Feature film "Blaze" by Ethan Hawke in 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by AmosM, Dec 9, 2017.

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    My profile pic for a long time now has been of the Austin "outlaw" singer-songwriter Blaze Foley. He had songs covered by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and his tumultuous life and death in pre-tech Austin of the 1970's inspired songs by Townes Van Zandt (his frequent drinking pal) and Lucinda Williams ("Drunken Angel" on Car Wheels On A Gravel Road).

    Apparently Ethan Hawke has written and produced a film about Blaze, due out next month. Charlie Sexton, longtime Bob Dylan band member/leader, will play Townes.

    My hope is the film won't try to cover his entire life and create the unfocused montage most biopics tend to be. The incident that ended Blaze's life, when he protected an elderly friend from that friend's predatory son, and was shot in the chest, is the story I hope Hawke will tell: A guy famous for being cared for by others finally cares for someone else.

    I learned about Blaze in the early 90's from a friend who lived in Austin, and whose mother's apartment was one of Blaze Foley's many temporary resting places, as he was generally homeless and often in some sort of trouble. His nickname was the "Duct Tape Messiah," since nearly all his possessions were held together by the stuff. His fans adored him. Lucinda's lyrics are the best summary of his life you can find. There aren't many artists remembered with such heartbreak and affection. There are very few songwriters whose music sounds more true.

    If you don't know Blaze's work, I recommend "Live At the Austin Outhouse," which is available on most streaming services.
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    Blaze Foley movie has a trailer now and an August 2018 release date. I’m encouraged by this clip! Charlie Sexton looks like a natural as Townes.
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    Filmmaker Robert Boudreau is a friend of mine. He made the film Born To Be Blue which stars Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker. They also did a film called Stockholm which is about the hostage case that resulted in the so-called Stockholm Syndrome. I don’t think that film has come out yet. Ethan Hawke, he told me, is an all around music guy. Hawke met Charlie Sexton working on Boyhood. I really want to see this film. “Drunken Angel” is one of my favourite songs.
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    I saw the film this weekend and it’s far better than I could’ve hoped. It’s brilliantly written, acted, and directed. Apart from my own interest as a Blaze Foley fan, this is a remarkable piece of narrative and should garner its principals more than a few nominations and awards. What will Bob Dylan do if his Musical Director is suddenly a Hollywood sensation? Haha. Seriously, Charlie Sexton as Townes VanZandt is a revelation. Here’s Travers’ review today: ‘Blaze’ Review: Country-Music Cult Hero Gets the Biopic He Deserves – Rolling Stone
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    This seems so cool. Never heard of Blaze. Thanks. Can't wait to see it and check out his music. As an aside Sexton is an underrated really diverse guy in his playing.
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