? for those who order from Soundstage Direct

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  1. MikeT

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    New Jersey, USA
    Wow..Jrr... I have nothing but praise for Soundstagedirect, and can't relate to your story at all. I have placed many, many orders with them - and it clearly states on each specific item page if an item is in-stock or Usually ships in 2 to 4 days for example. I generally order in-stock items and they ship the same day or the next day. And if I ever have a question, I use the "live chat" feature on their website and I get an answer promptly and to my satisfaction.

    Once I had a situation, where the item was indicated as in-stock, but I guess someone else grabbed it right before me so it was actually "out of stock" regarding my order and did not ship the day I placed the order, so I actually called and talked to a live person, who was VERY nice and helpful. I decided to cancel my order and was promptly refunded my money to my Credit Card and all was fine.

    I'm not sure what has been happening with you, but I have to believe your story is an exception and not the rule to dealing with Soundstagedirect!!!
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  2. dconsmack

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    Las Vegas, NV USA
    It's been interesting reading all of this. Soundstage Direct has been my go-to place for vinyl for 5 years, although I still occasionally buy from Amazon and local shops. I've had to use their customer service a few times and they've always been accommodating. I've bought at least 100 records from them. I believe they have the best deal for buying new records.
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  3. Subvet

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    Southern Maine
    I have order many times over the past year and have always had great service.
  4. My Home Townes

    My Home Townes Forum Resident

    Montclair, NJ
    Can I ask Seth why EVERY Beatles mono LP is Out Of Stock (You have one HDN) and has been for basically the past week? I mean they were just released 9 days ago. I have wanted to order Van Morrison's Astral Weeks and Moondance together and if one is in stock, the other isn't. Now you have neither. These are all titles that every other competitor has in stock, right now. I have only ever ordered from Soundstage Direct. Love the low free shipping, the packing and customer service. But the lack of stock baffles me.
  5. hardknox

    hardknox Forum Resident

    I've placed many orders from SSD and have always received great service. And their packaging of The Beatles Mono box was absolutely bombproof!
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  6. MikeT

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    New Jersey, USA
    Something strange is happening at Soundstagedirect, as lately it does seem that all new releases, where there was always an "In Stock" indication in the past when an item was new and featured in their email, now are listed as "Usually Ships in 2 to 4 days". In that I always order "In Stock" items at Soundstagedirect, I'm a bit perplexed as to why nothing is "In Stock". I was looking to place an order for a bunch of new releases today, that are in stock at nearly every other online retailer (i.e., Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct and even Amazon), but are "Usually Ships in 2 to 4 days" at SoundStageDirect. Needless to say another on-line retailer got my business because of this situation.

    I wonder if there is a reason for this? Maybe to cut down on in-house stock and only order titles they can actually sell? It is a bit disappointing to me, since I like ordering from them, but I usually order only "In Stock" items from any on-line retailer, so I am assured I will get the item (and not have to wait x number of days - as Usually ships in 2 to 4 days means that in theory, but you never know). On top of that Soundstagedirect does charge your card upon time of order and not upon shipment, another reason I tend to only order "In Stock" items.

    I hope this isn't a new trend for Soundstagedirect, since I really like using them.
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  7. Aero1

    Aero1 New Member

    Just ordered from these folks(SSD) recently for 1st time. I liked their wares,selection,price,et all. Had all of my ordered fulfilled save1 lp. It was one of those ships in 2-4 ,3-7 day things. The distributer no longer carried...was out of stock. Hmm...ok-stuff happens. They offered to refund or I could substitute. I choose latter. Said lp was another 2-4 day thingy. Had-but was notified it came with bent corner and do I want(at discounted price) or just refund. I choose to take at discounted price. Then was notified that it was not in stock!? and do I want a refund or substitute(again). Me choose substitution.This time I was hip and picked lp that was in stock(only 1 left!) and a just released lp. The 1 left guy was not in stock(natch!) but the just released guy was! The just released lp was $5-$6- more then the last not in stock-er. I was anticipating that they'd just forego charging me for difference cuz of big,elongated,dragging on process.Negatory.I begrudgingly paid difference. Not too keen on going through that again. It's in stock or not! Simple.
  8. Ctiger2

