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    I'll third that. Got mine today. 45RPM Chris Bellman cut. Great deal. Looks like these later issues didn't come with the 24 bit download card though. No biggie.
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  4. black sheriff

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    This is $7.06 total with Prime from sourcemedia. Thanks for posting the 3 CD deal.
  5. SJP

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    Update, mine arrived over the weekend but just cracked it open this evening. White vinyl with a CD included rather than a download code. Nice listen so far, extra thanks for sharing this deal!

    And while the Amazon price is now over $20, there are a few marketplace sellers who have this for under $12 shipped, a very comparable price to the original deal.
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  6. black sheriff

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    I received a items shipped for Cocteau Twins and Rolling Stones. Priced at $12.44 and $11.67 now. They were previously out of stock.
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  15. googlymoogly

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    Do you mean they're really in stock or Amazon is just taking orders to be fulfilled when they get them back in stock?
  16. guidedbyvoices

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    It means they are out of stock but will honor that price if you purchase now. It could be back in stock tomorrow or in 3 weeks, but thats the price they'll charge you.
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  18. SJP

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    Roger Lion, WTF is that???

    Wait, sounds vaguely familiar.

    Oh yeah, Joe Pernice.

    I dig all things Pernice.


    (Added the new Blackfield vinyl to take the total to $25+ to meet the add-on. Twist my arm!)
  19. kwadguy

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  20. Within the next year I believe almost every media item under a certain threshold, say $10, will be an add-on item. You can tell Amazon is slowly applying it to more and more CDs.
  21. kwadguy

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    What's horrible about add on items is that you can't even choose to pay for shipping. You HAVE to find $25 of stuff to buy. That's what really makes them a killer.
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  22. MYKE

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    Member on here yesterday said he built his $25.00 threshold out of add ons ! That's a little relief, isn't it ?
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