First music purchases of 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by wallpaperman, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Mr_Vinyl

    Mr_Vinyl Forum Resident

    Patricia Barber's Smash, this afternoon :p
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  2. ccbarr

    ccbarr Forum Resident

    Iowa, USA
    I was lucky enough to get the box on release day, I can tell you that you are in for a treat. Happy listening! :righton:
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  3. scompton

    scompton Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA
    I should mention that I did by 1 Euro for the "free download". It was a name your price on bandcamp and if your price is zero, it doesn't show up in your collection.
  4. Grand_Ennui

    Grand_Ennui Forum Resident

    "More of the Monkees" 3 CD super deluxe edition.
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  5. Roberto899

    Roberto899 Forum Resident

    Bought the New Quicksand album Interiors off Bandcamp.
  6. Gaslight

    Gaslight Geitto Listener

    Northeast USA
    Baio - The Names (2015)
    Animal Collective - Painting With (2016)

    Vinyls on sale yesterday, local FYE. Too good to pass up.
  7. Zongadude

    Zongadude Music is the best

    Bought three Elton John albums on vinyl today, as they were offred with a discount of -50% each in a local shop.

    -Elton John
    -Madman across the water
    -Songs from the West Coast

    Amazed at the very good packaging for all three. The first two are very faithful to the original UK artworks (complete with texture and booklet for Madman).
    And there is a nice two-sided long poster in West Coast.

    Those were the first reissues of Elton John I bought. I will probably be buying more in the coming months.
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  8. Guitarded

    Guitarded Forum Resident

    I hit up the Classifieds for a Clutch LP.
  9. Joefarrell

    Joefarrell Forum Resident

    Used Pink Island John Barleycorn Must Die LP - Traffic - found local -
    Used 2017 Sargent Pepper's 50th Remaster CD
    New Chris Potter Dreamer Is The Dream CD
    Super Cheap Used CD Bill Frisell Sweetest Punch
  10. lesterbangs

    lesterbangs Forum Resident

    Used copy of If I Could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby

    Need to give it a run through the Spin Clean before I listen to it.
  11. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    Zack Island
    I have the 'Paradise Edition' of Born To Die since years and still I didn't listen to the discs yet.^^
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  12. Brian Lux

    Brian Lux One in the Crowd

    Placerville, CA
    Placed an order for:
  13. TSWisla

    TSWisla Forum Resident

    Original CD pressing of Deicide's Legion
  14. William Bryant

    William Bryant Forum Resident

    Meridian, ID
  15. scompton

    scompton Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA
    Are the Brilliant Classics singles or boxes?
  16. Madness

    Madness Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    Judas Priest Sin After Sin 180g reissue 12/1/17
  17. fmfxray373

    fmfxray373 Forum Resident

    san diego
    This is the second gray market Bob Dylan cd that I have seen at Fry's first music purchase of the year.

    Last month I bought Bob Dylan Under The Covers, a collection of live recordings (one from Letterman) from the 80s,90s and early 60s. Made in UK.
  18. I Have Been Floated

    I Have Been Floated Duke of Kirkcaldy

    SW Washington
    At the record store by 10 AM on New Year's Day. Came away with the following:
    CDs (all used)
    Billy Joel- The Bridge
    The Free Spirits- Out of Sight and Sound
    The Felice Brothers- S/T

    new vinyl
    Apples in Stereo- Electronic Projects for Musicians
    Metallica- Master of Puppets
    Decemberists- The King is Dead

    used vinyl
    The Cars- Heartbeat City
    Deep Purple- Burn
    Incredible String Band- The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
    Warren Zevon- Excitable Boy
  19. Taxman

    Taxman Forum Resident

    Syracuse, NY
    Minstrel in the Gallery SW remix 2 cd/ 2 dvd for me
  20. Weirwolfe

    Weirwolfe Forum Resident

    Three Kinks albums. Misfits, Come Dancing and Give the People what they want. All pretty cheap from Amazon.
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  21. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    I bought a Used, NM CD of 'Stranded'-Roxy Music from another SHF Member on the Classifieds here. I bought The Complete Recordings Box Set 3 years ago, but the Dr#s seemed good for this Reprise CD from the late 1980s, so thought since the price was low enough, it would be interesting to compare the the Flat Masters CD from the Box Set to the 1980s Reprise CD.

    As far as New Releases, I just ordered the below-Mastered by KG like several AF SACD Releases(and added JA's 'Surrealistic Pillow' SACD to get Free Shipping as had been meaning to order it in the past, but I just got an Oppo 105D in December that was sold as Used in Great Condition for a little over $700).

    Since, AF is putting out this Great Quincy Jones album, I am hoping also in the future for his Awesome 1989 album, 'Back on the Block' that is a buffet of a variety of Music on one album. Also, since Quincy Jones produced a few Brothers Johnson albums, if AF would do SACDs for some of them(or all of them), it will be a high priority purchase for me.

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  22. Wally Swift

    Wally Swift Forum Resident

    Brooklyn New York
    Ace Frehley - Anomaly Deluxe on CD.
  23. Jimmy Agates

    Jimmy Agates Forum Resident

    Took me a couple of days to get rolling but a 15 disc set should get me off to a decent start!!
  24. LeeGriffin

    LeeGriffin Forum Resident

    Fort Mill, SC
    Picked up Paul McCartney - McCartney on red vinyl and Chris Isaak - Chris Isaak (used vinyl).

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