FYE making a comeback?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by KeithH, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. LordThanos1969

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    They are closing the FYE store in Mesa in the near future (possibly by February) due to a dispute over their lease, so only the awful store in the Arizona Mills Mall will be left. Over a period of five years, they have gone from eight stores in the Phoenix metro area down to one. There are no signs of a comeback here; in fact, there is hardly a pulse left.
  2. steveharris

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    What are they charging out there for a heavily scratched disc $18 like the east coast?:realmad:
    Burn FYE BURN!!!Away with you!:righton:
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  3. rjp

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    same here in ohio, condition is irrelevant, pricing is strictly based on the title alone, and they do want collectible prices, so does the local "buybacks: chain, ridiculous pricing for some of their used CD's.
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  4. Vinyl Addict

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    That's exactly what I was thinking. Sounds just like another Newbury Comics.
  5. clhboa

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    Stocking all that stuff didn't save Hasting's.
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  6. UltraSoundSquid

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    Used to love shopping at FYE for new & used CDs back between 2012 and 2015... unfortunately now, the CD section is relegated to a comparatively tiny two-sided wall of about five racks to handle all genres and new releases (previously, there were three double-sided racks, which were each about twice as long as the current one), a very small LP section where everything is overpriced (white album for $75, Zeppelin 2LP reissue for $50) and the rest is all either DVDs or novelty toys/shirts/coffee mugs with hashtags and curse words on them. They're targeting a very specific group of people. Seems to be doing well for them, but man, I really miss their CD selection and friendly staff. Oh, guy who got me into later-period Dylan, where have you gone??? :(

    The prices aren't nearly as bad as Barnes & Noble... but at least there they've stuck to their guns and continue to sell what they always have instead of making way for the new big trend. Maybe I'm a little sore, oh well. I have so many fond memories of going into that place and spending hours sifting through the selection. I remember not long ago someone sold off a huge stack of Elvis FTD CDs; there were probably about forty of them (I would have grabbed 'em but they were all $30-$40 a pop! From what I have found online though those aren't too expensive for the FTD discs) - that was fun looking at those. In the past five times I've been there, I've only made one purchase, a stack of five used Van Morrison CDs that they had priced cheaper than online. Most times I leave empty-handed and sad. It's a shame..
  7. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    Maybe if Hastings hadn't sold CDs and vinyl at blowout prices online that were cheaper than they could ship them, they might still be around...
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  8. jimac51

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    Lehigh Valley Mall had one of those "return to the scene of the crimes" FYE stores open a few years back(3?)just in time for Black Friday. Pretty much a stupid time to open as a September opening gives time to get staff in a routine and ready for 4th quarter selling. I was there at the moment they had their first shoplifter in the new digs. Witnessing a kid's life go upside down sideways in an instant. Sad. Vinyl-a couple of dozen titles pushed to the back next to clearance DVDs including A Love Supreme and Kind of Blue,with outrageous prices and evidence they been elsewhere in a previous life,though they were indeed sealed and new.
    This year saw a reset already with old racks replaced by 54" high wire fittings filled from top to bottom with mdse.-very hard to navigate those last two rungs of CDs or DVDs.
    Vinyl now expanded to maybe four racks,still shoved in the back but Crosleys in the front on on the right wall. The first 1/3 of the store is filled with foo-foo-dust collector collectables,t-shirts even more desperate than those in Spencer's,just waiting for Sheldon from Big Bang Theory(his own tee even stiffed a while ago)mugs-keerap. During the season I brought in a 50+ box of CDs & DVDs for trade-some even sealed and they offered $13 bucks for about ten items and refused the rest. Last week,what was left went to another FYE-the discards brought $40 credit. Go figure. While they may not be as bad off as Sears,Penneys or A&F,this is a chain stuck in the '90s and making you pay for their high,high rent and snow removal in January. Malls are loathe to lose an FYE or Barnes & Noble as they sell something other than women's clothing so a guy might bring his girl to shop.These downsized FYE's get a deal cut out for them which beats another empty storefront in a dying retail space known as The Mall.
  9. Gaslight

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    Northeast USA
    I have one in my local mall now. Of course I have to walk in, just to peek at the vinyl. Then I look at their prices, shake my head and walk out.

    I know it's the instant gratification factor, but even B&N had better prices than they do.
  10. The Zodiac

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    I made one visit to the new Crossgates store and that was enough for me. The media is crammed in such a way it's not even browse-able. And the "music" they pump through the store makes me want to end my own life right then and there.

    I guess the Colonie Center store is the only one left that I'd bother with. Well, there's Queensbury too, but how often am I trekking up way there?

    I finally figured out I could buy used stuff from FYE.com and take advantage of the same sales as the stores and not have to degrade myself going there in person so I've been doing that. Got about 15 blu-rays for $40 during their recent 'buy 2 get 1 for $1" sale. Much more convenient than rummaging through the bins.

    I guess I'm done with shopping in physical stores. There's really no point anymore as they won't have what I want anyway. I think I've finally learned to accept this fact.
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  11. melstapler

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    While it saddened me to see Hastings go, I found their CDs to be reasonably priced and yet many of their collectible items (statues, action figures, models) to be priced about 10-15% over other bigger retailers and smaller comic shops.

    There are a couple FYE stores I try to visit often and their sales and special promotions/discounts are incredible. Even the normal retail prices on many of their collectibles are reasonable and in line with those of many comic shops. While I find the CD and LP selections at FYE to be typically underwhelming, I realize why they decreased the size of their music and DVD sections. I've noticed the collectibles and memorabilia are very popular with both kids and adults alike. FYE seem to be a making a comeback and I believe they have potential to fill that void in the world of collectibles.
  12. 32XD Japan1

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    Pennsylvania USA
    I love using FYE as a dumping ground for all my old remastered garbage. At least I recovered a few bucks for it. :)
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  13. mdm08033

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    The Broad Street location closed August 2016. They're converting it to an A.C. Moore craft store. Oh goody, a store full of junk craft parts mostly from China.
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  14. TheLazenby

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    Huh.... FYE's are all over the place here in Pittsburgh (and surrounding areas), even in malls that are on the brink of death. Our most desperate mall just lost their FYE finally - but only because the mall wouldn't renew their lease.

    Same with Ohio - you can't go to a mall without seeing an FYE.
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  15. TheLazenby

    TheLazenby Forum Resident

    (I love FYE, by the way. I haven't seen them overprice anything around here for years now - hell, I bought Prince's "Emancipation" for all of six bucks!)
  16. ScramMan2

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    Portland OR
    Nothing near me. Luckily.

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