Good Deals on Other Amazon Sites (Italy, Spain, France, etc.)

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    For those with multiregion or Region 2 DVD players, Amazon UK currently has the complete series set of Columbo for GBP 24.85, sold by a third-party seller but fulfilled by Amazon. If I didn't already have the Region 1 season sets (acquired at a significantly higher cost), I'd have jumped on this:

    Columbo: The Complete 10 Season Collection: Peter Falk, Michael Lally, Bruce Kirby, John Finnegan, Vito Scotti, Fred Draper, Val Avery, Jerome Guardino, Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp: DVD & Blu-ray
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    Very good deal. I own them too, otherwise I would have went for it.
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    Stones back down to 219€ from
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