Good deals on regularly (Part Three)

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  1. That is the way it was for me until lately... Since the holiday time, one return was never acknowledged to me by e'mail (although I did call and he said they did get it) and another one that I took to the UPS store the other day hasn't been acknowledged yet. Weird... I rather liked it when you received an immediate acknowledgement right after they scanned it at the store...
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    It looks like the shipped price to the USA for the Goldfrapp set is about $13.73. You can get the same item from Amazon USA for $14.31 shipped from two third-party sellers. FYI. Same Amazon code B00362DRPO .
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    I assume all who ordered the Dead Vault set still have open orders and haven't received any cancellations, but instead still receiving recurring delayed availability e-mails? Since this has been out of print for so long, it has me wondering what in amazon's system is keeping these orders open still?
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    I recently got an updated availability email with an actual date range, not just "we're trying to obtain your item".

    That has me cautiously optimistic that it may yet come.
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    Me too. Said it’s coming on the 23/01 until some time in February.
  9. Yep, same here...

    Here's hoping! :)
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    Thanks! I haven't paid too close attention to their e-mails other than to make sure it doesn't say order canceled.
  11. Seems like I saw something about sending a body part to ensure delivery...
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  12. I have two copies on separate orders and had an update for both a couple of days ago. My delivery dates range from the end of this month to near the end of Feb so they're cutting themselves plenty of slack.
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    I received an email before Christmas telling me the item is no longer available and the order has been cancelled ...
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  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...!
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    My order for "Two From the Vault" I placed on October 24 now has the expected ship date of January 31 to February 21 as well. Not cancelled.
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  16. See, that is because the rest of us are living good lives. JP apparently must be kicking bunnies and beating small children... [​IMG]
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    What's wrong with that?? :yikes:
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  18. Didn't say there was... Actually, I was kind of hoping he'd give me a call and we could go out and maybe kick some bunnies together... :agree:
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  20. :)
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    Just checking in again to make sure no one was actually talking about hot deals in this thread.

    Nope. No fears.
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  22. All right, all right...! [​IMG]
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    Maybe you could post one perhaps?
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