From "First to Worst"-When good TV shows go bad.*

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  1. I stopped watching shortly after Rob Morrow left. The writing was already beginning to decline by then.

    For me it was when Larry Gelbart left and the comedy took a backseat to Alan Alda's ego.

    I'd say that the first two seasons of TWD more than held up to the quality of Lost.

    The first season was great. The second season was very good but as soon as they solved Laura Palmer's murder it ran off the rails. The third season was Lynch having his cake and eating it too with no one to tell him no. Some of the episodes were riveting others not so much. The Dougie crap went on far too long. I did love seeing Miguel Ferrer in his last role and Duchovny should have been around for a bit more time.
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    They are both in the fantasy realm and that's what I was getting at.
  3. Around the sixth season or so "The X-Files" began running out of gas. Introducing two new cast members helped revitalized it for a brief period but season ten stunk.
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    Funny never watched the X files, didn't like the cast.
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    I don’t know which season it was but the one where Homer dreams of the singing elf jockeys .... it was at that moment I stopped caring if I saw it or not. I hung on to the occasional viewing. A few years ago we watched it on a Sunday airing and they were parodying someone - don’t remember who but some political commentator who we did not watch or like - and my wife said, “This isn’t funny, this is just mean.” That was it, no more since. I watch reruns on FXX and if a newer season I won’t watch.
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    Just too many episodes. All of the deconstruction took place in seasons 8-11, then what do you do? There's another decade and a half of episodes coming. Just too many episodes about the same characters. No reason for me to continue to watch.
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    I'd stopped watching "X-Files" when it became a serialized show. What I liked most about it was every episode was it's own. Then the "Cancer Man" came in and you HAD to watch every episode to follow along. Even though I DID have VCR, I just didn't have time for that then.
    And I still don't. (It took me a year to watch the entire Breaking Bad on Netflix!)
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    Uh oh!! I’m watching S1 and really liking it. S2 sucks, huh? Er .... crap.
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    In the last season of In Living Color, all of the Wayans family members were gone and Jim Carrey was only in a couple of episodes due to his movie career taking off. Fox was obviously hoping they could simply bring in new players and keep it running forever, like SNL, but the audience walked.
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    I never finished it, either. I found it very disappointing.
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    “Blew” is a bit harsh, but, yeah, it wasn’t great.

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