Farewell to OPPO Digital

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by SamS, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. On the contrary, that’s what most Blu-Ray and UHD players are. Most do not have analog outputs. But yeah, for many audio aficionados, a transport-only solution is not attractive.
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  3. scobb

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    Plain Blu ray players, yes but I think there is still a high demand for universal audio players with analogue out (at least stereo)
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    Thanks for the heads up. Must have got mine under the wire.
  5. mitchius

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  6. Different Oppo. The smartphone company is not related to Oppo Digital. Well, it is related to Oppo Digital in the same way that Helzberg Diamonds, Dairy Queen, and GEICO are related.
  7. Brother_Rael

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    They are now, but less so at the outset I think. Most had stereo outs (from memory) up to four or five years ago.
  8. Metralla

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    You have used that line before. Got any new material? :)
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  9. The Beave

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    Well, with all the machines gone it's hard to let go
    let go
    let go
    let go........

    Luckily I stumbled on some Cambridge UCX HD listings so that's keeping my OPPO flame alive until those all disappear....
    Oh, btw, on Cambridge's site they still have at least one unit for the inflated price of $799.
    actually, I'm very surprised OPPO didn't jack up their prices to at least $1499 on the last 205's.
  10. Brother_Rael

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    Not quite seeing the "inflated" in their pricing. Other manufacturers make transport only gear that do a damn sight less and cost a fair sight more!!
  11. soundQman

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    I am. I use an outboard DAC/headphone amp/preamp. But there's not many like me.
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  12. Audiowannabee

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    Yeah....we need to start writing / emailing pioneer and sony to put the damn analog outs back in their machines!

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  13. If only this was a comedy routine!
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  14. The Beave

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    Just got a Firmware alert last night for my BDP103!!
    Now I'm finally up to the latest.......
    Now THAT'S support!!!
  15. Dok

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  16. Bill Mac

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    The latest 103 firmware is 1/23/17. When I saw your post I thought there was a new firmware just released. You're a little behind man ;).
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  17. DaleClark

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    All I know is I'm using my 103 to rip my large SACD collection. Works like a dream
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  18. Newton John

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    I am! Or at least I would be if I could justify investing £700 less the little I could raise on my Pioneer DVD and Blu-ray players on what appears to be a dying format.

    The CXUHD does everything I need much better. Not used the inferior sound quality analogue outputs from DVD or Blu-ray player for decade or so. Taking out the DAC which may impact negatively on visual and SQ is a big positive for me.

    Now, if it allowed me to rip SACD too, that would clinch it for me.
  19. FYI, the Oppo PM-2 headphone (refurbished) is available back again in the Oppo web store. It is my understanding that the PM-2’s were recently found in inventory (I assume while “cleaning up” while closing up shop) and that’s why they are being sold as “refurbished.”
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  20. Brother_Rael

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    Fair enough; there's a niche for most things in electronics (or just in general I guess). Having used the 752BD for some time now (about three or four years) I can't say I've found the picture quality wanting so much that I felt I needed an offboard DAC to enable its improvement.

    Bearing in mind, picture quality in a bog standard BR player is by and large excellent these days, the step up would need to be something special. I'm not convinced it's quite that good yet to rely on the processing in the AV amp to make the step up.
  21. Bill Mac

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    There is a listing on the Oppo site for the PM-2s at full price as well. So there is new and refurbished stock available. Doesn't really say what the reason for the PM-2s being refurbished. But after buying two 105s refurbished and they were as new I'm sure the refurbished PM-2s are as new as well. Great deal at $499!

    New listing - OPPO Digital - Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Players - Buy Direct from the Manufacturer
    Refurbished listing - product details pages of OPPO Digital
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  22. Lonson

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    I have Oppo PM-1 headphones and they are excellent. PM-2s are very similar. . . if interested this would be a good time to get on board.
  23. The first link also goes to the refurbished PM-2’s if you check the “buy now” button. There are no “regular priced” PM-2’s for sale right now. As to whether or not the PM-2’s are “new,” I do not know the answer for sure. I do know that they were recently found by Oppo to be in their inventory.
  24. Sterling1

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    I too wanted a UDB Player with 5.1 analog output. I therefore purchased the OPPO UDP-205 and connected it to my Sony TA-P9000ES multi-channel analog preamp, which was made for the express purpose of receiving multi-channel analog SACD output. This preamp was produced about 20 years ago as an add-on for the TA-E9000ES, which did not have multi-channel analog inputs, just stereo analog; plus, IEC 958, and optical S/PDIF inputs, which decode multi-channel DVD but do not receive multi-channel SACD material. At any rate, today, I am not aware of any amps of any sort still being manufactured which have multi-channel RCA inputs to receive multi-channel SACD output. Instead, pre/pros, and AVR's have HDMI inputs, which receive multi-channel SACD from the Universal Player's HDMI output. What's exciting about all universal players now, having HDMI output and, for the most part, those player's being connected to AVRs with HDMI input, is it gives folks an opportunity to listen to multi-channel SACD, in effect giving SACD a second chance. Of course that's when the universal player is chipped to play SACDs.
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  25. chili555

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    A great number of AVRs and AV processors, including my Marantz AV7702 Mk. II have 7.1 channel analog inputs.

    As the DAC in my Oppo 205 is much the superior of that in the Marantz, that's the way I listen to SACDs, DVD-As, et al; analog inputs only.

    I do agree, however, that the ubiquitous HDMI input does give SACD another chance.
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