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  1. black sheriff

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    Was yours missing the second Ella and Louis Again record? One reviewer on Amazon mentioned it.
  2. putz

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    This one? Complete Studio Master Takes

    My copy is supposed to ship on 9-18. I had to re up the order a while ago cause it was so old.
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  4. TBos

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  5. JABEE

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    Yes, the Complete Studio Master Takes. I just checked and all 6 records (including Sides C and D on Ella and Louis again) are there.

    I received the same email from Amazon to confirm I wanted it, and a little bit later they gave me notification of the new estimated delivery date.
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  6. Tjazz

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  7. SJP

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  9. imarcq

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    I ordered this at the silly low price too. However I then found it elsewhere, a little closer to home for the same low cost. I was actually quite pleased with it after many saying it wasn't official and therefore terrible. It isn't. :)
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  10. mike65!

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    Kindle Fires are on sale today for Prime members. The 7 is $35 and the 8 is $55.
  11. Batman21

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  12. Shawn

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    Do you happen to have a link? I'm a Prime member and searched the site but didn't see these at the sale price.
  13. jmobrien68

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    Toms River, NJ
  14. mantis4tons

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    Denver, CO, USA
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  16. jabrow75

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    Prime members save an extra $25 on Kindle Fire 8, and $15 on Kindle Fire 7, at checkout, so you will have to add it to cart first for the discount to apply.
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  17. Batman21

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    ya, i saw that. figured $12 prime its worth taking a risk. Can always send it back....
  18. black sheriff

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    Wow, thanks for posting this. My kids have been asking me for new tablets and my sons birthday is next week. Perfect. :cool::thumbsup:

    The $25 is deducted at checkout. It also works for multiple purchases.
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  19. Radio

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  20. Dave Garrett

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    Thanks for the tip! I have an ancient, first-generation Kindle Fire that I use infrequently. It's OK as a reader, but somewhat anemic at most other tasks. At those prices, I couldn't resist picking up an 8, which will undoubtedly be a far more capable tablet.
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  24. 8tracks

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    I ordered one w/ free one day shipping Friday night. That night I got an email saying it would be delayed until Sunday. The next day I got an email stating it was undeliverable, being returned and Amazon would be issuing a refund. As usual I thought a phone call could straighten this. I was right but it took almost half an hour during which two supervisors had to get involved.
  25. JorgeGvb

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