Frank Abagnale "Catch Me If You Can" Speaks at Google

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    Fascinating talk from the man featured in the Spielberg Film " Catch me if you can"

    Well worth the length, the Q & A at the end discussion regarding data breaches, passwords and debt vs. credit cards is very interesting.
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  2. I wish more people would hear what he is saying. There may be a bunch listening to what he is saying but very few want to hear it because it would mean they have to change how they do things.
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    Thanks for the link, watched the whole thing, very interesting. It first I felt a little put off because he seemed to be rushing through the story as if he'd told it too many times to really feel engaged but he definitely had a lot to say and the Q&A was quite good. I have never used a debit card, mostly for the reasons he gives, and now an very glad that I don't.

    I was also quite interested in the Trusona products that he talked about and went to their site. IMO that site doesn't give a very good overview of the products or how they work but if they really can eliminate passwords and are reasonably easy to use, I wish them success. Frank seems to be a spokesman on their site and may have a financial connection to of the talking heads on the site looked like him, though I didn't see his name there.
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