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    Just bought Fleetwood Mac -- Live in Boston -- Vols. 1 and 2., (used $10 Cdn. each) and thought I should also pick up Volume 3. On Amazon.co.uk it's priced between 162 and 865 UK pounds!! Anyone know why it should be so much?
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    Volume 3 Was kind of the stepchild of this set. Although it has some great stuff on it, it wasn't as strong as the other two. I don't think it sold "separately" as much as the other two, they probably didn't make it in the same numbers as the other two volumes and now it is harder to find.
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    Shame they didn't include everything in this cd set. Other versions of songs were featured on earlier vinyl and cd issues iirc. I must consult Rich Orlando's magnificent Love That Burns ebook to refresh my memory.
    There's no indication on the boxes what was recorded/performed each night and what was used, where tape ran out (that faded Rattlesnake Shake?) or has been subsequently lost. Danny doesn't even have a vocal on disc 2 iirc and only one version of Oh Well is included. I'd love to see what was on these tapes if only to know if this is all that has survived the years.
    The clarity on the newer cd issues (1998? and remastered) is fab but i thought Peter and Danny's guitars were balanced better on the initial vinyl (1986ish) and cd versions - that simply stunning 25 minute Rattlesnake Shake for example.
    I think this is one of the finest recordings of a live band from the 60s (well, February 1970 to be accurate).
    As for the vol 3 cd being on Amazon for £162 to £865. I'm willing to bet that none of that will go to Peter or Danny, Jeremy, Mick or John or the other songwriters so if you want a digital copy PM me if you can't source a reasonably priced copy where the performers and songwriters are getting paid.
    Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac were, at their 1969 to 1970 peak, as good as anyone else in pop/rock you care to mention.
    What was the question ?
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