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    Understood, and I really appreciate the heads up, as I’m sure others do too!
    (Please don’t get the wrong message!)

    However, starting a separate thread would resolve that; especially if more EBay deals pop up.
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  2. imarcq

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    But people only want good deals on Amazon here. Even if they can get it cheaper elsewhere they still want to pay more at long as it's a good deal on Amazon. C'mon why save money elsewhere? ;) :) ;)
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  3. spencer1

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    That's inaccurate and just silly (dumb seemed mean-spirited and harsh).
    It is titled "Good deals on Amazon", that's why people come here.
    Talk to somebody and start a "Good deals on Ebay".
    It was just done for WalMart.
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  4. Huh...??! o_O

    Frigg'n MISSED the damn Stadium Arcadium because ONCE AGAIN I am not getting notifications although the thread here is indeed 'Watched' DAMN...!

    At first I was looking at Discogs and I saw it start at $145! But I'm guessing that is the original 180 gram version. This one here I'm also guessing is likely the newer reissue at 150 gram.

    Oh well... At least I have it on my 'Honey' Droplist if it drops again...
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  5. MYKE

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    Didja choose e mail notifications ?

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  6. Yeahhhhhhhhh... It's weird, it just changes on it's own... o_O

    Like NOW I'm getting them, I just got yours. But, at some point (if I'm not paying attention, and I usually am NOT paying attention...) it just stops...
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  7. fluffskul

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    I appreciate all who post "good deals" here even if its not amazon.
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  9. notesofachord

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    You can still get it on Discogs for ~ $35 total (Amazon ~$39). Obviously not as great of a deal as $24, but still pretty good for 4LPs of AAA mastered (by our host) rock music.
  10. dkmonroe

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    Good deals are where you find them and the knowledge is appreciated. :thumbsup:
  11. Thesmellofvinyl

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  12. Yeah, I thought about it... :)
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  13. imarcq

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    :( I'm joking!!! ;) Dumb, mean-spirited and harsh? Really? You obviously don't know me or are even familiar with my forum posts. It's called having a sense of humour. Dumb or dumber? :)
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  14. imarcq

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    Try using camelcamelcamel website. You can enter and save a few price points and it tells you the instant the price meets your requirements. You can set values for both Amazon, and Amazon 3rd Party sellers. There is a camel site for both .com and

    Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts.
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  15. Thanks mate! Especially since you are notoriously known far and wide as SO damn mean-spirited and Harsh! [​IMG]

    I will check this out. I DO have 'Honey' which is very similar, but it would be kind of nice if this bloody thread would let me know when someone posts!
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  16. imarcq

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    I'm such a hater I know! ;) I actually find being a bit OCD with my Amazon Wish list tends to eventually pay off. Of course that's only going to work for stuff on your radar. That's why these threads can often be quite useful. I just set it as a watched thread rather than email notifications. I don't want an email to remind me every time I'm accused of being dumb, meanspirited and harsh..... ;)
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  17. spencer1

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    Awww buddy you misunderstand.
    Maybe I was not clear enough.
    I did not use the word dumb because the word seemed to harsh. I used silly because it seemed friendlier.
    (Insert emoji of choice)
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  19. imarcq

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  20. imarcq

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  21. imarcq

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  22. imarcq

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  23. 500Homeruns

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  24. gospelfish

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    2015. Maybe someone else knows more about it. People here and elsewhere are happy with them. I have no idea how it compares to other pressings.
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  25. notesofachord

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    Last year, I grabbed the 2LP version of this when it dropped <$20. Now, it's time for the high-res digital version to go on sale:

    Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69

    Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD $20.60

    This SACD version of this title was in the $30 - 35 price range for as long as I can remember. I guess they're trying to move some stock.

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