Fleetwood Mac - Buckingham McVie album for 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by lennonfan1, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Squealy

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    It's not a solo Stevie Nicks album produced by Lindsey, it's Fleetwood
    Mac like anything else they did with her... it's the band playing her songs.

    And not only do Mick and John play on most of Lindsey's songs, he added Stevie's voice to most of them, something he hadn't done since the 70s.

    So I reject the frequently stated "two solo albums" criticism.
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  2. manxman

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    Curious that they took that attitude, given that they were happy for her to be the most prolific singer and songwriter on Time, even though she had left the touring band a couple of years previously.
  3. MikeVielhaber

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    Christine was on Say You Will because she took part in sessions, along with Mick and John, for Lindsey's solo album he was working on. This led to The Dance reunion. When it came time to do Say You Will she had quit already and she did not take any part of the making of that album proper.

    Edit: I see someone beat me to this explanation.
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  4. drbryant

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    I don't see how that's possible. The dynamic between Stevie and Lindsey on stage has carried the band since they locked eyes on "Silver Springs" at The Dance show in 1997. They would have to be tremendous actors to fake that kind of emotion. I remember seeing them close their show in Cleveland in 2013 with "Say Goodbye". From the front row, I could see how much they had aged, giving the song sung by two old lovers now in their mid-60's added poignance.

    I let you slip away
    There was nothing I could do
    That was so long ago
    Still I often think of you

    In Las Vegas that year, he dedicated the song to her, and she began crying mid-song and had to step away from the mike to recover. Just a beautiful performance.

  5. Koabac

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    As you should because it IS a FM album, they say it is and their name is on it. It's also not really a "criticism." It's just an observation and opinion based on the original intent and process of how the album came into existence.

    That said, if you've heard the LB songs from the various recording sessions from 1995-2001, then you'd see that 8 of his 9 songs on the SYW album were already completely recorded for his new solo album (the supposed original "Gift of Screws" album). Mick and John HAD played on many of those solo sessions, as well. I honestly don't know if Buckingham used another rhythm section (or played it all himself as he often does) on any of the original SYW tracks and had Mick and John re-record the exact same parts, but I just assumed his choice of WHICH songs to use when he decided to call it a FM album instead of a solo album was partially based on which songs already had Mick and John (or were just LB, as opposed to ANOTHER rhythm section), so it wouldn't just be FM in name only. Either way, apart from "What's The World Coming To," every single LB song on the album was a completed solo track ready to be mastered to which he later added a few unobtrusive overdubs of Nicks. It doesn't matter what anyone wants to call it, but LB's songs on SYW are absolutely a solo album "repurposed" just enough to not make it a joke to call it a FM album.

    The Nicks songs, on the other hand, yes, you're absolutely correct. They were recorded FOR a FM album BY what constituted FM at that time.

    I guess I should revise my initial thought to: As far as I'm concerned, SYW is a "Lindsey Buckingham solo album" and a "Buckingham produced FM album made up of only Stevie Nicks songs" spliced together and "called" a FM album - because, in reality, that's 95-98% EXACTLY what is - and I rounded up.
  6. Squealy

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    I know all that, but to me, the fact that he'd recorded them with John and Mick anyway gave them as much validity as "Fleetwood Mac" as his songs on the three previous albums, most of which didn't feature Christine or Stevie at all... and then adding Stevie to the SYW songs helped blend them together with hers.
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  7. I agree that it seems sincere, and is quite moving to witness. So then why doesn't she want to be involved with the rest of the band for a week or two to add a couple songs to a nearly finished record so the rest of the band isn't forced to call it something other than FM and have cheap artwork?
  8. The Hole Got Fixed

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    Nabbed 3rd row for the Toronto show.
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  9. NiceMrMustard

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    Me too. I think they have great musical chemistry. The chemistry between Buckingham and Nicks, at least from the 1975 album on, seemed strained (well, I guess there was a good reason for that).

    "Hold Me" is another hit that would not have been the same without Lindsey's input.
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  10. Koabac

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    I guess it just remains to be seen if LB's current, slightly sterile sonic obsessions compliment Christine's more warm, earthy songwriting. The new single doesn't sound like much of a production departure from LB's last few albums, so if they're going for sonic coherency, it'll be interesting to see what the other half of the equation sounds like.
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  11. Koabac

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    I guess that's why I DO look at it the way I do. Since his solo album was already completed and it already sounded that way, I see it more like he made HER songs blend in with HIS solo album sound, not the other way around.

    I know, it's a moot point. It's a FM album.
  12. Andrew Smith

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    Are Mick Fleetwood Mac and John McVie playing on this new Buckingham McVie album?
  13. jl151080

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  15. EwaWoowa

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  16. Porkpie

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    I'm not sure she should shoulder the blame for the "cheap artwork" tbf :laugh:
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  17. willy

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    That's a Tusk-era pic from 1979.
  18. pghmusiclover

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    I don't think the artwork is that horrible -- it's not creative, that's for sure, but it's not something to go down as one of the worst album covers in history! And anyway, haven't you heard the old saying: you can't judge a book by the cover?

    I'd be happy to hear a solo blues-type album from Christine...
  19. popscene

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    A decade? I'm thinking that picture is Tusk era.

    Edit: Willy beat me to it.
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  20. raphph

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    The album cover is functional deliberately....

    It's saying -

    Christine McVie and not her husband
    Potential Duets
    No Stevie

    It's aimed at silver surfers - hence why the cover isn't Tango In The Night looking...
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  21. Olompali

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  22. Chris Bernhardt

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    Are they touring with them?
  23. Carserguev

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    Nope, sadly...
  24. Eiricd

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    LB's album covers the last 15 years have been boring and uninspired!!
    The music, however, has not.

    So if this album follows that particular pattern, I am well pleased
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  25. johnston21

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    Can we be sure that none of the others will join them for these shows, as The Classic E/W Concerts are a total of only 2 performances?

    Would think that the LB/CM shows would be a (perfect) opportunity for all of them to iron-out any issues...

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