    Ctiger2 Forum Resident

    I don't know what the real answer is, but I'd guess over time they've accumulated a bunch of stock that just isn't moving, so they made a biz decision to cut down on stocking new titles so they don't keep getting stuck with more and more inventory. It sounds like they're turning into more of an LP broker at this point. ie Only bringing titles in they have orders for, and then right back out the door. You have to have deep deep pockets to carry a lot of stock. If people are only ordering in stock titles from them, they'll be gone fairly soon.
  9. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Yup...they are just too much trouble to deal with. I doubt they actually stock much, hence the horrific lead times in shipping. I've never received anything from them faster than two weeks. With so many other choices, why bother? I buy exclusively from Elusive Disc....after I check my local dealer as I like supporting them.
  10. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I don't know...I have ordered very run of the mill stuff from them and it has always been two weeks before the merch arrives, though it does always eventually arrive. Other places I normally will receive within four days.
  11. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I used to own a record store and wow, what a tough business. You are right...the stuff just that doesn't sell just piles up and before you know it, you have too much invested in dead invemtory. But if you don't have it, people complain you don't have it! Seemed despite all we had, there was always stuff people wamted that we didn't have. Glad I got out!
  12. SATLOS

    SATLOS Forum Resident

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Never had an issue with SSD. They're my go-to, but now that their free shipping promotion starts at $49.99, I can see why places like Elusive Disc make sense.

    Anyone have any idea why SSD went from free shipping @ $24.99 > 34.99 > 49.99 in what seems like a matter of months?
  13. Jimbo912

    Jimbo912 Forum Resident

    Williamsville NY
    I have ordered vinyl from all of the major online sellers and have to say I like Elusive Disc the best. Always quick delivery and great customer service
  14. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    Had another great experience with SoundstageDirect. Just ordered St. Vincent's self titled LP, which can be very difficult to get a decent copy of. The first copy had a couple of issues, but I was able to get a replacement that plays great. :righton:
  15. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    I've ordered from them several times and choose media mail. It takes forever but i expect with media mail. I usually order from Acoustic Sounds because of fedex. I can order on Thursday and get the order on Saturday.
  16. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    good question....but seeing as most vinyl is 30$ now...its basically 2 LPs worth...
    but yea a bit sneaky...music direct is also 49.99....amazon is still 35$..
  17. YouKnowEyeKnow

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    Lexington Kentucky
    I have only had one issue with them in the past. I ordered the dreadfully pressed "Southern Harmony and Musical Companion" Black Crowes reissue. After returning the first copy that looked like it was handled hot, imprinting whole finger length prints on the vinyl, Soundstage sent me another one, I also tried twice locally to replace that album with two more equally screwed up copies (got to see them before purchase). I called them (Soundstage) back to inform them that chances are, they more than likely had trashed pressings far more than the the first copy I purchased. I received the replacement from Soundstage which was even worse than before. I called them back AGAIN, to tell them that they might as well send their whole batch back, to which they basically thought I was nuts and possibly just being picky. Then I was put through to Anna, who listened, and said she was on it. About a week later, she informed me I was absolutely correct, they stopped selling them, or at least that lot, and gave me full credit and let me keep the return copy. Needless to say, I promptly put the lp in the garbage. I consider it a minor issue in the end and would recommend them to anyone.
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  18. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Couldn't agree more. Soundstage takes far too long to ship. I have tried them three times for common vinyl titles and it took two weeks every time. No more for me. Elusive seems to ship by the next day. And I had no problem when I had to return an album once.
  19. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall New Member

    Massachusetts, USA
    I know this is an old thread but I've just had my first experience with SSD and it's not a good one.
    I have used a few online vinyl retailers and have had no problems with any of them until now. I decided to try SSD because of the 12% discount they had for National Vinyl Day on the 12th of this month. I ordered Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and picked the priority shipping option. The site stated 2-4 days before it would ship which I thought seemed a little odd since all the other sites I've dealt with shipped the next day 95% of the time. I placed the order on the 11th. On the 12th I got an email asking if I was sure I wanted the priority shipping since it would be 2-4 days for processing. Today, the 15th, I got another email and thought it was my shipping info since today made 4 days. Instead here's what it said:
    "Unfortunately, the shipment with one or more of your items has been delayed. We anticipate it's arrival within the next 2-4 business days at which point your order will ship out and you will receive a tracking number. If there is a further delay, we will continue to keep you updated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."
    Another 2-4 days and possibly another delay??? I replied to cancel the order and issue me a refund. I wonder if they'll take 2-4 days to do that?
    Pretty poor business practice. I could have paid $4 more on other sites and I would have had it already. This will be my one and only time doing business with this company.
  20. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin

    New Jersey, USA
    Here is what I assume about SSD, and it did change my ordering habits regarding their site. I may have touched upon this in past posts in this thread.

