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    Cambridge, MA
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    Thanks a ton. Will skip it, then.
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  6. Steven Wilson - Insurgentes CD+DVD-A 5.1 - EUR 8,99 (Prime)

    Much cheaper than at any other EU Amazon.
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    It IS available on Amazon UK for about the same price after VAT removal…
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    Speaking of, I just got an email from Amazon that says that site is (finally) in English. I have ordered from it before but it could be a little confusing. Am glad to hear it is in English now too.
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  9. Not (Germany), but (France) only today:

    Use code: GRANDMERCI on the last page before placing an order to get 10 Euros off (min. purchase 50 Euros). VAT is even a bit higher in France compared to Germany, so if you have it shipped to the U.S., it will be taken off. Shipping rates are very reasonable.

    I just ordered the new Iron Maiden and Joe Satriani vinyl records for around 46 Euros shipped to me (would be less shipped to the U.S. I think).

    Only valid today!
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  10. Worked perfectly. 10 off on Stones from the Vault Tokyo 4 LP+DVD at best EU price and another SACD - grande merci!
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    dublin, ireland
    Would you post the link to 4 lps and dvd as I can't find it, thanks
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    dublin, ireland
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    Birmingham, AL
    Great, and thank you. I got the Maiden vinyl as well, plus the Talk Talk I was missing. $58 USD for both shipping included. :)
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    United Kingdom
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    reading pa usa
    Some really incredible price drops today. Hendrix Machine Gun vinyl and the new Sabbath vinyl Collection both for under $50 shipped to the USA....Also most AC/DC classic era vinyl under $10 euros as well.
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    David Bowie: Who can I be now: €92

    The Beatles in Mono €87

    The Beatles Stereo box €95

    John Lennon signature box €70

    Herbie Hancock: The complete Columbia album collection €46

    Miles Davis: The perfect Miles Davis album collection: €33
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    Is there an easy way to view all these deals? I have searched through the "Vinyl reduziert" section but can't see the AC/DC listings, even though they are still reduced when I do an individual search for them.
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    reading pa usa
    I just load stuff in my cart that I want and then move them to "save for later" and check on them periodically.
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    That Beatles stereo box comes out to be $97 shipped. I've waited forever to buy this thing, so thanks for the heads up!! Now here's hoping it's not a boot...:angel:
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    You're very welcome, I'm glad I was able to help out. No worries, will send you the real deal :)
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