Finding cassettes in Pittsburgh - WHERE??

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  1. TheLazenby

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    I've taken up an unfortunately hobby recently - trying to collect cassette singles and maxi-singles. The problem?

    THEY ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Singles, I come across every now and then (usually nothing I remember owning as a kid).... maxi-singles, forget it. It's like they never existed at all.

    So my question is, where in Pittsburgh could I look? Tried various Goodwills, those are usually light on cassettes (or nothing at all). Same with Half Price Books, tried two of those so far. Exchanges *sometimes* carry cassettes, but not often. Even went to the flea market today (Trader Jack's) with no luck.

    Other than spending $30 a pop on Discogs, which they tend to be, where can I find singles and maxi-singles around Pittsburgh??
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  2. cublowell

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Did you try Dave's Music Mine in the South Side? Their basement has a ton of cassettes, though I'm unsure if they have singles or not.
  3. John1026

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    Try searching Craigslist, but do it nation wide. I've seen cassettes singles on there before. Good luck!
  4. TheLazenby

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    I was thinking about that - I'd only been there once. But that might be my last brick-and-mortar option!
  5. Faceman

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    There is a store in Lowell, Ma, Garnicks Records, they have a large supply of NOS 8 tracks, Cassettes and Vinyl. They do mail order and are very reasonable priced. I know it's not Pittsburgh but they are very good
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