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Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by lv70smusic, Mar 14, 2014.

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    I just received this - ordered when it was $7.98. I believe they used the MOV plates on this pressing. Sounds good.
  3. aoxomoxoa

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  4. GentleSenator

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    ditto and agreed! worth the $7 to have a pressing free of surface noise.
  5. Rentz

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    geez that neil young is under $9 now
  6. JasonA

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    It looks like this is the 2008 pressing. Can anybody recommend this? This is the last Queen LP I need to complete my collection but I've read some mixed reviews here of their recent reissues. Kinda hard to find original pressings for a reasonable price around here.
  7. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Portland, OR
    if that's the hollywood reissue: in my opinion it was awful, and i believe others throughout various threads on this forum agree 100%

    in the past few years i've picked up numerous used regular US vintage copies for cheaper.
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  8. CowboyBill

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    As said above, the hollywoods suck. I think the newest re-releases are pretty good though. Good chance it could be those.
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  9. Rentz

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    FYI to anyone waiting on the stones box, mine updated to estimated arrival of the 12th so they should be in stock within a week.
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  10. Juggsnelson

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    I agree with this. Avoid Hollywood at all cost. I like the recent Ludwig cut from the big box set even though it is digitally sourced. It rocks pretty good!
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  11. marcb

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    The newest pressings are somewhat compressed though. If one is sensitive to compressed dynamics, they might not be your cup of tea.
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    How much $ for the Mono RollingStones box?
  14. rolli

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    Hi Lightbulb... the “hot” deal price was $195 and change. Stupidly I missed out on an amazon warehouse deal about 6 months ago... that price was $165. Regretted it ever since.

    Now it’s back up to $264.
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    Posting in the thread isn't how you receive notifications when others post. You have to " watch " the thread, upper right corner, top of the thread.
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  17. imarcq

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    It's back up to $20 now.....and is back up to £14 on Amazon UK. So good deal for those who got one!
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    Now I just need the price to drop again...
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  19. Yeah, I need to do that, thanks Myke! :righton:
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  20. Whoops! 'Imarcq', sorry... :)

    Yeah man, GREAT album! Thanks again! [​IMG]
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    And don't be tempted so sign up for email alerts or you'll get a new email every time some idiot like me posts about the weather :)

  22. MYKE

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    But if you're dedicated to getting that great deal, as fast as possible, it'll be worth the annoyance factor.

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  23. Hmmm... I probably shouldn't tell you about the really sunny day here right now that is about 85 degrees... No... that just wouldn't be right...
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    And now you've set off another 500 freaking email weather alerts for everyone looking to save an extra killer 10c on Amazon... ;) Any minute now the forum deal watcher knifes will be sharpening! ;) Better run...
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