First purchase on SpinCDs (UK online retailer) = bad experience

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  1. rocknrollroy

    rocknrollroy New Member

    Lakewood, WA
    Any place is BETTER than Spin CD's. I buy from Amazon, Ebay, Discogs, and Musicstack. I have dealt with them all and have had no issues whatsoever.
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  2. Frederick Mars

    Frederick Mars Well-Known Member

    Medway, UK
    I ordered from them for first ( and only time ) last month and had not read this thread!
    Order showed processing for 2 weeks ( phoned 3 times asking for updates and was told it would be with me in 2 days - nothing happened).
    Was then told that I had a problem on my credit card and that in the meantime they had run out of stock!
    I asked them to shift my order to another title and they promised delivery in 2 days - again nothing.
    3 more phone calls later over course of 2 weeks and I finally received my CD.
    They are a waste of space.
  3. GravMc

    GravMc New Member

    Brighton, UK
    Hi - long time reader of the forums but haven't contributed before. Felt I should also share my experience here.

    I first placed an order for an (admittedly quite cheap at £7.99) 12" single on 4th October last year. By 7th November it still hadn't arrived so I mailed and next day was told it's deleted - and was offered a choice of refund or £10 credit note, which I chose as there's tons of stuff in their mails that catches my eye regularly.

    Soon after I spotted something and decided to add some money to my credit note. Only problem is, it's not obvious how to redeem credit on there - so after trying I mailed them on 28th Nov to ask. No answer. I try again 4th Dec. Then 21st Dec. Then 30th Jan. After asking on twitter how I actually get a reply, they responded on 3rd Feb. Because of things happening, I don't get round to ordering until 7th March.

    8th April it still hadn't turned up. I mailed and was told it had dipped out of stock with distributor but is back on listing and wil be dispatched priority when it arrives.

    3rd May still not here. I mailed and was told stock will be arriving within 24 hours so will be forwarded 1st class asap.

    10th May - not here. I mailed and that time was told that the rep has been called and they've assured Spin that stock will be there in the following week. "Apologies, know you've heard this before but should be able to get it to you very shortly."

    1st June. Still nothing. I mail and ask if it's worth a refund, given that the order is 3 months old and is replacing another item that also wasn't available. I get reply on 3rd to say 'apologies, this is on the priorities list'

    12th June - still nothing. I ask if a refund and removing the item from listings is an idea but get no reply.

    7th July. I mail to say it's been 4 months, I point out previous problems prior to ordering this, that I've shown a fair amount of patience and goodwill. I ask if I can now have a refund please. No answer again. I also tried twitter to say much the same, also to no effect...

    Reading this thread I'm now kind-of assuming that the money is pretty much a write off...
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  4. Ezzie

    Ezzie Active Member

    Do not ever do business with these guys, I ordered a pretty hefty $260.00 worth of cd's on 5/1/17, been nothing but the old run around as posted above. Waiting for this disc or that disc, finally they stopped responding to my emails. I was overly nice and patient, just got off phone with the CC company, starting process to get the refund. :realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad: :shake::shake::shake::shake::shake::shake::shake::shake::thumbsdow:thumbsdow:thumbsdow:thumbsdow:thumbsdow:cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing:
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  5. jay.dee

    jay.dee Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
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  6. jay.dee

    jay.dee Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
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  7. Ezzie

    Ezzie Active Member

    I just received an email from them stating 2 of the 5 items I have on order are shipping, funny when they sent me this on 6/5/2017:

    Currently have both DPs, 71 box and Fox, so just awaiting Winterland to come through. It was delayed so is now scheduled for release on 30/06 but we usually get our stock from this distributor considerably earlier than release so hoping to ship in the next couple of weeks.



    I have turned them into Trading Standards, if that will make a difference... my fault for not researching these idiots, but my cc company said there will be no problem with getting a refund.
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  8. Sherkahn

    Sherkahn New Member

    Have ordered from Spin for nearly 20 years,their service used to be brilliant.not great for the past couple of years but I have stayed loyal.I have a number of items I have had on order for quite some time and it totals to quite a considerable amount of money.everything I have ordered has always arrived,albeit with some delays.just reading the posts on here and I am beginning to worry.
  9. Boxy

    Boxy Member

    Liverpool UK
    I placed three orders over the past few months. All of them never turned up with excuses every time I phoned them. I got full refunds on my Visa card after I emailed them threatening to get Visa / my bank invoked.

    I don't know what's gone wrong with this once good retailer, but whatever it is, it's bad.

    Do not order from them!!
  10. Boxy

    Boxy Member

    Liverpool UK
    I wish I'd read this thread earlier this year before ordering.
  11. Klaze

    Klaze New Member

    Same problems here. Ordered nearly 2 weeks ago, payment made but utter silence so far (on a new release so it can't be out of stock). Only thing I DID receive were 10 newsletters with all the great stuff available for PreOrder etc.
  12. Mikewest

    Mikewest Member

    I am worried , I have ordered the Bowie box set A new career in a new town on the 21st Sept and was hoping to get this on release 29th sept , but still nothing ,
    If it's looks to good to be true , it probably is paid £175 as well , gutted !
  13. RomanZ

    RomanZ Well-Known Member

    I should've read this thread before dealing with them...definitely never again! Same story, preordered The Fall - The Fontana Years boxset back on July 31, still waiting for any updates.
  14. Mikewest

    Mikewest Member

    Got the Bowie box set yesterday, but went through a lot of stress to get it, and will now have even more with sending back Heroes , lol.
  15. Wayne C

    Wayne C Active Member

    I wish I had read this thread , I ordered two carpenters boxed sets at £129.99 in October from SpinCD, I ordered due to the competitive price of this set. I have just found out via the Carpenters forum that they won’t be sending these out to anyone who ordered it!!. They haven’t even contacted me to offer a refund and these were for Christmas presents for family members.

    They have £260 of my money and ain’t answering the telephone engaged all the time. (Most likely off the hook).

    I’m fuming and paid via a debit card.

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