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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BradOlson, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven Thread Starter

  2. MrRobivan

    MrRobivan Active Member

    Atlanta, Georgia
    One of my co-workers pointed me towards this Taylor Swift "goat edition" video:

    These are hilarious. Thank you for sharing.
  3. S. P. Honeybunch

    S. P. Honeybunch Presidente de Kokomo

    Just watch any Stevie Nicks YouTube video. The goat effect is permanently burned into the master.
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  4. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    I like the Taylor Swift one & this one:

    I think Won't Get Fooled Again is just begging for a goat edition.
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  5. I have to say that I often cite Radiohead as one of, if not, the most overrated modern artist(s)...well, this isn't true because, while I don't think they are great or anything, I like some of their stuff, just not a lot of it, and what I like, I like, but am not crazy about.
    Now Kanye West, there's someone who I don't hate, but who I have much less like for than Radiohead & figuring in that issue, the proportion of how much he's overrated causes him to top my list.
    Right behind him, ironically (considering their infamous crossing of paths) would be Taylor Swift. Again, I can't say I hate her work, but in a totally different genre, I, again, have much less like for her than someone like Radiohead (who let me stress, I still feel are grossly overrated)...
    With all this recent "goat edition" video clips of snippets of songs...Taylor Swift, for whatever reason, appears to be the goat edition queen of sorts...
    So...due to all of this I was able to comment on a facebook thread (from a friend who actually is a Taylor Swift fan), that while I still haven't found anything leading me into appreciating her music, I can say that I now really have a profound respect, & deep appreciation for her back-up goats.
  6. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    I would have LOVED to have been there to see Taylor Swift's reaction the first time she saw that video.
  7. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Toby Keith...your backup singers are here...! :D

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    CURPLES Forum Resident

    Holy.....Unbelievable what people think of...Yet astoundingly hilarious!
  9. ascot

    ascot Forum Resident

    I like the Bon Jovi one, too.
  10. One Louder

    One Louder Well-Known Member

    Peterborough, ON
    Ask and ye shall receive!

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  11. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    Wow, I've never got to make one a Beatles thread before
  12. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    Perfect, it's all I've ever dreamed it would be :laugh:
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  13. Scotian

    Scotian Amnesia Hazed

    That one goat is the Ian Gillan of screaming goats for sure. A barnyard superstar! Uh oh, Child in Time goat edition is now going through my head. Anyone feel creative?

    My wife thinks I'm nuts for watching these but I think they're hilarious

    Michael Jackson - Black or White

  14. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    By far, my favorite.

  15. DrPhibes

    DrPhibes Vengeful Revenant and 5.1 Fanbeast

    Oh man, I'm dying. This is wonderful.
  16. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

    The Taylor Swift is by far the funniest. The goats own the song :)
  17. John B Good

    John B Good Forum Hall Of Fame

    NS, Canada
    Another old goat video


    GLUDFSSR Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Taylor Swift is Great it makes me even like the song now...
    A Must See....
  19. waxtomcat

    waxtomcat Forum Resident

    Personally, I think the goat sounds better than that stupid "dubstep" effect, or whatever it is.
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  20. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Seems everything old is new again. I was doing the same thing on the air back in the '80s...sparingly enough that the PD and consultant didn't get (too) torqued about it.
    One of my favorites was the recording of a co-worker pretending he got a finger hit by a hammer...really added new dimensions to Springsteen's "I'm On Fire".
    Also made good use of Prince's "eunggh!" from the start of "Kiss", and Robert Palmer's "hrrumphh" from "Addicted To Love".

    Now I see Entertainment Weekly's put the "Goat Editions" in the spotlight of their back-page feature.

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  21. waxtomcat

    waxtomcat Forum Resident

    Wonder if Taylor will take the goats on tour.
  22. waxtomcat

    waxtomcat Forum Resident

    Almost seven minutes of goaty goodness featuring Eminem, Justin Bieber, and others:

  23. MLutthans

    MLutthans That's my spaghetti, Chewbacca! Staff

    Marysville, WA
    Whitney Houston had me rolling on the floor.
  24. ducksdeluxe

    ducksdeluxe Forum Resident

    Unfortunately the Whitney video seems to be unavailable. That one is the best.

    EDIT: It's on this comp, though. Some of these are a bit of a stretch.

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