Fleetwood Mac - Buckingham McVie album for 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by lennonfan1, Jan 13, 2017.

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    The situations are not really comparable. Christine McVie retired from the band, and essentially from music altogether. Stevie Nicks is acting as something of a dog in the manger: she wants to be in the band, she doesn't want to participate in an album, and she would probably block any attempt to issue an album without her under the Fleetwood Mac name. It's still her prerogative nonetheless.
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  2. Joost van Gijzen

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    Y'all tripping.
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    Some of his tracks on his last bunch of solo lps are pretty good ,but they seem under produced ,So This new tune sounds like a better producing job, Not as interesting as stuff like "Out of The Cradle "which is his high Point for me
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    This has to be my favorite Buckingham solo track and there's no vocal tricks on it.

  5. Hexwood

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    In My World sounds like a cross between Miranda and Book of Love.

    I hope the album isn't going to sound like two solo albums compiled together. I want to hear Christine and Lindsey's vocals on each other's songs. I'm not a big fan of the cover. It's worse than Say You Will.
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  6. Dark Horse 77

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    I never understood it, but many people said how good "Peacekeeper" was on that album. I can't stand it.
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    That, and the title track with the kids chorus and Stevie's literal choreography interpretation of the lyrics each time they did it. They just sounded really safe and bland considering they both had some great tracks on that album. Thrown Down was even used in an episode of Friends at the time and Lindsey had some great songs too but these 2 tracks they were promoting it with were just ok.
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    That's what they should have called the band for this album.... :)
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    I can't wait for the Stevie interview when Mac tour. First question won't have anything to do with her songs or music. the second question will be about Lindsey and Chris' album. Tap dance time.
    "I haven't head it yet." Really, Stevie? It's been out for 3 months. "I've been really busy. My cd player is broken. My dog ate the lp."
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  10. rjp

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    oh i think 'murrow turning over his grave' 'come' and 'miranda' and even 'say goodbye' are just horrible. i'd take 'peacekeeper' over all 4 of those, to each his own i guess.
  11. Dark Horse 77

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    Definitely, to each his own.
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  12. Paul Saldana

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    Exactly how I feel. I'm dreading the day he retires.
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  13. Eiricd

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    the song is a grower. no doubt.
    I like it much more after a few listens
  14. PDK

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    Melodyne. Manual after the fact pitch editing. More subtle but has a slight flange-ish effect.

    I like this. I don't expect them to dazzle the world with a single release. I expect them to release something that sounds seductively familiar to their fan base/The only people who will possibly buy this. This is certainly reminiscent of many things FM. They succeeded.

    It's cool!
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  15. lennonfan1

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    I'm liking it more on repeated listens as well. At first I was 'I dunno' but it started unfolding nicely on repeat:) I guess I'm dense that way:)
    I enjoy Christine's piano at the end, the band feels gelled and that tight rhythm section asserts itself with grace. Lindsey sounds peeved at Stevie (what else is new?) ...I mean the 2 note riff sounds like it cops on her penchant for dirges...maybe I'm reading too much into this:)
  16. Sigma6

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    I had a similar feeling, didn't like it at first. Repeated listens I'm now enjoying it. It sounds rather bright and loud though.
  17. jgkojak

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    It's also a direct lift in the chorus from Kodachrome.
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  18. Koabac

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    I started an entire thread on the fact that I believe Buckingham has been quietly releasing some of the most consistently brilliant, original music for the last 30 years. Very few artists have been that consistently good for basically their entire careers (Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon are the only ones I can think, although I'm sure there are others who just aren't in my taste wheelhouse).

    I say "quietly" because only the FM albums get any real attention. That said, I don't really think of "Say You Will" as a FM album because the majority of those Buckingham songs were already in the can between 1995-2001 in virtually the exact same, but unmastered form. SYW is a Lindsey Buckingham solo album and a Stevie Nicks solo album produced by Lindsey Buckingham spliced together. This new one, hopefully, will be the much more collaborative album they've been saying it is. As it is, it seems Buckingham and McVie wrote together and collaborated with one another much more frequently and to greater effect than Buckingham and Nicks ever collaborated going all the way back to Rumors.

    I totally understand why people find Buckingham's recent production sounding like sharp, metallic dental instruments (I'm picturing Dustin Hoffman tied to a chair and Olivier pulling out "Say You Will" and asking, "Is it safe?"), but I've grown fond of it. Not every song is a homerun, but virtually everything is interesting, the guitar playing is astounding and some of his pop songs on his recent solo albums ("It Was You," "Did You Miss Me") are just glorious. I still wouldn't complain if he allowed a little more earthy, organic warmth into some of the work. While the songs, themselves, are all very different, the production approach can start to have the effect of, at least, FEELING, sonically, like the same song over and over. The new single is no different. I think it's great, but it could have been released on any of the also great albums he's done in the last 20 years.
  19. Brian Doherty

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    I was just not in a Mac mode when it came out despite being a pretty big fan of the 75-Tango era band. Was going thru a real Mac phase, particularly realizing how great MIRAGE and TANGO were which I failed to fully appreciate when they were new, last year and picked up SAY YOU WILL from library thankfully and was honestly shocked at how completely terrible I thought it was, from sound to songs to instrumentation to vocals, and there isn't even a Lindsay solo lp I don't at least like quite a bit and a couple I love. (Go Insane and Cradle.) Weird what a crummy job they did.
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  20. It's actually more similar, and more frustrating. Christine did not want to leave the band, she just didn't want to tour. She wanted to be part of the next album, but the band said all or nothing, meaning she had to tour or she couldn't be in at all. This is why she is featured on Say You Will, but then finished it without her. This is also why she released a solo album soon after. She wasn't done with music. Now, Stevie wants to tour, but doesn't want to make an album with the band, even though everyone else does, yet she gets to stay in, and the band release the new album under a different name?
  21. Curveboy

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    Hmmm...pretty good.
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  22. DTK

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    It probably has to do with the touring situation; albums are nowadays often excuses for touring, no money in them, and as Stevie's not on it they can't tour it with her, and they're not doing a big tour withour her (less drawing power/money), hence no point calling it a Fleetwood Mac album.
  23. What's crazy is that Tango has just been re-released, and Stevie makes a few appearances on it, but basically, it was put together without her, just like Buckingham McVie. She wouldn't allow her Joan of Arc demo to be on the new deluxe because she wants to use the song for something else. So she really couldn't have just done a week in the studio, brought in some old tracks, and allowed it to be a true FM album? They toured Tango without Lindsey. This band is crazy, always has been, always will be. Why am I trying to make sense of anything?
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  24. Squealy

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    Christine is only on Say You Will because she had done a little recording with Lindsey along with Fleetwood and McVie when it was a Lindsey solo album. This is likely before The Dance came out even -- those sessions are what sparked that reunion.

    They didn't started recording a group album with her and then kick her out of the sessions because she wouldn't tour. She was gone, moved back to England.
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  25. DTK

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    We are perhaps underestimating her reluctance to be in the same room let along work intensively on recording with her ex. They probably only see each other on stage during tours.
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