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  1. jason202

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    That's a great deal. It was hovering around $30 on Amazon for quite a while.
  2. Rentz

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    bowie - Space oddity 11.99
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  3. ad180

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  5. SJP

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    I don't know that there is any way around this. Add-on status for a $3 LP that would cost mere mortals more than that amount to send via media mail.

    Amazon sold me a Roger Lion that was only barely on the edge of my radar at a price that got my attention (made possible by a post here). Perhaps I wouldn't have made the purchase had they cranked in the cost of shipping (i.e. - $6+...then again, that would have been a great value as well).

    The crazy thing is that I combined Roger Lion with a pre-order and they have shipped Roger Lion separately. What the heck...doesn't that defeat the purpose of the add-on??? Honestly, I'd have had zero issue if Amazon insisted on combining the shipment. That would be more than reasonable for a $3 slab of Pernice vinyl goodness.
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  6. KeithH

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    I saw that on a $4.99 Sister Sledge CD the other day. Isn't this why I pay for Prime?
  7. eelkiller

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    $4.99 Sister Sledge CD, doesn't the seller realize someone just died? Time to jack up the prices people.
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  8. popscene

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    Apologies for bringing this up in the Amazon thread, but if you have a Fry's Electronics store by you, check them out for Prince vinyl. I don't know if their prices are fixed nationwide, but my local store had some great deals on the following titles:

    • 1999 - $13.99
    • Dirty Mind - $9.99 (RTI pressing - tag showed $13.99 but rang up lower)
    • Prince - $6.66
    • Plectrum Electrum - $6.96
    • For You - $7.61 (if I recall correctly - I didn't pick this one up)
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  9. SJP

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    Roger Lion update...

    As (un)expected, the slab of Roger Lion vinyl arrived today. Still tripping because Amazon shipped this add-on separately from the pre-order I used to reach the $25 threshold. Then again, I can't imagine they have the capability of simply setting something aside to match it up with a later pre-order.

    At any rate, this was quite the find. I recall reading about it just over a year ago when I picked up some Pernice Brothers on vinyl. Seemed there were two new Joe Pernice projects I needed to put on my proverbial want list, Roger Lion along with The New Mendicants. As much as I love all things Pernice (Pernice Brothers, Scud Mountain Boys, Chappaquiddick Skyline, Big Tobacco, solo, etc), these titles slipped from my memory.

    As for the Roger Lion vinyl, it is a beautiful sounding (dead quiet) pressing which features the honey-smooth vocals we expect from Joe Pernice over some rather unique musical territory, unique in that it is markedly different from his usual style. It works really well. Here is a link about the album...

    Meet Roger Lion « Pernice Brothers

    And while the Amazon price has jumped, importcds/eBay has it for about $6 & change under their current sale (25% off $60+). Highly recommend including this one as part of a larger order there.

    And thanks again to Tjazz for the link alert to the original deal.
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  10. Ivand

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    The Grateful Dead Europe 72 Vol 2 vinyl: $36.00. Great price IMO.
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  11. Tjazz

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    You would think the shipping costs on the LP would be over $3.
  12. dolsey01

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    Thank You! This has been sitting on my wish list for a long time.

    P.S. There's only one left at the time of this post.

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