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    If you're not a KISS fan then why are you commenting on this thread?
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    Whoa! Gene in your house to deliver your vault for only $50,000! If I had FU money, it would probably be a lot of fun to hear groupie stories from the '70's and 80's for a couple of hours.
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    the official press release

    Celebrating 50 years in rock (1966-2016) Gene Simmons, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, co-founder and front man of KISS, America’s number one gold record award-winning group of all time in all categories (RIAA), and one of the most recognized performers in the world, today announces the unprecedented release of Gene Simmons: The Vault Experience in partnership with Rhino Entertainment.

    Gene Simmons: The Vault Experience commemorates and celebrates Simmons’ notorious five-decade journey as a rock icon, offering fans around the world a limited-edition collectible ‘Vault’ with contents that offer a unique look into The Demon’s colourful life, including never-before-released songs, photos, stories and collectible items. Additionally, every Vault will be personally delivered to each fan by Simmons himself.

    Gene Simmons: The Vault Experience begins with a personal delivery, by Simmons himself, of a numbered, limited-edition, 17” x 25” 38-pound Vault, during Simmons’ Vault World Tour set to take place January 2018 through December 2018.

    Priced at $2,000 - each unique Vault includes:

    * 150 never-before-released tracks written and performed by Simmons, and featuring notable rock and roll artists, including members of KISS past and present
    * Packaged in a massive 12” x 12” x 6” leather-bound commemorative book containing dozens of never- before-seen images of Simmons throughout his 50-year career

    * These unreleased tracks are exclusive to THE Vault and will not be available in other physical or digital configurations
    * Limited-edition collectibles including a Gene Simmons non-makeup action figure and an “In Gene We Trust” oversized medallion
    * A one-of-a-kind, hand-selected original piece of memorabilia from Gene’s personal collection

    During the one-on-one meet and greets with the delivery of the Vaults, Simmons will travel around the world, to a designated location to take photos and video with the fan and a guest, and sign autographs. In addition to the private meeting, fans will receive a Vault Pre-Pack* and join a small group of other fans for “Songs and Stories” from The Vault and a Q&A with Simmons. Within a month of purchase, fans will also receive via mail a Vault Pre-Pack featuring a USB including the first track “Are You Ready”, a signed golden ticket, exclusive t- shirt, and a laminate. Ordering by December 5th will ensure delivery of the Vault Pre-Pack by December 23rd, just in time for holiday gift giving.

    “Any artist can release a boxed set, and never really thank the fans for their support,” said Simmons. “I want to celebrate my 50th anniversary in rock WITH the fans, and I have had a blast putting something really special together for them. Gene Simmons: The Vault Experience gives fans something truly unique that they can keep forever, and it gives me a chance to personally thank them for all of their support over the years.”

    “What Gene and Rhino have put together with The Vault Experience is truly unprecedented. We have taken the idea of a boxed set to a completely different level,” says Mark Pinkus, President of Rhino Entertainment. “As a card-carrying member of the KISS Army from a young age, I’m honored to be working with Gene on such an exciting and innovative project. His fans are going to be absolutely blown away by The Vault Experience.”

    For the ultimate fan, two additional Vault Experiences are available:

    * The Executive Producers Experience - $25,000

    Kicking off in New York on September 15th, the Executive Producer’s Experience will be available in cities around the world until November 2017, and is the quintessential experience for the devoted fan, plus a guest. The Executive Producer’s experience includes an initial Skype call with Simmons; a one-hour private studio preview with Simmons, offering the opportunity to listen to tracks before they are released; a distinguished Executive Producer credit on every Vault; a photo, video and autograph opportunity with Gene; one of the first 500 limited-edition numbered Vaults; and a Vault Pre-Pack.

    * The Home Experience** - $50,000

    Launching December 2017 in the US and in cities around the world, the Home Experience includes a personal delivery of The Vault to the fan’s home by Simmons himself; one of the first 300 limited- edition numbered Vaults; two hours with Simmons at the fan’s home (or location of their choice) for a special event with up to 25 friends and family; photos, videos and autographs; an intimate “Songs & Stories” playback session and Q&A with Gene; and a Vault Pre-Pack for all guests in attendance.
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    Regardless of anyone buying one of the advertised Vault experiences, or one of the hidden Vault experiences (if you have the cash, there is no limit to what your Vault experience could be), keep this discussion alive and well. This is one of the best times I've had reading a forum discussion in a while!
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    Who is Gene Symonds? And Wasn't KISS an FM station playing bangin ragga beats, bwoyyyyyy?
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    I think the only way you're going to be able to lay your hands on one of those gorgeous "In Gene We Trust" medallions is to spend the big bucks! And frankly, that's how it should be for something of that quality! [/end sarcasm]
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    I love when people try to act like they're Edmund Hillary breaking new ground and doing the impossible.

