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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by BB325, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. BB325

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    Long time lurker here and decided to finally sing up. I ran a search on this topic but didn't see this specific topic covered.

    I found a Beatles in Mono set in Germany yesterday and it was labeled a warehouse find. I understand the fine details as far as what could be wrong, missing, etc. Sounds like a ding here, a scratch there sort of thing. Maybe a missing insert? Also assume this is repackaged returns or just open box returns. Example - I see many Rolling Stones boxes as warehouse finds which leads me to believe its the many boxes without download codes that were shipped back.

    At any rate, has anyone ordered a warehouse deal and it arrive in terrible shape? Or missing items? Looking for experiences just to manage my expectations as this was a pretty good find in relationship to today's prices.
  2. dr jazz

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    park ridge,il,usa
    If you click details next to condition they will usually tell you why it was graded. I personally have never had a bad experience with very good or like new
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  3. jhw59

    jhw59 Forum Resident

    I've bought a few items via this option with no issues but read the description carefully.
  4. BB325

    BB325 New Member Thread Starter

    That was my concern. My details say, "Used, Very Good" and nothing more than that. I can obviously return if all goes wrong, but i would expect if something was gtruly missing or the packaging was damaged, it might be notated. However, this is Amazon and not the record store down the street selling things online. Doubt they know whats supposed to be incuded, inserts, etc. I guess I will find out soon...thanks for the responses.
  5. lv70smusic

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    San Francisco, CA
    I have generally had good look with Warehouse Deals, but I did have to return one item: an alarm clock that arrived with a totally smashed face. I'm not sure who graded that item, but I don't see how anything with several large cracks on its face could be considered to be in even "good" condition. More often what I've experienced with Warehouse Deals is that the items appear to be like new, probably just returns from customers who decided they didn't want the items in question.
  6. Walt

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    Takoma Park, MD
    I bought a pair of Polk bookshelf speakers for $35ish a few months ago. Description said box had some damage. When it arrived, I immediately noticed a sizable hole (it looked like it had been kicked). Because of the stryrofoam padding, the speakers were unharmed. I kept them and saved a little bit of money.

    About two years ago, I purchased the lp set, "Bowie at the Beeb." Description said "some sign of wear..." When that arrived, the shipping box was fine, but the lp box looked like it was used as a Frisbee in the Warehouse break room. I promptly returned it (a few weeks later the price dropped on the set and I got it for less than the Warehouse Deal).
  7. BB325

    BB325 New Member Thread Starter

    Today, i received my Beatles in Mono boxset from Amazon Germany. Despite the vague description, the only issue i found was a small tear in the plastic cover around the box. The albums really looked untouched and the book perfect. Think i really lucked out with this one!
  8. Eddy Baggins

    Eddy Baggins Member

    SF Bay Area
    I have actually received a warehouse deal item or two that were in inferior condition to the description.
    Amazon CS was very easy-going about giving me a reasonable, partial refund.
    So, I haven't had a bad experience with warehouse deals yet.
  9. BB325

    BB325 New Member Thread Starter

    Also snagged a Stones and Beatles book the other day and didnt realize until i went back a minute ago that it was also a Warehouse Deal. These were both sealed and brand new. Definitely need to keep an eye out on these deals!
  10. Todd Fredericks

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    A New Yorker
    I highly recommend the Warehouse deals. The other month I purchased Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones listed as VG for half price. They ended up being in NM condition.
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  11. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    I bought a "Used, Very Good" AC/DC deluxe amp Backtracks from them which turned out to be brand new. If it was a reseal they went the extra mile and faked the hype sticker too. However the third CD skips, and sometimes I have trouble with the first one. Not sure if it's just my bad luck, a reseal job, or what. I'm guessing just bad luck, probably wasn't Amazon's fault. Probably.

    I bought it two or three years ago, technically used, so I doubt Sony will provide replacements for me. That said, I did get a skip-free lossless rip of every track except "Hail Caesar", which I patched together using two rips which had one skip each, in different spots. Good enough.
  12. Ezd

    Ezd Well-Known Member

    I have had mixed results buying Amazon warehouse products, although I have not bought an album this way.. Too often, their description of the item condition is inaccurate and they have sent products that included broken pieces or missing parts. While they do pay the return shipping in these instances, it is time consuming and frustrating to have to immediately repackage a large item like a vacuum cleaner and return it to a store that Amazon uses for return shipping.
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