Frank Sinatra's Capitol and Reprise recordings now under one roof

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bob F, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Thats what it appears to be. Do we have confirmation of that other than the great way they sound? Would be interesting to know for sure.
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    Those three LPs are not the only ones released by UMe which sound great. We do have aural evidence for comparison in the MoFi SACDs of Songs for Swingin' Lovers! and A Swingin' Affair!. In the case of In the Wee Small Hours, it's pure speculation. The contribution of MFSL to all three LP releases may just be that they forced UMe to unearth the proper tapes from the Capitol vault.

    (Again…) The subject has been talked to death in the appropriate album (and MFSL) threads.
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    I have 4 of the Ume 100th anniversary releases. All 4 sound really good. The rest got either so so reviews or I was satisfied with the versions I already have.

    On 2 of them, Wee Small and Come Fly With Me, the dead wax inscriptions are in longhand and there is a script of one or two initials I can't read.

    On the other 2, Songs foe Swingin Lovers and This is Sinatra 2, the script on the dead wax is machine made with no initials at all.

    I was wondering if anyone knows who cut the 100 Anniversary releases to vinyl for Ume? Was it Ron McMaster? Maybe this is also a mystery. (sorry if I missed it)
  4. Bob F

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    Ron McMaster cut Come Fly with Me. Probably others as well.
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  5. teag

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    Thanks. I thought that might be his script on the 2 I mentioned above - it looks a bit different from others I have from him. He does good work.
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    Just checked Amazon UK and the vinyl Songs for Swingin' Lovers is by Wax Time with bonus tracks (states it was released in 2012 and has 16 tracks). No doubt a copyright style release which seems to have overtaken Amazon like a monstrous weed. Ah well will have to look on ebay to get the correct Universal version.
    Have managed to find the correct version on Amazon UK but it is an import. Did Universal not release this in the UK/Europe? Not shown on their 2 UK based internet sites either.
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    See here for Amazon UK links:
    Universal Music Group re-releases - Page 28 : UK Vinyl Releases
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    By the way, I notice that the Amazon UK listing states "Import," but that is likely an error. Note that most of the 30 or so 3rd-party sellers ship from United Kingdom. These UMe vinyl albums are all made in the Netherlands, and there was definitely a Euro release of SFSL. (It's the same as the US issue with a different front sticker offering a digital download voucher.) You might get a better price at Amazon Germany.
  9. Flaming Torch

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    That is great, thank you very much. Yes the import thing threw me a bit but half the problem on Amazon UK (and not just Sinatra but loads of other artists) is all these grey/public domain versions that come up for all 1950s and early 1960s recordings.
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    NY, NY, USA
    Jonathan Schwartz suspended from WNYC for inappropriate conduct.
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    To quote Dean, "Join the club, pal!"
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    Hollywood, CA
    FWIW, one of my birthday/Christmas presents to me this year is a new copy of Put Your Dreams Away the exhaustive discography of Mr. S's recordings. The book apparently is or has been back in print for a limited time. Used original copies were going for substantial amounts of money online for quite some time. But it is online currently for $105.00 new. On Black Friday I used a 30% off coupon (which I am not really sure applied to this book) and was able to get that amount off of the list price of $105.00. :-popcorn:,k:put+Your+Dreams+Away+Frank+sinatra&keywords=put+Your+Dreams+Away+Frank+sinatra&ie=UTF8&qid=1512655740&rnid=2941120011

    I have a copy printed of off an old website that was not 100% complete. This book appears to be the real deal so I can chuck the big bulky binders now. :pleased:
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    Just a moment off-topic. Leonard Lopate was also suspended from WNYC at the same time. Longtime reporter/host John Hockenberry,recently part of The Takeaway,a Boston-based afternoon show with ties to Pubic Radio International,The New York Times,WNYC & WGBH. A founder of the show,he left without notice this past August,so his behavior may be one reason for that. Keep in mind that the Weinstein story didn't really make national headlines till eight weeks ago. Yeah,that "club" is gaining more folk. Sad but all of this needs to happen.
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    Listened to the different "Pocketful" take, just great!
    The mono version of "Sinatra's Sinatra" has a longer version of "Oh, what it seemed to be" which does NOT appear on the stereo re- release! Was the longer version also on the original stereo version or mono only???!!!
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    The original 1963 Sinatra's Sinatra stereo LP had the SAME take of “Oh! What It Seemed To Be” as the mono LP (length 3:26). A shorter edited version was used in the 1965 A Man and His Music 2-LP anthology (length 2:28). If by “stereo re-release” you mean the 2010 MFSL vinyl, it's a mistake on that reissue. (And this is the first I've heard of it.)
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  16. roda12


