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  1. scottabs

    scottabs Forum Resident

    The Kinks.
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  2. lightbulb

    lightbulb Not the Brightest of the Bunch

    Smogville CA USA
    What a bummer!
    No wonder Amazon marked them down... :shake:
  3. dasacco

    dasacco Forum Resident

    Mine was perfect.
  4. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    seems like that great amazon deal has....some kinks.

    i'll show myself out.
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  5. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    I don't think that's the reason. My copy was perfect as well.
    A nice slab of vinyl.
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  6. MYKE

    MYKE Offended By The Easily Offended

    Same here.
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  7. DLD

    DLD Forum Resident

    Dallas, Tx
    Perfectly flat here as well.
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  8. Radio

    Radio Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Good to hear most got good copies. I'll return mine in order to get one too.
  9. bt1098

    bt1098 Forum Resident

    Steve Winwood Greatest Hits live CD for $7.99 release date Sept 1
  10. knob twirler

    knob twirler Forum Resident

    Chapel Hill, NC
    I got a warped one too, though it sounds good. And, the label on the B side wasn't done correctly and has air bubbles all over it.

    I'm just going to let it sit under a stack of records for a day or two and see if I can at least fix the warp.
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  11. Radio

    Radio Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Unfortunately it's not possible to fix a warp with just pressure; it requires heat and pressure. The new 180 gram records are to blame for the high percentage of new warped records. I don't ever recall buying a warped record back in the old days. Not once.
  12. scompton

    scompton Forum Resident

    Arlington, VA
    I bought plenty of warped/flawed pressings back in the day. Pretty much why I stopped buying LOs once I got a CD player.
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  13. Dan

    Dan Forum Resident

    $8.43 now. Should be the 150g black vinyl x 2.
  14. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    Thanks for the link.

  15. alankin1

    alankin1 Forum Resident

  16. RPhelps

    RPhelps Forum Resident

    Athens, GA
    Thx ordered
  17. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    Huh? Warped records existed in plenty back in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. If anything, the speed and volume at which LPs used to be made contributed to both warped and noisy records. Back in the old days, one third to one half of the records I bought were defective. Now it's one tenth.
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  18. Radio

    Radio Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI
    I'm sure they existed but I never got any of them new only used. Not my experience today YMMV.
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  19. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
    You've got to be kidding. I worked in a record store back in the day and if we sold the noisy junk that gets passed off as quality today it would have all come back. :cheers:
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  20. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
  21. Batman21

    Batman21 Forum Resident

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  22. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Zero Time / CD (Real Gone Music) 2013 / OOP!!!

    If you like electronic music than this CD is for you. If the Amazon seller entered his product in correctly than this is the OOP 2013 Real Gone Music CD of the first album by Tonto's Expanding Head Band - "Zero Time" and the condition is listed as NEW and is at retail price ($12.99 + $3.99 shipping), not collectors black market prices which some have paid for this gem. Prior to purchasing you may want to contact the seller to make sure you're getting the Real Gone Music version and not the pirate CD issue on Prog Temple. All CD versions of this album are long OOP. This CD sounds fantastic and was remastered by Malcolm Cecil from the original tapes himself with great commentary by him and the liner notes compiled by Richie Unterberger and some neat photos of T.O.N.T.O., Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff: Buying Choices: Zero Time
  23. cdash99

    cdash99 Forum Resident

    Thanks, ordered. Since its two weeks from release I did no rush shipping for the digital credit. A no harm experiment in how close to release date I receive a pre order. The credit will be nice for a PPV viewing or Kindle purchase.
  24. ggg71

    ggg71 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
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  25. Slick Willie

    Slick Willie Decisively Indecisive

    Sweet VA.
    No, may be the most cost effective way on Animals, for DB, look to the original CD say I.
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