From "First to Worst"-When good TV shows go bad.*

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  1. hbbfam

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    The thread on Homeland got me thinking. It has rallied IMO this last season. However, it never has reached the excellence of Season 1. My most recent example of a show that went from one I really looked forward to to one that I can no longer stand to watch is The Blacklist. Another was the drop from season one to season two of True Detective. What are some other's that started out great, but rapidly deteriorated?
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  2. Jeff Kent

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    Northern Exposure was my favorite show for years and remains one of the best shows on TV, but the last couple seasons were almost unrecognizable.
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  3. Splungeworthy

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    There was this time with Fonzie and a shark....
  4. davidb1

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    The last season of That 70s Show was weak.
  5. Commander Lucius Emery

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    Third season of "Star Trek TOS". Brain and brain, what is brain?

    "Moonlighting" with Maddie marrying a guy she met on a cross country train trip.
  6. The Hermit

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    Day/Season 6 0f 24 is one of the most obvious examples... following one of the best television seasons ever produced came one of the worst... and I still don't why that happened. Luckily they returned to some kind of form, but it was never as good again as those first five incredible seasons.
  7. David Campbell

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    Wasn't that the season that had a nuke go off in San Diego and no one seemed to notice? I remember seeing that and realizing that was the precise moment Jack knocked Fonzie off the motor cycle and proceeded to jump the shark.
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  8. The Hermit

    The Hermit Wavin' that magick glowstick since 1976

    Yep, that's the one...Valencia got nuked and it hardly mattered to the rest of the season. I'm one of the biggest 24 fans imaginable, but even I can admit that season was little short of a complete train wreck...
  9. David Campbell

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    Same here. I thought Season 7 and the following seasons and even the 12 episode " Live another day" was pretty decent, but season 6 kinda marred it.
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  10. hbbfam

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    I didn't include Dexter because until the last season, I found it entertaining. But considering how good the first 4 seasons were
    (even with Jimmy Smits ;)), and how abominable the last season was, it is in the Blacklist strata.
  11. PhilJol

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    Orphan Black started off just OK (kind of good) but this final season is almost unwatchable
  12. MikaelaArsenault

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    How about Night Court? I just recently read that the actors and actresses of that show were getting tired of their roles or something. I forget though.
  13. Lightworker

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    When Donna went 'bottle-blonde' it was all over for me.
  14. PaulKTF

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    The last two seasons of Roseanne were awful- especially the last one. It went from being a fantastic, very funny show to garbage.
  15. The Panda

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    Marple, PA, USA
    The end of the first run of Twin Peaks made you feel ashamed and stupid for sticking with it
  16. Orange Is The Tired Black, sorry New Black.
  17. Wounded Land

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    Not me!
  18. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

  19. Larry Mc

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    For me the show started getting worse when Niles and Daphne got together. The chemistry between them changed, and for me, it wasn't good.
    I think they missed out on a gold mine by not focusing on the radio group more. Gill, Noel, and Bulldog were funny characters.
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  20. drmark7

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  21. neo123

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    Sad thing is Lost had me hook, line and sinker and I just couldn't turn away even though it was getting more convoluted and worse each season (err each episode.) The worst of all was the series finale.

    Then all those types of shows started to do the same thing. I hate the series-long story arcs in which for each question they answer, they introduce 2 more. Lost's problem was that there was too many unanswered questions and the writers just didn't know how to answer them all (they were making it up by the week instead of having it all planned out each season.) The Blacklist I quit watching during Season 2 because they started doing the same thing. Also, Person of Interest I quit watching during the 3rd season because they were guilty of it too. So far I am sticking with Designated Survivor but if they don't clean it up during season 2, I will probably bail on that show too.
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  22. OldSoul

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    Frasier fell off for 2-3 seasons, but the last season or two really picked up again.

    How about The Office? I know season 6 is probably seen as a bit of a turning point itself, but the last four episodes of season 7 and first half of season 8 were AWFUL I was so ready to call it quits, but it got a bit better after the winter hiatus and season 9 was a good (not great) send off.
  23. Isaac K.

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    Heroes: when the producers decided at the end of Season 1 that Sylar was too popular to kill.

    The Walking Dead: when the producers decided that most of the main characters were too popular to kill (except during the season finales). But the last straw for me was Glen and the dumpster. I didn't even care enough to check out the first episode of last season to see who he killed, I read about it online.

    Smallville: started with an interesting premise, but again the producers decided that it was too popular to follow the original intended story arc, and instead extended the story for an excruciating ten years, twice as long as initially planned.
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  24. David Campbell

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    Luray, Virginia
    The first five seasons were pretty decent, if not great at times. Season 6 with the focus shifting away from Clark's and Lex's destiny and to the tired Lana/Clark/Lex triangle was when the rot set in. Oh and when half the DC universe Superheroes started showing up, with their costumes and codenames and they still insisted on the No flights no tights rule for Clark. That was lame.

    The less said about Seasons 7 and 8 the better. Just horrendous for the most part.

    Ironically, seasons 9 and 10 were on the whole decent in content, Because it WAS at last a Superman show , but frustratingly they still insisted on not letting him fly or wear the suit. However, Lana was finally gone ,Erica Durance as Lois Lane was Perhaps the best Lois Lane in Live Action or at least second to Teri Hatcher, and they did some really good episodes.The finale would have been great if not for the fact we never got a Clear shot of Tom Welling in the actual Superman suit, but apparently the network wouldn't give the show runners enough money to make a suit for Welling, and the Brandon Routh suit from Superman Returns they were borrowing as a prop didn't fit , so they had to do some CGI fakery to get through and it was anticlimactic as a result.

    I still like Smallville as a whole. It has some of my favorite live action versions of Superman characters like the Kent's, Lois Lane, Luthor, etc, and it is definitely the forebearer of all the Superhero television now, but you are right that it went on way too long on the original premise. What should have happened if they wanted to continue past season 5 and not do Clark Kent the college years, was time jump 5 years with season 6 , rename the show Metropolis and actually focus season 6 with him creating the Superman identity ,and season 7 focusing on Superman vs. Lex, and stuff like Davis Bloome and Doomsday in 8, Zod in Season 9 and Darkseid in season 10 would have made more sense. Otherwise, it should have ended with Season 5.
  25. garrincha

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    definitely Twin Peaks. season one was some of the bed tv I've ever seen. season two had it's moments, but was a massive drop in quality and quite possibly some of the worst tv of all time. some of the storylines were frankly abysmal.

    the jury is out on the latest season, for me. probably best to judge it as a whole, rather than making knee-jerk reactions after every episode
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