    1) In the past SSD seemed to stock more items, where it was indicated as "IN STOCK" when looking at the item. If something is indicated as In Stock, it will ship out very quickly with no issues.

    2) More currently a lot of items are listed as ships in 2 - 4 days, which I take (assumption) that they are not stocking the item, but will get it from one of the many distributors they work with. Obviously, as Michael Hall found out, the item he ordered was not in stock and although they tried to get the item he ordered in stock in the 2 - 4 (business) day time frame, they couldn't.

    3) I recently ordered two items from SSD because of the 12% discount as well. One was a pre-order, and with the 12% off the cost, with free shipping (which takes anywhere from a day to 3 to get to me since I am only a state removed from SSD), and the item shipped on release day as I would have expected and I received it this past Friday in perfect shape all costing less than any other on-line site.
    The other item I ordered was a new release IN STOCK when I placed my order, shipped the same day, and also arrived via Media Mail in 2 days (also this past Friday).

    Moral of the story, if you don't mind waiting for an item when an item on the SSD website indicates 2 - 4 days (or want to take a chance you may wait a bit longer), and the price is right, go for it. They package their shipments really nicely. BUT, if you want to make sure you will definitely get your item from them without any delays, only order from them when the item states IN STOCK.

    Sadly, they have less product IN STOCK then they did just a year of so ago, so I order less from SSD than I did in the past.

    The "mistake" Michael Hall made was ordering an item from SSD that was not in stock. If he had ordered an item that was In Stock his experience would have been 100% positive.

    As far as SSD having a "poor business practice", I wouldn't go that far. They aren't lying when an item states "USUALLY ships in 2 to 4 business days". The key operative word here is USUALLY. It gives no indication of a promise they will definitely ship in 2 to 4 business days.

    For whatever reason, only SSD can answer, they seem to keep less In Stock, and more listed as ships in 2 to 4 days. That way they don't have to (my assumption) outlay cash ahead of time until they get an order for an item that if they did have In Stock could sit on their shelves unsold for longer than they may want.
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  21. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    I order a lot from Soundstagedirect and will continue to order from them, but their shipping time leaves a lot to be desired. Really, it's lousy. They sell records they do not have in stock. Music Direct has a better system for keeping track of stock AND they ship with FedEx, which only takes a few days for delivery. Soundstage sends the records by donkey.
  22. Bruce Timm

    Bruce Timm Active Member

    Seattle WA
    My orders from SoundStageDirect always ship free via USPS Media Mail to Seattle and arrive within 4 - 5 business days. Given my location that is a very reasonable time frame for delivery.
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  23. NapalmBrain

    NapalmBrain Forum Resident

    Columbia, MO
    it said 2-4 days processing and 8 days later still hasn't shipped :( I emailed but it hasn't been 24 hours even so I guess I have to be patient. I'm just upset cause I could have spent that money on BF stuff, and ordered through asbestos records the same day and it shipped and infinity cat the next day and it shipped. Not a stellar first experience, but we will see I guess, made sure to use the sh coupon
  24. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    The shipping issue can be frustrating; I've received albums from SS anywhere from 5 days to almost 3 full weeks from the day of ordering. But it's the impeccable packaging as well as their very understanding policy on returns that has keeps me going back. As to why they seem to be stocking less records is a bit disturbing being that vinyl sales are seemingly still on the increase. It could be due to the fact that SS has widely expanded their item variety. 7-8 yrs ago when I first discovered them, all I saw was records, records and more records. More recently they seem to have evolved into an all'-'round audio "store". I can't blame them for trying to expand; but this could be one reason as to why they've become a bit less consistent in the record shipping/stocking department.
  25. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    I stopped ordering from them for the shipping issue you mentioned. There is no reason why these days it should take 2-3 weeks to get records, and every order I placed was taking that long. It is very, very difficult to justify not buying from Amazon, at least for me. Always two day shipping, and returns are as easy as they can possibly be. Why anyone orders anywhere else is quite a mystery to me. I try and support my local store, but returns are a hassle and I feel bad doing that, so I am simply used to going through Amazon. Too bad....I do look at the new releases from both SS and Elusive but its just easier to then get it on Amazon. I gave SS many chances before becoming loyal to Amazon.

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