Gentle Giant (2012 Eastworld Remasters)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by whiskeyvengeance, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I've seriously lost track of how many times these albums have been remastered. I just got the Gentle Giant/Acquiring The Taste 2 CD set from BGO. This set isn't a month old and they're already remastering it!
  3. Alan2

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    I mentioned these in another GG thread a while ago, and no one shouted up as having heard of them. Amazonuk has had them advertised for a while.
  4. Uncle_Meat

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    Plymouth, UK
    I'd interested in buying these. Did anyone pick them up?
  5. Can't speak on these releases but it seems GG catalog is all over the place when it come to companies doing remasters.
    My opinion is you need to stick with the 2009-2011 Alucard remasters done by the Band themselves.
    Freehand, In a Glass House, Interview,Playing the Fool, Power & the Glory,Missing Piece, Three Friends & Octopus (2 newest)
    By far the best pressings I've heard. I wouldn't even look at the other "Remasters"..Stick with the Alucards and you'll be fine. They are TOP notch!!
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