Good deals on eBay : Post the hot deals you find on here

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by kwadguy, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. SJP

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    Gotta agree on this one.

    Sting/Shaggy is on my want list and I know a couple other people who are looking for it as well so I picked up a few of those. Also got the DMB release (don't have any of his studio stuff, only a few from his Live Trax series). Finally, I inquired if the seller had any more of the Robert Plant. He had one with a slightly damaged cover and I rounded out my order with that. Under $14 shipped for five new CDs, can't beat that in my book! BTW, seller's communication is without compare.
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  3. aoxomoxoa

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    Jumped on a few things in my cart. I had $8 in eBay bucks too!
    Managed to get Grateful Dead 3 LP shrine, Fleetwood Mac 4 LP Boston, ad Jerry Garcia MFSL Shady Grove for just over $100 with 6 months no interest on my PayPal account. Lord help me.
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  4. masterbucket

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    That FM Boston set is a great set......congrats
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  5. aoxomoxoa

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    Ohio USA
    I’m glad to hear that because I couldn’t find much information on it. I just sort of blindly bought it because the samples sounded really good.
  6. googlymoogly

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  8. kwadguy

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    Got my order from this person today. Just as described: New, sealed. I was expecting these to be promo copies not indicated as such. Nope, they are retail copies. Maybe they fell off a truck somewhere...

    Anyway, very happy.

    Unfortunately, the free shipping deal is gone.
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  9. Davidmk5

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    Marlboro , ma. usa
    I have to wonder if those Cd's were copies you get Free when you bought concert tix ?
  10. fluffskul

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    Got mine today too.. well packaged and all factory sealed, no sign of being promos...

    And if they were free CDs that someone else sold... I couldn't care less. I cancelled my vinyl pre-order for DMB after getting the CD that cheap. The Record Company disc was great... and the other 3 i probably never would've got had it not been for that deal, but i'm excited to listen to them now.
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