Game of Thrones - Season VII - July 16-2017

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Deuce66

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  2. vince

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    July 16, huh?
    .....I think I've said this before...but, I wouldn't have minded seeing hours of Daenerys talking to Tyrion & Varys;
    talking to Olenna and getting 'hit on' by Yara Greyjoy!
    Cheap, right!?
    THAT could killed 3 hours right there!
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  3. The wait for it to start seems long. I bet the season (7 episodes? 8?) will go quick as hell.

    That's double sucky.
  4. Encuentro

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    So this won't be the final season? Will season 8 be the final season, or is it going to be one of those Breaking Bad ambiguous, split in two final seasons?
  5. Aggie87

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    It was announced at least a year ago that Season 7 would be 7 episodes, and Season 8 would be (I believe) 6 episodes. I think originally they thought it would all just be one remaining season, but split it up into two shorter ones.

    According to this article at EW, they are still undecided about the length of Season 8 - 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Length Not Yet Decided
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  6. Deesky

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    I'll watch, but frankly, I've completely lost interest.
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  7. townsend

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    Plano, Texas U.S.
    I still enjoy the series, but as it nears its end, it has become more predictable, and therefore less entertaining.
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  8. tommy-thewho

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    detroit, mi
    I will watch it but they have killed off most of the cast.

    There was talk of a theatrical movie.
  9. townsend

    townsend Forum Resident

    Plano, Texas U.S.
    :confused: Not if you were a younger Stark child. The two daughters, the crippled son, and the bastard son Jon Stark soldier on. In fact, they killed off Jon, but that didn't work. If one or more of them had died, that would have really shuffled the deck on this show.
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  10. Exactly. The ones that remain are the ones that are still needed to get to the end the story.

    Two seasons left. The way I see it, there is probably a big fight over Westeros involving various human families. And another one against the White Walkers at the wall.

    I think there is plenty of story to tell.
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  11. Aggie87

    Aggie87 Gig 'Em!

    I don't think what Cersei did at the end of last season was predictable at all, myself.
  12. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    Even with all the foreshadowing?
  13. skimminstones

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    Bexley, UK
    Absolutely love this show. Cant wait for some new episodes.

    And then the inevitable complete series boxset which ill sit down and binge watch and no doubt realise just how much of it ive missed and enjoy it all over again.
  14. ChuckyBuck

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    Albuquerque, NM
    I've suspected for some time that GRRM has been contracturally obligated to NOT publish any new books until the HBO series is complete. I've yet to find anyone sympathetic to my little conspiracy theory but I'm sticking with it.
  15. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    At least no one can say "It's not as good as the book" now.
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  16. Parachute Woman

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    No comments on the new trailer? It doesn't seem to feature any new footage from Season 7, but it is very well directed and definitely makes me even more excited. It features the song "Sit Down" by James (very effectively!) and only shows three characters: Daenerys, Jon Snow and Cersei. I won't say more for those who, like my father, consider just about everything a spoiler. ;)

    I personally am very excited for the new season and have enjoyed the direction the show has taken over the last season without published books to go off of. I've read all the books as well and I think the show stands alongside them in terms of quality. In some respects, the show has actually been better than the books.
  17. tommy-thewho

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    detroit, mi
    I'll take the show over the books any day.

    The books just rattle on.... I read the first 2 and that was enough.

    Usually the show has started by now.
  18. John Moschella

    John Moschella Forum Resident

    Christiansburg, VA
    I haven't completely lost interest, but my interest has certainly waned.

    IMO, since they have "gone off" the books there has been a marked decrease in the quality of the screenplay.
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  19. John Moschella

    John Moschella Forum Resident

    Christiansburg, VA
    Well ... I can predict (with very high certainty) that the books will be better, that is if I (and GRM) live long enough.
  20. GodShifter

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    Dallas, TX, USA
    Well, who wouldn't take the show over the books these days? I mean, being there are no books these days. :rolleyes:
  21. The last few books were too long, plodding and slow. I don't share your certainty that the book will be as good as the show itself. I can agree that the show's dialogue may have suffered without the books. But the story is moving along much nicer than it seems to have in the books.
  22. John Moschella

    John Moschella Forum Resident

    Christiansburg, VA
    Its the story in the show that I have problems with, there are things that happen in the show that just doesn't make sense the way Martin drew the characters.

    Anyway you are right about book 4, that was a complete mess, but I thought 5 was pretty good.
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  23. Deuce66

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    scorched earth....

  24. vince

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    "Yup.... That's your 'big boy'." - Jerry Seinfeld.
  25. Chazro

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    I've read the entire series numerous times. Here's the trick to reading the last 2 books; only read the chapters pertaining to the original characters! Makes them absolutely more readable. In essence, do what Martin should've done, edit the hell outta those suckas!;)

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