed set which is way up there with poor purchases. Of course the aforementioned Salvo releases of the fist two albums were near the top of my regret list.

    So I am in with the proviso that I want verification that the speeds are correct.

    Thank you for alerting me to this. I do not visit the procol fan site much anymore.

    Follow Up: Went to procolharum.com after reading this and did not see anything yet about these releases. They are doing a vinyl reissue of many classic albums.

    Did see that Dave Ball passed away, a shame.
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    I most definitely want the mono Shine On Brightly.
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    It's my understanding that the Salvo SHINE ON BRIGHTLY was the only one with the speed issue. Since that album happens to be the only PH release I don't care for to begin with I wouldn't be interested in this new release, mono or no. I really dug the other Salvos but these new issues would have to bring a lot to the table for me to bite.
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    Anyone know what's different about the "Single Version" of Good Captain Clack? Is it a different take from the album version, or a different edit/mix?
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    I never even knew Good Captain Clack was ever released as a single. Seems like an odd choice compared to some of the other songs on that album.
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    Has anyone listened to the 2015 LP reissues of some of their albums, namely "Exotic Birds and Fruit", "Procol's Ninth", and "Live" on colored vinyl?
    I've got "Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra" by Music on Vinyl from 2013, and I'm wondering how these two LP reissues compare.
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    +1 hope at the right speed.
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    It was the B side of Homburg.
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    Pdenny; the first procol album on salvo was even worse than Shine on Brightly.

    If anybody told you differently then I would question their overall musical sensibility. It is really THAT bad. There is a good technical discussion of the problems on the Procol Harum fanclub website.

    The Good Captain Clack single version was not very different.

    In my view, the most pronounced differences in Procoldom in terms of original releases (vs. later collector releases) are the mono vs. stereo versions of Homburg; the two versions of In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence (especially in the beginning drums), and the very different single version of As Strong As Samson. I do enjoy the different versions of Quite Rightly So with changed lyrics. There is also an early acetate version of one cut from Shine on Brightly that was released as a rarity a while ago but I have not listened to it in a while; think it was Magladene. It was supposed to have been erased but somehow survived the process.
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    In the US, A/B sides were not noted on this release (at least not on stock copies, of which I have one). Not sure about promos if any exist.
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    The bell is not on the 45.
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    For the record, these releases are sourced from the same masters as the Salvo CDs.
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    Then, are they off-speed?
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    The only off speed Salvo release was "Shine On Brightly". If you rip the CD to a hard drive and then burn a new CD-R with the speeds of the songs reduced by 2.81%, you'll have a proper version. The bonus tracks are NOT off speed and should remain untouched.
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  17. Yes I have and posted with pics about them in a separate thread. They sound awesome and are beautiful colored pressings with real top notch cover art ,, many have a disc w the extra tracks. Could only get them imported the other thread has details.

    Unfortunately the first four albums were not included and are not scheduled to be in that release
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    So, is the speed issue on the stereo Shine On Brightly? Does this mean that the mono mix would be okay?
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    What about the mono Shine On Brightly, is it from the original mono master?
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    From my own listening, I'm quite sure the Salvo release of the debut also has speed issues (only the album tracks, not the bonus tracks) though not as bad as on Shine On Brightly.
  21. ginchopolis

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    I have to wonder why they wouldn't just correct it, doing exactly what you're saying, during the mastering process...
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    I think I've re-bought these albums enough times already, but it's nice that they'll be back in print.
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    Afraid to admit to their mistakes?
  24. Paul W

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    I contacted the manufacturer and was told that the new LPs are from the same source as the Salvo releases. 'Shine On Brightly' wasn't released on CD in mono by Salvo though, so I'm not sure about that one.
  25. The first four albums were not included in the recently vinyl release series. Broken Barricades on.
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