Game of Thrones - Season VII - July 16-2017

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    Perhaps that's more likely, but of course it's all speculation at this point. I'm not sure I see the point of his involvement with the dragons in any event. He looks to settling in under his tree. Jon and Tyrion seem more likely candidates.
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    Or will he be able to master his mind-over-matter powers to the point where he himself can fly? Now that there is no need to follow the books, the possibilities are limitless.
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    Doesn't Jon have warg like abilities? I know he's seen through Ghost's eyes in the books. I can't remember if that's been illustrated in the show or not.
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    I feel that way too Louis. First four seasons were better for me.
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    All of the Stark children are much more connected to their wolves in the books. To the point where they warg into them while sleeping sometimes. Far as I remember they haven't gone this route in the show. They've just had the wolves as protectors.
  6. Chris from Chicago

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    I don't recall them addressing this on the show.

    But it looks like Jon will come face to face with a dragon this week. I'm curious if it'll be as smooth as when Tyrion looked one in the eye. I'm expecting it to go calmly. And if it does... is that "a tell" that Dani notices?
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    It's a shame, although I understand the inevitable economics of the situation. It would just be prohibitively expensive--not to mention time-consuming, which is in part the same thing--to tell the story in as much careful detail as the first few seasons did. Even then they cut corners, but in a much more judicious way. That certainly established the world in which this drama unfolds and most of the major themes, but as the story has become more diffuse and as its various tendrils have started overgrowing and obscuring the themes, they've opted to slash it down to the basic plot points, emphasizing the big action stuff (battles) and big emotional pay-off stuff (revenge, reunions) over the intrigue and the struggles of individual characters. And the big themes about morality, politics, and whether or not the universe has any meaningful structure to it are getting lost or simplified into the one big over-arching problem of what to do about the ice zombies.

    This is not entirely the producers' fault--I still don't know where Martin plans to take us and whether or not he'll make good on his own ambitions--but it is a let-down.

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    What I hear is what SFX people call "a bass drop."

    There isn't an action movie trailer on the planet that hasn't used these to death for the past decade. I just watched the execrable Fate of the Furious last night, and I think those were in the movie about 25 times. I get numb after awhile.
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    That sounds a little 'artificial', in comparson to the "Thrones" trademark sound!
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    I wonder if the dragon will sense that Jon has Targaryen blood?
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  13. If it starts licking his face and wagging its tail, you'll know why.
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    Wasn't there an old cartoon where the dragon would get overexcited and sneeze fire?

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    Even if it cost a million dollars, I'd like to see that!
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    Yeah, those they recorded from real dragons. :sigh:
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    I meant the cello!
  18. Vidiot

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    Dragons might be playing the cello.
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    They're too big to play the piccolo.
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    I think Bran the person is long gone. I believe the Three Eyed Crow is a kind of parasite that moved onto its next host after the death of Max vonSydow's character. He retains Brandon Starks memories (and Brynden Rivers and whoever was the 3EC before him) but it's not 'him'.... And that's why Bran is being super detached about being reunited with Sansa and Arya. Or maybe Isaac Wright just isn't a very good actor.
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    I came across an interesting post at another site. The guy claimed to have access to the scripts for the season and that so far, what he has, has happened. He than proceeded to give a breakdown of what's gonna happen, episode by episode, for the rest of the season. TBT, I fkn HATE spoilers but....I read his breakdowns (couldn't help it!;)). I toyed with the idea of copying and posting those breakdowns here but I decided against it 'cause like I said, I HATE spoilers!
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    Most of us hate spoilers too, thank you for making the right choice NOT to post.

    As a fan of any series, or any movie, I don't understand why anyone would want to know what is about to happen in that manner. Unsure what a hacker would have to gain by an individual choosing to access such a reveal but all that person has as a result is absolute ruin of the experience.
  24. I guess there was, since you posted it.

    Arya told Sansa she needed better guards - maybe Yosemite Sam is available.
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