Favorite Styx singer Dennis vs. Tommy

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by 80sMetalForever, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. musicfan37

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    I went with Tommy. However, I consider Dennis's voice a major factor in the Styx sound.
  2. Tommy had some excellent songs, and a good voice. Dennis had some excellent songs, and an excellent voice. I like nearly all of Tommy's songs with Styx, and one of the things I liked most about Styx, was Dennis, Tommy, and James singing their own songs. With that being said, I went with Dennis.
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    I saw Dennis last night, the man hasn't lost anything vocally! I've never seen a guy his age (66) whose voice has held up as well...didn't hold back anything, no tuned-down guitars... and the Tommy Shaw "substitute" was amazing, of course he is half Tommy's age, but his vocals on Tommy's songs would blow the current Tommy off the stage!

    from the look's of last night, I think Shaw and Young should crawl back to Dennis, apologize for any disagreements they have had, and put the original Styx back together, before it's too late!
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