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    IIRC, Joel was appearing less the final season and they began focusing on the other characters more (ed, the office woman, the dj)and things just seemed clumsy (how many times do we do the Ed in a surreal world bit), but that last episode (with its classical overtones) was just so right in its mix of weirdness and reality. I remember so clearly when we watched the next few shows and the wife and I looked at each other and said "this thing is dead". It was such a steep fall in so short a time. Yes, obviously, no one thought anything through--they must have thought they had a gravy train with another year at least to ride out.
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    Right, given the situation, I would have preferred if they'd ended it with the episode where Joel leaves. The new doctor and his wife were awful characters, though, as much as I like Teri Polo as an actress (Sports Night, anyone?).

    I just read about a proposed revival of the show, which sounds like a really bad idea.
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    Oh God, no. Prayers needed.
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    Once the geeks went from not being able to find dates to marrying gorgeous blonde bombshells, the concept kind of got lost.
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    I thought this was excellent series.
    Ending was not as one would have expected regarding a satisfactory resolve. Another season would have had a better chance methinks.
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    Lost went downhill in the third season. They focused too much on The Others at the expense of more popular regulars. Bad integration of new characters and storylines happen a lot on fantasy shows. The Walking Dead suffers from this, too.
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    Seinfeld to me got better and better until the finale. It’s like the show out grew Mr. David so when he went to write one, it stiffed.

    Silver Spoons (for what it was) was good until they tried to capitalize on more 80s trends, including a more techno version of the theme song.
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    Minus: Erin out of tight space suit.
    Plus: Erin now in skirts and heels
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    Larry David has said he totally panicked at the end of every season when he realized they were going to need to come up with dozens and dozens of new show ideas, and he'd be convinced there were absolutely no new plots they hadn't already used. The stress of that was what caused David to quit at the end of the 7th season. Jerry Seinfeld himself took over as showrunner for the last two seasons, but even he chose to finally end it with the 9th season, mainly out of exhaustion. I actually like a lot of the final episode of Seinfeld, but I get that it's a very mean-spirited, nasty episode that I think kind of freaked-out a lot of viewers.
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    You bet-- that's why, at least in my view, any of the DVD releases thereof (seasonal or all-in-one) would be huge wastes of money (of course, YMMV-- I never cared for Seinfeld, but if others like it, more power to 'em).
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    Maybe it's just me, but I find almost all TV characters to be unlikeable. It's a relief when shows like 'The Sopranos' or 'Seinfeld' or 'Always Sunny' embrace the unlikeability and run with it. It's shows like 'Friends' or 'Sex And The City' or 'Big Bang Theory' that are filled with people I can't stand but act as though they expect me to agree that they're wonderful that gets on my nerves.

    I only need to like the show - it's too much to ask that I have to like the characters as well.
  12. Keith V

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    I agree they were awful but they way the finale exposes is it is painful to watch. Maybe that’s what Larry David was going for. Well not even maybe :)
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    Friends - after season 2
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    I don't like the "Seinfeld" finale either but the tag of Jerry doing stand-up in prison was pretty funny to me. I wish they shortened the trial, which in addition to just not being that funny, was far too "clip show" for my taste, and expanded on that ending.

    Or then there's Jerry Seinfeld's suggestion, which is rather amusing (I know I've heard him say this but this is from a Reddit thread):

    I'm still disappointed they didn't end the series the way Jerry Seinfeld himself once proposed with the four of them, a year after getting out of prison, stumbling into Monk's where Jerry just goes, "Well, THAT was brutal."
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