    Berlin, Germany
    No, I have a 1980's re-release that has the same shortened version as Man and his music. Don't know about the Mfsl.
    Should have checked my trunk, which has the complete version! Forgot all about it!
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    Got a very clean copy of original 10 inch LP of Songs for Young Lovers today for 50 cents. The record looks unplayed (that is rare), and was still in an inner sleeve, and the cover is very clean. The below shot is not this copy, which has the High Fidelity sticker at a slightly off angle. That was nice!

  18. Bob F

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  19. Bob F

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  20. Downloaded the song from itunes. Still hating it.
  21. The „Silent Night“ Piano Version is so much better than the new version....
  22. dualstacker

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    Agree. So much more poignant version and to me the phrasing is different and superior "Shepherds quake, they quake at the sight". Hope to see it on vinyl some day on Reprise.
    The album from Spain on Introspect mentioned earlier seems like a hard one to track down. Would rather have it with other Christmas songs anyway.
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  23. Yes, seems to be a different take. Different phrasing and I think his voice sounds better (not so fragile). Why did they use a different take for creating the orchester version....?:confused:
  24. Bob F

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    The 1991 “Silent Night” was a private studio recording; rights owned by the Sinatra estate. You will never see it on Reprise.
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  25. Bob F

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    I thought this might be of interest, from the archives of the LA Times, October 30, 1991:

    Music: The singer's first recording in more than seven years is 'Silent Night.' Albums bought locally will benefit Children's Hospital of Orange County.

    by Jim Washburn | Special to the Times

    The first recording by Frank Sinatra in more than seven years is being released Saturday on "The Christmas Album, a Gift of Hope," a collection of Christmas songs being issued by the San Diego-based Children's Hospital Foundation to benefit children's hospitals around the country. The Children's Hospital of Orange County will be the local recipient.

    The 75-year-old Sinatra's new version of "Silent Night"--featuring his son, Frank Jr., on piano--is one of about two dozen selections on the album. Others feature Reba McEntire, Barry Manilow, Willie Nelson, James Earl Jones, Magic Johnson, Bill Medley, George Jones, Kenny Loggins, Hank Williams Jr., Nancy Sinatra, Stryper, Lou Rawls, Dionne Warwick and Henry Mancini. Also included is a trio performance by '50s-'60s teen idols Freddie Cannon, Johnny Tillotson and Brian Hyland.

    Most such Christmas albums are compilations of previously released material, but producer Michael Lloyd said "we wanted something that would be special to people, and stand out from other collections, so 18 of the 24 songs are unique to this album. They were newly recorded, specifically for this."

    Lloyd and the musicians donated their services, and the album is being released by the foundation itself rather than a record company, so all proceeds except the cost of manufacturing will go to the hospitals.

    This is the second year that Lloyd had organized a Children's Hospital Foundation album. Last year's raised more than $1 million nationwide, Lloyd said, with the money going to the local hospitals in the areas where they were sold. "That means the money raised in Orange County stays in Orange County," said Lloyd. "It's a good opportunity to give to the hospital in your area, and you get a nice Christmas package too."

    The Little Mermaid Guild of the Children's Hospital of Orange County is hosting a reception to celebrate the album's release Saturday at the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach. Helen Wardner, hospital director of support groups, said she hopes to have an initial order of 5,000 cassettes (which will sell for $8.95) and compact discs ($12.95) in local outlets including Bullocks and Nurseryland stores by next week. Call CHOC's Guild Office for information: (714) 532-8675.

    Lloyd's production credits over the past 20 years range from Rawls and the Osmonds to Stryper and Belinda Carlisle. His specialty, he said, is soundtrack packages; the best-selling "Dirty Dancing" set was one of his projects. Even with such experience, he said, coordinating the Christmas album was an arduous, 10-month project.

    He also said it was worth it.

    "Sinatra's performance (his first since the 1984 'L.A. Is My Lady' album) was literally unbelievable. He may be 75 now--and he knows his voice isn't the same as it was when he was 25--but the thing is, he's no less compelling than ever. It's coming from a different, more experienced point of view now. His emotional output is so great on 'Silent Night' that hearing him sing it is like having a great motion picture unfold in front of you."


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