    Uh, how about in-store appearances? With a reasonably priced variation of this entire set of songs?
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  9. Deuce66

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    This is $2000 USD currently $2436 in CDN funds for Gene Simmons demos!! we all know that Gene is all about quantity over quality so applying the 10% rule there might be 15 gems in this box of 150 - so 1 one good CD. Verdict - a Big fat no chance in hell, I still regret wasting money on KISS Monster.
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    I'm curious to hear what's on the CDs...someday when it becomes more accessible to regular people with regular budgets.
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    The cheapest is the $2,000


    And finally....$50,000

    I "mostly" want the Van Halen stuff.

    Gene is a brilliant business man. I have no doubt that he & those involved with the project have done their focus groups & have studied the profit potential. Enough ppl will help make this a profitable venture.

    I first heard this news awhile ago from Greg Renoff, my friend and author of "Van Halen Rising," before it got picked up by the VH News Desk.

    Hoping for & remaining confident that there will be some type of a wider, much less expensive release later.

    Personally, I'm not in for any of these 3 packages, but the $2k package isn't bad.
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    Meet and Fleece. There's a sucker born every day.
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  13. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    How much to just hear the Van Halen brothers 3 song demo?
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  14. WhoDaresWins

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    I have to give Gene some credit, this approach to selling this box set is effective marketing. Whether positive or negative reaction to this press release, it has made people talk about it, and any press is good press.

    I wouldn't be surprised other artists follow a similar approach in the future to sell their music.
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    ugh so that statement says there will never be a cheaper version
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    Judging by what he has already released with KISS and on his own...I am skeptical about the 'unreleased gems in the vault'.
    But it's it's a chance to market anything, I guess.
    I wish him well.
  17. That's all well and good, but how's the mastering?
  18. edenofflowers

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    I just read the small print...

    1) The term 'Gems' is used in a strictly satirical manner and not to be taken at face value. 2) The number '150' refers to the number of tracks included, NOT the number of songs. Although some tracks will be songs, some will in no way resemble what is commonly referred to as a 'song'. This is intentional. 3) During your 'meet and greet' at no time are you to ask Mr Simmons either about his hair or to remove his sunglasses. 4) Items not accepted for autograph purposes - shoes, dairy produce, instruments, solo Kiss albums other than Gene's, illegal substances, male sexual organs, items of heavy machinery, soft toys. 5) Terms and details of this agreement are subject to sudden and inexplicable changes at the whim of Mr Simmons and/or any other person or body of people currently either associated or not associated with past, present and/or future members of Kiss, Kiss Enterprises and/or Mr Gene Simmons. 6) The much sought-after unreleased demos recorded with the brothers' Van Halen are not included in this set but we won't explicitly tell you that until you get handed the vault by one of Mr Simmons massive bodyguards who will, should you be visibly disappointed by their exclusion, batter you half to death while Mr Simmons laughs fiendishly and fruitlessly attempts to grope your wife/mother/sister/daughter. 7) Your statutory rights mean nothing to Mr Simmons, put them to the back of your mind immediately.

    ...I'm in for the $50,000 package!
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    I like Gene and this whole enterprise is so over-the-top that I can't help but find it perversely admirable, but that was still hilarious. :laugh:
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    Good Lord...............:rolleyes:

    When this was first "rumored" I was very interested and considered this a definite purchase. But these prices and configurations - are ya kidding me? Well, to answer my own rhetorical, this is not a joke! And why would I expect anything else from Gene $immons? I must admit, as disgusting and greedy as this seems, I do wish I could be him for just a few hours :)

    What's even more fascinating is - uber fans will have to have this "release" and WILL cough up the cash to have it. Bless them. Invite me over to the listening party please - I will bring the booze and chips :)
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    Y'know, with the absurdist hive-mind nature of the internet these days, it wouldn't surprise me if some enterprising prankster(s) would organize a crowdfunding scheme to collectively buy one of these sets and having it shipped to a random location in the world for the sole purpose of sending Gene Simmons to some rather interesting places. Not that I'm suggesting doing anything of the sort...
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    To Gene, it's all about cash and bragging rights. If he can sell a substantial number of these, then he'll be able to brag he successfully sold the most expensive box set ever. Well, even if it's not a success, Gene will find a way to make it sound like one.

    I imagine the (gulp) $2000 pricetag and the promise that the music won't be made available elsewhere will result in the stuff finding itself to the torrent sites in short order. (They can patrol YouTube, but have no control over the torrents). They should have considered a vinyl-only release (10 LPs, I guess). In that case, the digital copies wouldn't be as attractive as the originals--assuming digital versions from the masters didn't leak.
  23. Sytze

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    Although I'm not a KISS completist I can't help thinking about all those fans who have been completists for years and will now face an enormous hole in their collection that might never be filled.
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    Well, they can put an asterisk next to it like steroids in baseball.
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    I'm not asking this rhetorically: is ANYONE on the board actually intending to purchase this?

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