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    Uh, they were all awful people. That's part of why I couldn't watch the show. Not one was a likable character.
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    Besides the Finale, I would LOVE to hear the episodes where it declined.

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    This is the definition of irony.

    Your avatar comes from Season 5's "The Marine Biologist" which was neither written or directed by Larry David. (Although David did get an Executive Producer credit, along with Shapiro and West.)

    Your name comes from Season 8's "The Chicken Roaster" which was neither written, directed or produced by Larry David.
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    Welcome Back, Kotter

    Two possibles:

    - I don't remember the details, but I remember that for a time Gabe was gone (I don't remember if he returned) and his wife took his place in the stories (the Sweathogs went to her instead of him while he was gone).

    - Barbarino departed as a regular cast member.
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    I agree. I think that shows should end their run by a planned choice (with an actual final episode) rather than a forced ending by being cancelled. As an example, Gilligan's Island didn't have a final episode (there was supposed to be another season but it was cancelled during the hiatus). It wasn't until years later that they finally concluded the series with a highly rated TV movie.
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    I was going to put something down that I thought of earlier, but now I forget.
  7. Oatsdad

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    I've always disliked "The Puerto Rican Day Parade" - that's one of the series' all-time worst episodes.

    If you're genuinely curious to know where I think S8 and S9 go wrong, here are my reviews. I discuss each episode individually:

    Seinfeld: Season 8 (1997)
    Seinfeld: Season 9 (1998)
  8. bamaaudio

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    That's where I stopped collecting, too. Each time I watch episodes from beyond then it kind of deludes my appreciation for the show. First several seasons were magic.
  9. daca

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    OK. I will read the reviews. These are your reviews, correct?

    And no Argument on "The Puerto Rican Day." Not one of the series best. However, it is the only time that all three aliases appear in the same episode; A.G. Pennypacker, Art Vandelay, and Kel Varsen. And those scenes were great.
  10. Oatsdad

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    Yes - that's why I refer to them as "my reviews". It's not the royal my! ;) :D

    I don't remember those parts - if I can dig up the DVDs in my messy collection, I'll have a look! :wave:
  11. alexpop

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    I rate the last season and the first season best myself.
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  12. The Hermit

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    Weren't the first two seasons of Starsky & Hutch great compared to the two that followed? I remember them being relatively gritty in subject matter for a 1970's U.S. network prime-time cop show... then the ridiculous controversy over onscreen violence ensued (with Paul Michael Glazer jumping on that bandwagon), and led to the show turning into a ridiculous pastiche of itself for the latter two seasons.
  13. beat_truck

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    The Dukes of Hazzard
    The first few seasons where the best, my favorites being the first six episodes which were filmed in Georgia. When Tom Wopat and John Schneider went on strike and they replaced Bo and Luke with Coy and Vance, the show went down the toilet. Even when they brought Bo and Luke back it was never as good as it was. When they started using models for some of the car stunts in the later seasons, the writing was definitely on the wall that the show was about done.
  14. Leepal

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    Neither of these were what I consider really bad but Season 5 of The Wire didn't really work for me, and Seasons 3 & 4 of Prison Break were superfluous, although still watchable, imho.
  15. Zoot Marimba

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    Funny, after seeing your MASH thread, I had considered doing a similar thread for The Simpsons
  16. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    Let's see......
    Glee, not that it was ever the greatest show, but it was definitely promising initially but then became such a caricature of itself
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    How I Met Your Mother has to rate a mention in here.

    I think it really went on a slide when Kyle McLachlan showed up as "The Captain", not to mention that last season & the finale...
  18. ohnothimagen

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    Do it!:righton: Just be prepared to spend a couple of years on it, given there's -what?- 29 seasons of The Simpsons now? At least M*A*S*H had to good sense to pack it in after eleven seasons...The Simpsons shoulda done the same IMO.
  19. Wingman

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    This may be late to the party but season three of "Hannibal" really tanked. First of all, the opening sequence. The always extremely sophisticated and highly cultured Dr. Lecter riding a motorcycle wildly through Paris at night? The beginning said it all about how far this show went down the drain. Also, having him say things such as: "I haven't killed anyone in a long time." No. After the confusing and mind-numbing story line and artsy-fartsy camera work of episode two, I gave up. It's no wonder NBC cancelled it.
  20. 93curr

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    I hate to have to admit it, but there hasn't been a good episode of 'South Park' yet this season. It's pretty depressing.
  21. Talking fully retrospectively (i.e. I'm "young", I've only seen repeats) but "Mork And Mindy". Not only did the show kind of shift for each of it's four seasons, it became massively less funny. Basically, if I were to review the show as quickly as possible, this would be my summary:

    Season 1 - Mork, an alien, arrives on Earth anddoesn't quite fit in. He is taken in by a woman named Mindy. Hilarity ensues. And it was hilarious!
    Season 2 - Mork starts hanging out at this milk bar run by a young couple**, who end up teaching Mork heaps about relationships. Also still pretty funny.
    Season 3 - Mork and Mindy are living together, kind of like season 1 but kind of watered down so it's nowhere near as funny.
    Season 4 - To bring some spark back to the show, Mork and Mindy have a baby who, due to Mork being an alien from Ork, starts out as an old man and gets younger as he is older.
    The spark, though, was lost. Even with Jonathan Winters as the "baby", the show was too far gone and was rightly cancelled.

    Conclusion: Watch season 1 (it is ROTFLMAO funny) and maybe season 2 but after that, only bother with the rest if you're a huge fan of either of the two leads (Robin Williams or Pam Dawber).

    ** Edit: Oops! They weren't a couple, they were brother and sister. I haven't actually seen the show in some 13 years and all I could remember was that the two characters had a lot of love for each other.
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    I agree!
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    Big Bang Theory :hide:.

    It seems like they are just recycling the same stuff over and over again. Maybe it's because I've watched it from day one?
  24. Solaris

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    The producers refused to see the writing on the wall, which I get. Why would you voluntarily pull the plug on a successful and acclaimed show?

    This was one of my favorite shows ever in its first four seasons, and maybe the first half of the fifth (up to "Hello I Love You" at least). It's interesting now to look back and think how Brand and Falsey hadn't mapped out a proper ending. They seem to have thought that the show could survive without the frission Joel's character created in this environment, which is what made it so much fun to begin with. In an alternate universe, perhaps there's a version of the show that wraps up at the end of season 5, resolving Joel's arc in a more satisfying way.
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    scorpion - how on earth did this last more than one year, terrible acting, terrible writing, preposterously asinine plots and a kid that gets in the way.

    is katherine mcphee really that desirable? i doubt it.
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